Message given by Our Lord to Patricia de Menezes on 27th September 2007.

Patricia.  I was praying for the situation we are in at the moment whereby following the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ‘concerns and observations’ regarding our constitution and the spirituality of the Family of Divine Innocence the Archbishop of Southwark, His Grace Bishop Kevin Mc Donald has said we cannot meet under the name of Our Lord’s Divine Innocence. The Feast of the Archangels on the 29th September is in two days time and we have been agonizing what we should tell our members (many of whom we are unable to contact in time any way) . 

Normally on this feast day we attend Mass of the day in St. Raphael’s church and do the Stations of the Cross which all Catholics may do. We then meet at a secular hall nearby where we have lunch where we light candles to remember the children killed before birth through abortion and embryo experiments.  We then study the Catechism of the Catholic Church on some aspect of the faith and explain some aspect of the Way of Christ’s Divine Innocence.  We then carry a statue of Our Lady and make an act of public reparation for the sin of abortion and for all sins against God’s Divine Innocence (and now scientists are mixing human and animal genetic material together). Those who are fit and able to do so make this walk barefoot between two Catholic churches (Prudence is always advised here e.g. for the elderly, sick or the young).  The Walk is usually carried out between St. Raphael’s church, Kingston and Our Lady Immaculate church, Tolworth.  Those who are unable to take part in this particular walk and in the one on the Feast of the Holy Innocents as well as those on every First Friday, do so in their own areas between two Catholic churches.  Members of the Divine Innocence Family in other countries do these walks in their own countries to remember the millions of children killed in abortion and lovingly invite those who have been involved in this sin against the innocent to be reconciled to God’s Law and the teachings of the Church. We try to help those who have been the victims of pressurization from others to have abortions, encouraging then to forgive and pray for them and to live good Catholic lives. 

I was praying for the Bishops, priests and people and asking Our Lord to help us as we have never been disobedient to the Church and her Bishops or the teachings of the Church. I asked Our Lord to guide us as to what we should do in order to be obedient to the Church and the Catechism that calls for public reparation for serious crimes against truth. (CCC. 2509, CCC 2487) in this case the killing of millions of innocent children. Our Lord said:

Jesus.  The Bishops should be making the walk of reparation with you against the carnage of abortion, embryo experiments and the killing of the innocent. If they walked with you, the whole country and the world would see that abortion is contrary to God’s law and the natural law.  The Buddhist monks in Burma walked with the people against injustice.  If the Holy Father, the Catholic Cardinals, Bishops and priests of the world led the people in Walks of Reparation and Remembrance for the millions of children killed in abortion and for those involved in this slaughter of the innocent, the whole secular world would see a great witness to the Truth that I AM!  All peoples need to be called to my perfect Sacrifice offered to the Father.[the Mass] Only my blood can cover the blood of millions of innocent children. Only My Sacrifice offered to the Father can hold back the Justice due for such crimes. Time then will be given those involved in this mass murder, time to repent and be reconciled. All must repent or justice WILL fall! The Bishops by not vigorously proclaiming from the house tops, day after day, stand by and allow countless children to be put to death. They do not call those involved to repent and be reconciled.

If those abused by priests had remained silent this terrible crime against the innocent would not have come to light and grave sin and scandal would be continuing. Many people have left My Church because of this evil because they had the example of wicked shepherds. Shepherds after my own heart now must suffer for those who crucified my dear children.

This dreadful sin is Divine Innocence crucified for “What you do to the least of my brethren you HAVE DONE TO ME. The innocent victims of these priests and the priests themselves can only regain their innocence through the Sacraments that I AM.- their crucified innocence triumphant in my Divine Innocence.