The Family of Divine Innocence

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9.      Abortion:  Proclamation by the Catholic Church of all children killed before birth (abortion and embryo exploitation) as ‘Companion Martyrs of the First Holy Innocents.’


Veritatis Splendor; Encyclical Letter of Pope John Paul II, 1993, n. 94.


‘Martyrdom is an outstanding sign of the holiness of the Church. Fidelity to God's holy law, witnessed to by death, is a solemn proclamation and missionary commitment usque ad sanguinem, so that the splendor of moral truth may be undimmed in the behavior and thinking of individuals and society. This witness makes an extraordinarily valuable contribution to warding off, in civil society and within the ecclesial communities themselves, a headlong plunge into the most dangerous crisis which can afflict man: the confusion between good and evil, which makes it impossible to build up and to preserve the moral order of individuals and communities. By their eloquent and attractive example of a life completely transfigured by the splendor of moral truth, the martyrs and, in general, all the Church's Saints, light up every period of history by reawakening its moral sense. By witnessing fully to the good, they are a living reproof to those who transgress the law (cf. Wis 2:12), and they make the words of the Prophet echo ever afresh: "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!" (Is 5:20). 




Our Lord has requested in this message that the Catholic Church claim all children put to death by abortion and before birth as ‘Companion Martyrs of the First Holy Innocents’. These children make up a vast area of crucified innocence. The ‘claiming of these children is part of this message of Christ’s Divine Innocence Triumphant in their crucified innocence. Our Lord requests His Church to look at the development of doctrine, given in the messages, in regard to the eternal fate of these children which shows them to be fully within God’s Plan of Salvation.  He wants these children proclaimed Martyrs to the truth and raised to the Altar of the Catholic Church, witnesses to the Faith we profess. In this way the children’s just cause before God to the right to life is met and they are seen by the whole world to be part of the Communion of Saints. In this universal witness, those who have put them to death are called to reconciliation with God through repentance, amendment of life and belief in the Gospel (c.f Jesus’ words in Mark … “Repent and belive in the Gospel”). Those who have killed the children are called to live by the laws of God and the teachings of the Church and not to die with innocent blood on their hands. Our Lord said “choose justice or mercy” *.The Catholic Church is the only universal motherly body with the authority to open her arms to these children from every nation and to give them life and mission in the Church as Martyr witnesses to the Truth that comes from God.


*  Our Lord stated this in a message dated 20th March 1996.


4th November 2002 (ii).

Patricia.  “Lord, what of those who say the claiming will encourage abortion and the killing of the innocent because you make them saints?”

Jesus.  “As I have said before, little encouragement seems to be needed.  There is wholesale slaughter of little defenceless children made in God’s image.  As Fr. X said, such an attitude comes dangerously close to a sin against the Holy Spirit.”

Patricia.  “And what of those who lack deep intellect or intelligence and are not able to think such an argument through, and say that it is better to have an abortion and make the child a saint rather than bring a child into the world of sin, poverty and suffering?  There are many reasons why people kill the children, population control for example.”

Jesus.  “There are, as you say, many reasons why helpless and innocent children are unlawfully put to death, murdered in all their innocence.  All are killed against the law I have given you for your safety, ‘Thou shall not kill’.  You are not the author of life and death, I AM!

  1. The children die because of selfishness: unrestrained passions in and out of marriage; rape, promiscuity, lust.
  2. The children are put to death because their presence is inconvenient and they are perceived as a nuisance, e.g. when someone wants to finish their education and becomes pregnant; others want to limit the number of children because of their work or career, because they prefer material luxuries to children, or because they want to be rid of evidence of their misconduct (public shame); population control instead of personal control and abstinence. 
  3. The children die in diabolical experiments in the name of scientific advancement. 

4)   Children die because of state policies, e.g. population control as carried out in China.

In all this the children are the first to take the burden of your iniquity, the mothers second, and irresponsible fathers last.  You will answer for each and every unlawful killing unless you turn, repent and amend your lives.  Unless you give the children their just recognition as true martyrs, their innocent blood will be upon your heads.  The Church will answer for the sheep in their care.  The Church authorities who knew better and could have done something and did not, will answer for the straying sheep.  Government officials who voted and passed laws that signed away the lives of the innocent will answer for the carnage that followed.  The irresponsible sexual excesses of the people who thought nothing of the lives of helpless children will come before the judgement of God.

You are offered an unprecedented mercy in the face of an unprecedented evil and still you do not respond.  You (the children of Divine Innocence) who have received this message have a grave responsibility to give this message, the whole message of mercy, regained innocence, love and compassion to the people, so that, they cannot say they did not know!”!

Patricia.  “Lord, the Church authorities do not seem to understand that the children and the women are in desperate need of this message and the men also – such insensitivity to life and motherhood and holy fatherhood.  We are still so primitive in relation to what you offer us.  There was no other way for humanity than that God Himself should die for us to save us from ourselves and elevate us from our misery.  Your love, Lord, is beyond human comprehension – so tender and so forgiving. To give the children the name “Mercy Reigns shows what mercy and love you are trying to give us.  We murder our nation’s children and you are trying to return to us millions of saints!  Oh, why do the Church authorities and the people not praise and thank you?”

Jesus.  I do not look for thanks, I look for repentance and amendment of life!  Praise and thanks should rise from the reception of love and mercy!”




10th February 1992.  St. Dunstan's, Woking. Visit to the Blessed Sacrament.        


Patricia.  The Child Jesus has come.


Patricia.  Little King, a priest asked: "What is the connection between the First Holy Innocents and the aborted children?"  The aborted children are dead when they leave their mother's womb; the Holy Innocents were alive when Herod killed them - they were not killed in the womb.

Infant Jesus.  The Church claimed these first Holy Innocents long after they were dead - they died for Me! The forces of evil made them Victim Martyrs.


Patricia.  Father said the aborted children were victims of circumstances - Victim Martyrs.


Infant Jesus.  The First Holy Innocents were not killed in the womb, but they died without Baptism - yet the Church still claims them as Innocent Martyrs.


They died for Me - I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  They enjoy heaven!  (the Holy Innocents) Herod killed these children ( the first Holy Innocents). The Herod of evil still kills these children (the aborted children).


Patricia.   Father says the First Holy Innocents were loved and wanted by their parents but the aborted children were not.


Infant Jesus.  I love and want them to enjoy heaven with their brothers - the First Holy Innocents. Both have been martyred because the forces of evil tried to kill the Truth.  Why were these souls created, but ‘to know, love and serve God in this world and to be happy with Him for ever in heaven.’


I tell you solemnly they will serve and love Me in this world; their martyrdom will serve Me - not the forces of evil that has claimed their lives.  Can God be defeated by the forces of evil?  ‘Where sin abounds My grace abounds the more!’


Let the Church claim and name these little martyred ones. Unprecedented evil calls for an unprecedented remedy and a mercy and grace that comes to the rescue of defenceless children. Do not turn these little ones away, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven!


Patricia.  Lord, the aborted children did not actively consent to die for Christ or the faith.


Jesus.  Nor did they actively deny the faith or Me.  The First Holy Innocents did not actively consent to die for the faith or for Me - yet My Church says they died for Me and has made them Saints.  The mothers and fathers of these first children (Holy Innocents) did not actively and willingly give their children as Martyrs for Me.  The repentant parents actively seek reconciliation and the salvation of their children.

27th December 1993.  Feast of St John the Evangelist.


Patricia.   As I read the Antiphon in the Divine Office for the Feastday and Our Lord commented upon it:

Antiphon:   ‘John bore witness to the Word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ by telling everything he had seen.’

Jesus.   The little aborted ones bear witness to the Word with their blood! Return to Rome and give the testimony of what you have seen!

Patricia.   Our Lord referred to the second reading from St Augustine’s commentry on the first letter of St. John :

R. “It is Christ therefore who is the Word of Life.”

(Patricia.  This also referred to the Commandments, the Word of God - Thou shalt not kill.  The children have died because the word of God has been disobeyed.)

Patricia.   Our Lord said: -

Jesus.   If I am the Word which is life, how can they who witnessed to the Word with their lives be dead or forgotten and have no life in them?  Would they not have fellowship with the Father, if they witnessed with their lives to His Only Begotten Son - the Word made flesh?

How is it conceivable for God to create in His image and likeness millions of souls only to feed the forces of this diabolical evil, abortion, and to satisfy the passions of men?  Millions of virgin souls are victims of disobedience to the Commandments and the teachings of the Church.  Will the forces of evil and man’s disobedience hold these children ransom before the Creator?  It is time the Church spoke out.

Patricia.   In this comment Our Lord meant by a world-wide claiming of aborted children, thus defeating the forces of evil and giving the victory to Christ to whom it belongs.

Jesus.   The soul is infused at conception.  All who interfere in the conception of an immortal soul will stand condemned on Judgement Day.  Repent and be reconciled or stand trial!

Patricia.   In the killing of the Hebrew children we have Jewish children in heaven as Christian martyrs.

Jesus.   Write these words from your Divine Office: (Invitatory Antiphon from the Feast of the Holy Innocents.)

R.  ‘Let us adore the new-born Christ, today he gave the Holy Innocents the martyr’s crown.’

Jesus.   Are the little aborted ones any different?

Patricia.  From the same Feast Day readings (antiphons from the Office of Readings).

Antiphon 1.  ‘Your children, Lord, skipped like lambs, singing your praises, since you delivered them.’

Antiphon 2.  ‘They have been redeemed from among men to be the first fruits for God and for the Lamb - they are without stain before the throne of God.’

Antiphon 3.  ‘Everlasting joy shall be on their faces, joy and gladness will go with them and sorrow and lament will be ended.’


V.  ‘The saints will sing a new song before the throne of God and of the Lamb.’

R.  ‘The whole earth will be filled with their voices.’

Jesus.   I ask the Church to give them their Crown!  I have delivered them, these innocent lambs. They are without stain - virgin souls!  End their lament so they may sing My Praises! Recognise them and give them flesh in My Church!  [Patricia. The children’s lament is for us and their desire for their mission in the Church to bear fruit in the world]

The whole earth, every country, has little virgin martyrs to recognise.  Let their voices fill the whole earth.  Bind on earth before all men their glory!  The more they are oppressed the more they will multiply; by the Church claiming them, the more crushing is the defeat of the forces of evil.  Write this, the Priests should have read it but they do not perceive the parallel:

The Second Reading Office of Readings: Feast of the Holy Innocents.. A Reading from a sermon by St Quodvultdeus:

R.  ‘Though they know it not, these children die for Christ and their parents are mourning the deaths of martyrs.  The Christ-child has made babies, who are unable to talk, fitting witnesses to himself (P. The Word) ... Helpless to enter the battle, they still carry off the palm of victory.’

Patricia.  A priest said that by the Church claiming the children killed before birth some might say it is good to kill the children because they become saints and martyrs and go to heaven.  Our Lord showed by such a statement, such people admit they believe there is a God and heaven and saints, yet they break the Commandments written on their hearts.  It will not affect the fate of the innocent children, but those who wilfully break the Laws of God.



1st January 1994.

Patricia.  Our Lord spoke of the aborted children to the Holy Father:

Jesus.   My son invokes the Holy Spirit upon these slain lambs and gives them life and flesh in the Church.  Most Holy Father do you believe I will not send you the Spirit should you, the successor of Peter, invoke the Holy Spirit in my name?  Ask and you will receive.  A world -wide proclamation is required and the souls of the aborted children will arise like a great army to strike terror into their persecutors!

19th March 1994.  Feast of St Joseph.  Australia - Mackay

(Flight to Brisbane).

Patricia.   I was reading the Office of Readings for the Feastday and the first reading was taken from St. Paul’s Letter to the Hebrews 11:1-16; The faith of the holy fathers.  Our Lord commented upon it:

Jesus.  Send this to the Holy Father and the Bishops!

R.  ‘Only faith can guarantee the blessing that we hope for, or prove the existence of the realities that at present remain unseen...’

Jesus.  It is your faith, the faith of the whole Church under Peter’s successor, that can guarantee the blessings that you hope for, for the souls of the aborted children, or to prove the existence of the reality that at present remains unseen, that on the lips of these children and babes I will find praise.

R.  ‘It is by faith that we understand that the world was created by one word from God, so that no apparent cause can account for the things we can see.’

Jesus.  By one word I can raise up these children to Abraham to life in My Church!

Patricia. Addressed to the Holy Father:

Jesus.  Invoke the Spirit: ‘Say but the word and they shall be healed’ (Injustice healed, hidden wounds healed in the people) - and with them countless numbers of their parents and persecutors will follow like an avalanche of love and contrition.

Speak to the theologians and priests and ask them to study this passage!

R.  ‘It was because of his faith that Abel offered God a better sacrifice than Cain, and for that he was declared to be righteous when God made acknowledgement of his offerings. Though he is dead, he still speaks by faith.’

Jesus.  Look at the parents - those who have had abortions!

Patricia.  Lord, how can the aborted children be declared righteous? - they do not have faith in you?

Jesus.  They do not speak by Faith but for the Faith and in a manner that justifies them.  They speak for the Faith with their lives.  I declare them righteous and have acknowledged their offering, and though they are dead yet shall they live and still speak through you (the whole Church) by your Faith.  They shall speak for the Faith and have witnessed to the Faith and the truth.

* Patricia. Given some years later on re-reading this message:

Patricia.  Lord, would not this statement look as if you are saying faith alone justifies the children?

Jesus.  Did I say alone?

Patricia.  No, Lord.

Jesus.   Then do not put Martin Luther’s words into My mouth, look at the whole message; My Perfect Sacrifice, My Blood, Scripture, Magisterium, Tradition!

Patricia.  I don’t want theologians to accuse us!

Jesus.  When they accuse you they accuse Me!

R.  ‘It was because of his faith that Enoch was taken up and did not have to experience death: he was not to be found because God had taken him.  This was because before his assumption it is attested that he had pleased God.  Now it is impossible to please God without faith, since anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and rewards those who try to find him.’

Patricia.  Lord, this seems a contradiction with regard to the aborted children: these children have experienced death.

Jesus.  Not everlasting death  Enoch pleased God.  Their witness to the Truth has pleased God. But those who have slain these lambs - beware.  Mercy is offered but judgement is just - and mine!

Patricia.  Lord, it says it is impossible to please You without faith, since anyone who comes to You must believe that You exist and that You reward those who try to find You. Lord, how can the children do this - they do not know the Faith?

Jesus.  The faith of the Church, repentant parents and a repentant people pleases me!

Patricia.  Lord, we are talking of the children.

Jesus.  The faith of ordinary parents brings the child to the baptismal font before the age of faith or reason.

Jesus.  The Church’s faith in Me extends to the child: My Sacrament of Baptism.  The baptismal font for these souls (the aborted children) is beneath My Cross, where Blood and Water poured forth for them also.

Patricia.  The reading continues about the faith of Noah and the Ark that saved his family.

Jesus.  The Church, the one Ark of Salvation, has been built to save the family of God.  By your faith and the faith of the Church in claiming the souls of the aborted children, the world will be convinced and you will be able to proclaim righteousness for them, and for many repentant parents and persecutors of the helpless children.  This will be the reward of your faith.

Patricia.  The reading goes on to speak of Abraham’s faith and how he arrived, a foreigner in the Promised Land.

Jesus.  It was faith that gave Abraham’s descendants the Promised Land and it is faith that will give these children their inheritance and allow them to enter the Promised Land!

Patricia.  The reading speaks about Sarah’s faith - because she believed that He who had made the promise would be faithful to it.

R.  ‘All these died in faith, before receiving any of these things that had been promised...’

Patricia.  Speaking of the aborted children.

Jesus.  I am not ashamed to be called their God.

Romans 4:16, 22:

R.   ‘That is why what fulfils the promise depends on faith.’

‘Abraham is our father in the eyes of God, in whom he put his faith, and who brings the dead to life and calls into being what does not exist...This was the faith that was considered as justifying him’.

Jesus.  Be at peace, child!  Be still and know that I am God!



31st March 1995.

Jesus.  You cannot draw on the merits of something that does not belong to you, this is why the aborted children must be claimed by the Maternal Church in order to draw on the merits of their martyrdom!

Patricia.  Aborted children - virgin souls without actual sin.  Our Lord pointed out many scriptural references such as Lk: 3.8 where St. John the Baptist said:

R.  “God could raise up children to Abraham from lifeless stones”

Patricia.  These children were not lifeless stones; they were made in the image and likeness of God, are in being, have immortal souls and will live forever.  The Virgin Soil of Our Blessed Lady’s spiritual Motherhood in the Maternal Church wishes to give birth to these children in the Church.  This could only be done by the Holy Father using the power and authority of the Papacy and the Church and, like the Old Testament Prophet, invoking the Holy Spirit from the four winds, to give life to the children in the Church.  The bones of the children are strewn over a desert of sin, evil and disobedience to the teachings of the Church.

In another message Our Lord said that ‘what is bound on earth is bound in heaven’ and the faithful need to know this with surety, by a worldwide proclamation that the aborted children are martyrs to the truth and teachings of the Holy Catholic Church.  The Church and her members could then draw on the merits of the martyrdom of millions of innocent martyrs.

Our Lord said that the baptismal document for these children was signed by His Precious Blood and witnessed by their innocent blood.  They are baptised in the blood of His Crucifixion.  The parents of aborted children need a baptism of repentance - Confession. Our Lord said:

Jesus.   Ask the Church and the theologians; “Is there anything wanting in my Perfect Sacrifice? Would the All Just Judge, judge these innocent slain lambs guilty of any actual sin?”  No sin can enter heaven; therefore they must be washed in the Blood of Jesus. (Baptised by Water and Blood.)

Patricia.   Our Lord said the baptismal font for these children was beneath the Cross and the Blood and Water flowing from His side.

Jesus.  The Mass needs to be said in reparation for this sin and for graces to be given to those who have killed them, so they will repent.

Patricia.  I was referred to many references in the Bible and the Divine Office regarding the theology involved in the claiming of these children. (I did not understand their significance but I wrote them down.)  I was referred to Deuteronomy 21: The unidentified murderer:

R.  ‘If in the country which Yahweh your God gives you as your possession a victim of murder is found lying in the open country and it is not known who has killed that person, your elders and scribes must measure the distance between the victim and the surrounding towns, and establish which town is the nearest to the victim.  The elders of that town must then take a heifer that has not yet been put to work or used as a draught animal under the yoke.  The elders of that town must bring the heifer down to a permanently flowing river, to a spot that has been neither ploughed nor sown, and there by the river they must break the heifer’s neck.  The priests, the sons of Levi, will then step forward, these being the men whom Yahweh your God has chosen to serve him and to bless in Yahweh’s name, and it being their business to settle all cases of dispute or of violence.  All the elders of the town nearest to the victim of murder must then wash their hands in the stream, over the slaughtered heifer.  They must pronounce the words, “Our hands have not shed this blood and our eyes have seen nothing.  O Yahweh, forgive your people Israel whom you have redeemed, and let no innocent blood be shed among your people Israel.  May this bloodshed be forgiven them!’’

You must banish all shedding of innocent blood from among you, if you mean to do what is right in the eyes of Yahweh.’

Patricia.  Our Lord said that if such trouble was taken over only one innocent victim under the Old Law, how much more care must be taken over millions of innocent victims of abortion.  (The Old Law was an eye for an eye, the New Law is the law of love.)

The permanently flowing stream Our Lord showed was the Blood and Water flowing from His side on the Cross (The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass).  While reading this passage Our Lord showed me a Priest at Mass washing his hands and asking God not to hold the blood of the millions of aborted children against the people.

Our Lord and Our Lady requested that days of Reparation and Reconciliation are held world wide and a service of remembrance not only for abortion but also for all sins against Our Lord’s Divine Innocence.  I was told the blood of millions of innocent children soaked the land of every country and it was crying out for vengeance as surely as did the blood of Abel (Gen 4:10). However, Our Lord’s blood cried out more incessantly, more graciously, than even the blood of these millions of innocent children.

Our Lord said that when you are accused of putting forward a new doctrine, point out the reading in the Divine Office Week 27, Friday, Second Reading from the Office of Readings, Book No. III: From the first notebook of Vincent of Lerins. The Development of Christian Doctrine.

R.  ‘Is there to be no development of doctrine in Christ’s Church?  Certainly there should be great development.  Who could be so grudging towards his fellow men and so hostile to God as to try to prevent it?  But care should be taken to ensure that it really is development of the faith and not an alteration.’

Jesus.  This is a development, not a new doctrine!

Patricia.  Speaking of the souls of aborted children, Our Lord said;

Jesus.   It is not enough just to speak out against abortion.  ‘Faith without works is dead and is like a gong banging or a cymbal clashing’!

Patricia.  Our Lord said if the Church does not claim the children and call the whole Church to do penance and have worldwide Masses of Reparation and services of remembrance for the children, terrible punishments will come upon the world.



23rd June 1995.  Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


Patricia.   Our Lord referred to the Invitatory Antiphon and the First Reading from the Office of Readings for the Feastday taken from Romans 8:28-39:  


Invitatory Antiphon:   ‘The heart of Jesus was wounded for love of us: come, let us adore him.’


Jesus.   My heart is wounded , wound upon wound with each new abortion. The Churchmen do not ease these wounds by claiming the aborted little ones.  Rivers of Mercy flow from my heart for those involved in this crime against the innocent, but the Church authorities refuse to allow that Mercy to reach the people. My Mercy runs into the dry ground of their disbelief.  So many souls are being lost!


R.  The love of God is revealed in Christ.

We are well assured that everything helps to secure the good of those who love God, those whom he has called in fulfilment of his design.’


Patricia.   Speaking of aborted children Our Lord said:


Jesus.   Souls are created for the glory of God, not as play things for the forces of evil.  Is it conceivable that the millions of aborted children who have never committed any actual sin could hate God.  I have called them in fulfilment of my design to defeat the very evil that has claimed their lives and continues to claim the lives of millions of children in every country.


R.  ‘All those who from the first were known to him, he has destined from the first to be moulded into the image of his Son, who is thus to become the eldest-born among many brethren.’


Jesus.   Will Churchmen admit that God can bring good out of evil?  How could I not know those created in the image and likeness of God?  What greater likeness can a soul have than to be innocent of actual sin, yet be put to death for the sins of others?  Have they not been moulded into My image in this way?  I also died innocent and was put to death for other peoples sins. Give these poor innocent crucified slain lambs their right to life in the Church!


Jesus.   Raised to the altar as companion martyrs with the first Holy Innocents, they will with them become the eldest-born of many brethren.  The Holy Innocents are the eldest-born of the Christian Martyrs. 


R.  ‘So predestined, he called them; so called, he justified them; so justified, he glorified them.’


Jesus.   I AM their Justification.  My Precious Blood has paid the price for all mankind. My Blood washes souls of original sin.  They are not guilty of actual sin.  Let the Church give them their predestined glorification.  They will then echo Paul's words:  


R.   ‘Who can be our adversary, if God is on our side?  He did not even spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all; and must not that gift be accompanied by the gift of all else?  Who will come forward to accuse God's elect, when God acquits us.  Who will pass sentence against us, when Jesus Christ, who died, nay, has risen again, and sits at the right hand of God, is pleading for us?  Who will separate us from the love of Christ?  Will affliction, or distress, or persecution, or hunger, or nakedness, or peril, or the sword?  For your sake, says the scripture, we face death at every moment, reckoned no better than sheep marked down for slaughter.  Yet in all this we are conquerors, through him who has granted us his love. Of this I am fully persuaded; neither death nor life, no angels or principalities or powers, neither what is present nor what is to come no force whatever, neither the height above us nor the depth beneath us, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which comes to us in Christ Jesus Our Lord.’


Patricia.   Lord, the Church authorities may say that the above reading was meant to apply only to the living not the dead?


Jesus.   Let us look at the logic of that assumption.  The reading says that even the sword will not separate from the Love of God.  It is understood that the sword dispatched those Paul spoke of.  So he spoke of the living and the dead.  Principalities are spoken of in the reading.  This speaks of spiritual principalities and powers and accepts that temporal powers are also included.  These little helpless children suffer great affliction, and are in distress (those being killed before birth).


What greater persecution has there been in the whole history of the Church that this persecution of the children in the womb.  They hunger for love, I AM the only one who has satisfied that hunger, naked in their mothers womb they have been put to the sword, daily new little ones are in peril.  Yet for your sakes and even for the sakes of their persecutors “they face death at every moment” in their millions and are reckoned “no better than sheep marked down for slaughter” (Rom 8:36). 


Sheep marked down for the slaughter are treated in a more humane way than helpless children.  Sheep marked down for the slaughter have laws to protect them with regards to the way they are slaughtered.  Governments and legislators do not afford helpless children in the womb protection, they arrange their legalised slaughter as if they were cattle.  Mark this, those who sign any document sanctioning the death of any child have dipped their pen in their innocent blood and have signed their own eternal death warrant, unless they repent and seek forgiveness and mercy.  Justice will be done at the last tribunal!  (P. Our Lord included any helpless human being e.g. the disabled, handicapped, experiments on the embryo, etc.)


I have granted them my Love and in that Love they are conquerors.  ‘Nothing can separate these little ones from the Love of their God’!



20th March 1996.  St. Raphael’s Church, Surbiton.  Mass.

Patricia.  Our Lord pointed out that the Gospel according to John; 5:17-34  was very relevant to the claiming of the aborted children. The whole reading needs to be studied:

R.  ‘...Thus, as the Father raises the dead and gives them life; so the Son gives life to anyone He chooses.’

Jesus.   The Bishops and Priests are limiting My choice.  I have, in the helpless, aborted ones, chosen the weak and through My Church I wish to make them strong in bearing witness to Me, to the Father and the Holy Spirit, to the truth and to the Faith of the One True Church.

The Church, by not claiming the children as true Martyrs who ‘live in the Lord’ say, by silence, that God has not, and could not, choose these little ones in their millions to bear witness before the nations.

R.   ‘Thus, as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, so the Son gives life to anyone he chooses...’

Jesus.  Do the Churchmen say My Father cannot raise these little ones to life in My Church, or that I may not choose these helpless, weak victims of other people’s sins and raise them from the dead?

R.  ‘... for the Father judges no one; He has entrusted all judgement to the Son.’

Jesus.   I AM the Son of God!  My judgement is just.  I judge the millions of aborted children not guilty of any personal sin.  In My Love and Compassion I wash them, in My own Blood, of the sin of Adam and Eve.

As the New Adam I raise them up to bear witness to the whole world to the truth.  I restore them to their Mother, the New Eve, who has pleaded for them, that they may be given voice and life in My Church, so that all may honour the Son as they honour the Father.  Whoever refuses honour to the Son refuses honour to the Father who sent Him.

I was sent to set prisoners free.  Now is the acceptable time to free them from the grasp of the devil and allow this ‘white-robed army’ to rise in the Church, to strike terror into the nations who legalise abortion!  “Thou shalt not kill, ” says the Lord your God!  I Am the Word!

When the Word of the Father speaks and brings these little ones into being, do you really believe that an immortal soul does not hear that Word that gives them life, and is their Creator?

I tell you most solemnly the hour will come - in fact it is here already - when the dead will hear the Voice of the Son of God and all who hear will live.

All souls come before God to be judged.  The children killed in abortion are virgin souls who have not committed any actual sin.  Will not the truly innocent soul hear My Voice and live? For the Father who is the source of life (their life also), has made the Son the source of life, and because He is the Son of Man, has appointed Him Supreme Judge.  I Judge in supreme justice.  ‘Do not be surprised at this, for the hour is coming when the dead will leave their graves at the sound of His Voice - those who did good to eternal life and those who did evil to condemnation.’

When claimed, their deaths will defeat whole armies of evil and bring about an avalanche of good.  I have united them to My Perfect Sacrifice and washed them of original sin in My Blood.  How else could they live in the Lord?

R.  ‘I can do nothing by Myself, I can only judge as I am told to judge and My judging is just, because My aim is to do not My own Will but the Will of Him who sent Me. Were I to testify on My own behalf My testimony would not be true, but there is another witness who speaks on My behalf and I know that His testimony is true.  The Father bears witness to the Son.’ (John 5:30,31)

Jesus.   The Spirit also speaks on behalf of the little aborted ones; a true witness and Advocate. Invoke the Spirit and raise them to life in the Church, so they can speak in the Universal Church in every language and witness to the truth.

R.   ‘You sent messengers to John and he gave his testimony to the truth - not that I depend on human testimony, no, it is for your salvation that I mention it.’ (John 5:33,34)

Patricia.  Our Lord spoke of the aborted children’s testimony and witness to the Truth and to Christ:

Jesus.   I do not depend on their testimony, but you do! Choose mercy or justice!

Patricia.  Speaking of all those involved in the sin of abortion, Our Lord said:

Jesus.   Repent and be saved!

Patricia.  Speaking of those who will not even look at heaven’s requests to claim the children or study the Novitiate of the Holy Family:

Jesus.  Culpable ignorance will not save you from My just judgement!  Millions of little ones fell like snowflakes and you did nothing.

Patricia.  The millions of children will witness to those who also did nothing as well as unrepentant people who, on any level, killed the children.


2nd August 1996.  Pinetree, First Friday Walk.


Patricia.   When the people arrived at the pinetree, Our Lady came.


Our Lady.  Please thank the people for their reparation.  Reparation is greatly needed for such sins (experiments on the children’s embryos).  The medical men who experiment on helpless human beings enter holy ground with an unholy presumption.  If they die unrepentant, with this sin on their souls, innocent children will be their accusers when they come before the Judgement Seat; the children they discarded as if they were rubbish.  ‘There is a time to live and a time to die’: this should be decided by Almighty God!



24th September 1996.   Feast of Our Lady of Ransom.


Zechariah 9:9:


R.   ‘Rejoice, rejoice, daughter of Zion, shout aloud, daughter of Jerusalem; for see your king is coming to you, his cause won, his victory gained’.


Jesus.  This Cause was opened by the Blessed Mother, Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds.  This Cause is already won by Me on the Cross.  The Victory I gained on the Cross was gained for the little aborted children also, but it needs to be seen to be won and gained for all to see through the proclamation of their Mother the Church, so all may see that ‘what

is bound on earth is bound in heaven’.


These souls have been ransomed from the forces of evil by My Precious Blood - Blood for blood!


Let the Church offer My Perfect Sacrifice to the Father in ransom for these souls and you will see many more captives set free from the clutches of the enemy in their parents, and so many others who have their hands dipped in the blood of the innocent lambs - the aborted



England - abortion centre of the world - do penance!  Shepherds of this country - beware!  You withhold graces from millions of My children.  Your hearts are hardened against My Message.  This Message is not of human thinking!


The Woman clothed in the sun, Our Lady of Ransom, will crush the head of this worldwide diabolical evil and will embrace these little ones in, through, and by the Church.


The Walks of Reparation are vital for this Cause and gain many, many graces.  You will be accompanied by the Heavenly Court.  Those who help the Cause of these little ones by their reparation and prayer, and by striving to meet this Cause, will be given great blessings and

I will say to you: "You suffered the little ones to come unto Me." This Mother will have her way! (Our Lady of Ransom, Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds)


11th December 1996.


Patricia.   After reading different books on Justification detailing the Protestant and Catholic views, I asked Our Lord:


Lord could you simplify all this about Justification.


Jesus.   LOVE!


Jesus.   The simplification of Justification is LOVE.  The simplification of Divine Love is sanctification and the simplification of sanctification is Justification.  Love freely given , Love, Love and More Love.  Justification is a martyrdom of Love  (On the Cross)!


Patricia.   Lord, how do the aborted children and the embryo children die a martyrdom of Love. (Patricia. Our Lord said in another message:  Jesus. “It is not your love for me but my love for you”)


CCC. 1721:  God put us in the world to know, to love, and to serve him, and so to come to paradise.  Beatitude makes us "partakers of the divine nature" and of eternal life.(21) With beatitude, man enters into the glory of Christ(22) and into the joy of the Trinitarian life.  (21.  2 Pt 1:4; cf. Jn 17:3; 22.  Cf. Rom 8:18.)


Jesus.   They are created to know Me, Love Me and serve Me.  I reveal to them this highest act of Love and their loving souls respond and so they serve me in this world and are happy with me in the next.


Patricia.  Lord the children have not reached the age of reason


Jesus.   They have reached the age of being, knowing and loving!


Patricia.   How can the children chose you Lord.


Jesus.   They did not chose me, I chose them; the weak; and make them strong in bearing Witness to me.


Jesus.   Every soul that is created is loved by God.; or do the theologian dispute even this!  When you love someone you do not want them to be lost or to suffer.  You want to bestow gifts on someone you love.  Sanctifying grace of justification is a free gift not merited by man because your God loves you.


If you love someone you do not give them gifts expecting something in return.  If you love someone you want them to be with you always and in this case for all eternity.  If the one you love falls the lover runs to the side of the one he loves and lifts them up and consoles them. He binds their wounds, heals them and restores them to the beauty they had lost by the fall. THIS IS JUSTIFICATION!


Patricia.  Lord, explain to me the simplification of justification with regards to the aborted children.


Jesus.   The simplification of Justification is Love!  Could I love the helpless innocent children less than any other soul, less than those who have killed the babies?


Jesus.   The simplification of Divine Love is sanctification!  Would Divine Love not love those who are the most perfectly conformed to My image crucified and justify them and glorify them? These little ones who have committed no actual sin have been put to death for other peoples sin.  ‘What you do to the least of these little ones you do unto me’ (Matt 25:45).


Patricia.   Lord, at the moment you reveal yourself to a soul such as a child about to be put to death in abortion or before birth, can the soul exercise its will against you?


Jesus.   The will is free but souls come from my hand good, good chooses good.  The created chooses its creator!


Patricia.   The soul has not experienced sin. The knowing soul comes before God, its perfect good and complete happiness.  Its complete fulfilment lies in the Love of God which the soul freely chooses and so is truly and definitively free, ‘the freedom of the children of God’ (Rom 8:21; Cf.  “The Truth will set you free” Jn 8:32)


Patricia.   What about the bad angels Lord, they did not chose good?


Jesus.   Free will is exercised by reason*. At the moment of their creation all the angels chose good; only later did Lucifer and his legions rebel. Men are created good. God does not create evil or rebellion, only later does man exercise inordinate free will!


* Patricia.  The children have not reached the age of reason therefore they do not exercise their freewill inordinately against God or others (St. Thomas Aquinas states that ‘Children before the use of reason do not have an inordinate act of the will, neither will they have one after death’  Aquinas, De Malo, q. 5 art. 3 corp.) The children have freewill but before birth and development they have not the use of this freewill anymore that they have the use of their eyes.


Patricia.  Lord, some will say the claiming means you created the children to be aborted?


Jesus.   Those who say this do not know the teachings of the Church or the Nature of God. I refer you to the Catechism, look it up!


Patricia.  I looked up some references in the Catechism:


CCC. 41:  ‘All creatures bear a certain resemblance to God, most especially man, created in the image and likeness of God.  The manifold perfections of creatures -- their truth, their goodness, their beauty -- all reflect the infinite perfection of God.  Consequently we can name God by taking his creatures' perfections as our starting point, "for from the greatness and beauty of created things comes a corresponding perception of their Creator" (Wis 13:5).


Jesus.   I bring good out of the most terrible evils as is plainly seen in My Crucifixion.  At the moment of death the children are shown that even their all too short life is not futile, that they are fully accommodated and incorporated into the great plan of salvation.  The action of the Church the One Ark of Salvation is required.  After death all souls come before My particular Judgement.  I find the children put to death before birth and the little ones whose passage through this world is very short innocent of actual and personal sin.  They are given the white robe of innocence.  Those violently killed are shown their mission in the world; to witness to the truth.  They wait under the altar of the Catholic Church.  Why does the Church delay giving Me my Victory over their deaths?  Would I their all Just and loving God allow these precious gems of innocence to slip through my fingers or to be lost to the forces of evil, My enemies, to claim what is mine?


Patricia.   Lord, the priest said if the children are claimed then all innocent victims killed by others can be considered martyrs and that is ridiculous.


Jesus.   Is it!  When the last trumpet sounds ‘all will be well all manner of things will be well’ ( Julian of Norwich). Men and angels will be astounded at the Love and Mercy of their God. Everything will be set in its proper order.  No injustice will prevail!  No sin triumph, no wicked man will stand!  Tell the successor of the Apostles to go and gather up these little ones who have been thrown away!  These little ones who have fallen to the ground.  I want nothing wasted!  They have not been created to litter the ground of every country.  (Patricia. In this statement Our Lord referred to the disciples gathering up twelve baskets of scraps after the feeding of the 5,000.)


Patricia.  Lord, what about Limbo?


Jesus.   These children are not on the fringe, they are in the midst of the full battle between the forces of good and evil.  The devil is furious to be defeated by an army of Innocent babes.


Patricia.   Our Lord showed that everything will be put right in such a startling and original way at the end of time that it would be too much for us bear while we are alive and in time, it would be too much joy!


Patricia.  Lord Fr. X says he accepts the doctrine of Limbo.


Jesus.   Let us look at it logically for it speaks of a two-tear system of justice.  You accept that God is all Just and would not punish the innocent.  These children are innocent victims of other people’s sin and have committed no personal sin.  They are stained with the stain of original sin. The Catechism states this does not imply personal guilt.  Yet you say that their God will leave them in a limbo without the Beatific Vision.  What kind of Justice is that?  The justice of disadvantage is the justice of men not of God.  I chose the weak and make them strong in bearing witness to me!


The Church teaches that even the perpetrators, those who kill the children if they repent and amend their lives have the full opportunity to enter heaven and see the face of God.  So does the Church teach that the perpetrators may reach heaven and enjoy the Beatific Vision while the innocent victims are denied the Beatific Vision and condemned to limbo by an all Just God.  This is hardly logical!


Paul entirely approved of the killing of Stephen yet today they share heaven.  The children are martyred as heralds of the Messiah whose teachings they uphold with regard to the sanctity of life. ‘As for you little child you shall be called a prophet of God the most high.  You shall go ahead of the Lord to prepare his way before Him’ (Benedictus).


Patricia.  By the universal claiming of the children by the Mother Church and proclaiming them companions of the First Holy Innocents, they Witness to the sanctity of life, marriage, ‘honour your father and mother’, the teachings of the Christ and his Church.


Jesus.   They do so by a wordless profession of faith! By whose Baptism is John Baptised?  As is plainly evident their deaths witness to the breaking of the Laws of God and the Church.  Their claiming will witness to the truth; "I AM the Way the Truth and the Life" The action of the Church is vital!


All of the children are potential rivals to the devil and the same forces of evil that drove Herod to kill the Holy Innocents . The devil sees each innocent human being as an heir to the Kingdom of Heaven. Each one has the potential to succeed him and take his place.  He was not able to kill me so he turned on the women and her descendants made in the image of their God.



24th December 1996(ii).  Christmas Eve. Brompton Oratory, London. Mass.



Patricia.    I had begun to read An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine by John Henry Cardinal Newman.  At midnight Mass, Our Lady appeared to me and stated that we must look carefully at Cardinal Newman’s writings with regard to the claiming of the aborted children and other children killed before birth.  On the walk of Reparation, on the Feast of the Holy Innocents 1996, Our Lady repeated this instruction, saying that it was most important to look at Cardinal Newman’s writings.  As I was reading the Foreword to this book, Our Lord commented upon it:


R.  The Essay, then, far from being a work of systematic theory, is what it says it is, an essay……. To use that favourite word of its author, it offers a “view” of the course of doctrinal development in the early Church and invites the reader to recognise certain patterns which it traces in the historical phenomena.


Jesus.   This development (the inspiration of Divine Innocence) is not a view, but a light from above.  A light from above on essential truths!


Patricia.  As I read the Introduction, Our Lord again commented upon it:


R.  Christianity has been long enough in the world to justify us in dealing with it as a fact in the world’s history.  Its genius and character, its doctrines, precepts, and objects cannot be treated as matters of private opinion or deduction, unless we may reasonably so regard the Spartan institutions or the religion of Mohomet….


Jesus.   The Message of Divine Innocence is not a matter of private opinion, but a prophetic light of the Holy Spirit on public Revelation!


R.  …. It may indeed legitimately be made the subject-matter of theories; what is its moral and political excellence, what its due location in the range of ideas or of facts which we possess, whether it be divine or human, whether original or eclectic, or both at once, how far favourable to civilization or to literature, whether a religion for all ages or for a particular state of society, these are questions upon the fact, or professed solutions of the fact, and belong to the province of opinion; but to a fact do they relate, on an admitted fact do they turn, which must be ascertained as other facts, and surely has on the whole been so ascertained, unless the testimony of so many centuries is to go for nothing. Christianity is no theory of the study or the cloister.  It has long since passed beyond the letter of documents and the reasonings of individual minds, and has become public property…..


Jesus.   This Message is public property and needs to be the subject of a proper investigation and scrutiny of the Church!


R.  ..Its “sound has gone out into all lands,” and its “words unto the ends of the world”…..


Jesus.   When the children are claimed by the Church, this good news will be told world-wide!


R.  ..It has from the first had an objective existence, and has thrown itself upon the great concourse of men. Its home is in the world; and to know what it is, we must seek it in the world, and hear the world’s witness of it.”


Jesus.   Why do the Churchmen hold up this message of Divine Love and Mercy?


2nd June 1997.

Patricia.    As we said the Divine Office I was shown the Lamb of God on the high altar.  From the wounded side of the Holy Lamb of God flowed a life-giving stream.  The stream watered a beautiful green valley where every kind of fruit and food were growing.  Everywhere the water flowed there were peace and abundance, holiness and innocence, security from all danger, and victory over every evil.

The Lamb is so gentle and soft that one feels drawn to His Innocence and beauty and a great desire to be as close as possible to the Holy Lamb of God.  Yet one can see that this Innocent Lamb has been terribly wounded and that those wounds give us life.  It is terrible that such Innocence should have suffered so, but there was no other way to cover our sins.  I heard in an interior way the Lamb say:

Jesus.   The whole world, every nation, will rejoice when the Church claims the millions of slaughtered children put to death before birth and the millions of children sacrificed to the demons of evil.  I have won the great battle over sin and death!  Proclaim My Victory universally through My Church over these sins and these deaths!  (Abortions).

Let the Church gather in this rich harvest that will feed the nations with My Truth and the teachings of the Catholic Church.  The devil will try at every turn to destroy all your efforts to raise the little ones to the Altar of My Church.  O My Church, I implore you - claim the innocent children of every nation in My Name!

The Victory is Mine.  Your lack of action and your doubt and indifference gives this Victory to the evil one and to the forces of evil that has claimed their lives.  You wound Me anew by your lack of faith!  The answer to this holocaust could only be in Me and in My Church, Triumphant in Holy Innocence!

The children cry out in the wilderness of sin.  Rescue them and give them life in the Church! Their number is ‘full up, pressed down and running over’.  They have been pressed in the winepress but their blood, united to Mine, will flow for all nations; but apart from Me they can do nothing.

Patricia.   What can I do, Lord?  I can’t make them understand.  What can I do against the whole strength of the Authorities of the Church?

Jesus.   I AM with you, child: Return to the Church and pound upon the door!  Tell them of My Appeal of Mercy before I must break down the door of their indifference and disbelief with a tidal wave of My Justice and Wrath!!

Will I forever allow men to slaughter the children in all their innocence?




19th June 1998(ii).  Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Nazareth House.

Patricia.   I was reading the Second Reading from the Office of Readings taken from the works of St. Bonaventure, (Opusc -3,29-30-45). During the Divine Office, Our Lord came.  His arms outstretched in the form of a Cross and His Sacred Heart shown on his breast.  A moment later Our Lord was shown on the Cross in anguish and the message was given from the Cross. He referred to the Reading:

With you is the Source of life.’

R.  ‘You who have been redeemed, consider who it is who hangs on the cross for you...’

Patricia.  At this point I felt a great surge of righteous anger welling up in Our Lord’s Sacred Heart at the killing before birth of millions of innocent children that God had made in His image and likeness.

R.  ‘...whose passing is mourned by heaven and earth, while even the hard stones are split.’

Jesus.   What you do to the least of these little ones you do unto Me.

Patricia.   Because the children come from the hand of the Creator, and are made in the image of the Blessed Trinity, an attack on them is an attack on Christ in their humanity.  (I do not explain this fully; it is a theological point).  Our Lord said heaven, and even the very earth on which the innocent blood of millions of children is spilt, mourns at the terrible indifference that the Churchmen, the world, and individuals show toward this carnage and to this great message of mercy and compassion.

R.  ‘Consider how great he (Christ) is; consider what he is.’

Patricia.  So many reject and treat with indifference Almighty God’s message of Mercy, Our Lord’s great act of Love on the Cross.  They stand in the way of His Mercy reaching millions of souls, who would benefit from the Church claiming the aborted children as Companion Martyrs of the First Holy Innocents.  Incredible graces are blocked that will flow down from heaven upon the world and the Church when millions of children are raised to the Altar and are recognised as true martyrs who have suffered for the Word (Rev. 6:9).  The child in the womb has been part of the greatest persecution of any section of humanity.  Their claiming will have a great missionary effect and activity, as graces reach millions of souls who have been involved in abortion, graces that will call nations to conversion and millions to the Truth who is Christ, and to the truths and teachings of the Holy Catholic Church.

R.  ‘Consider how great he is; consider what he is.’

Patricia.   We must remember just who is giving this message of Divine Love, Mercy and Compassion, God Himself!

R.  ‘In order that the Church might be formed from the side of Christ as he slept on the Cross, in order that the word of Scripture might be fulfilled -  ‘They shall look on him whom they have pierced’

Patricia.  When the children killed before birth are proclaimed Saints and Martyrs those who have killed them will realise whom they have pierced in killing the children.  The world-wide witness to the Truth, and the truths and teaching of the Church, will shine out across the whole world when the children are claimed by the Church and will call whole nations to repentance. (‘A little child will lead them’ to the Truth that comes from God.)

Patricia.  Our Lord showed here that he was trying to form millions of souls who are steeped in terrible sins into members of his Church Triumphant in His Divine Innocence but the Churchmen, through culpable ignorance, will not listen to or read what Our Lord is saying.  They will not be able to plead ignorance or escape punishment for culpable ignorance and neglect.  This issue takes precedence over many other issues in the Church because of the sheer number of souls involved in the mass slaughter of millions of children, and all those involved that the Church is obliged to seek out and bring home.  For these sheep will be lost and God will demand an account of his sheep from the shepherds.

Parents, governments, medical staff, hospitals and abortion clinics all have a share in the killings and are guilty of innocent blood.  The Churchmen who could have done something are splashed with the blood of these sheep and lambs because they do nothing and will not respond to this gift of the Holy Spirit, given in our age to help us with what seems an insurmountable problem. Our Lord said:

Jesus.   Do not tell me they have spoken out against these killings.  It is not enough, I tell you it is not enough.  ‘It is like a gong banging and a cymbal clashing’ (1Co 13:1), the children must be claimed!  This is a message of mercy and reconciliation given to the people.  (Patricia. Our Lord wants His Church to facilitate His Mercy reaching the perpetrators of the sin of abortion: parents, doctors, medical staff, governments, legislators etc.)

Patricia.   When the Church claims the children killed before birth; (who are from every nation), great graces will be released upon every nation and through these graces the people will receive the help to live what Our Lord calls the Novitiate of the Holy Family.  Men, women and priests will truly understand and strive to live the perfection of their separate and complementary roles in the life of the Trinity, what Our Lord calls fundamental theology.

R.  ‘God’s providence decreed that one of the soldiers should open his sacred side with a spear so that blood with water might flow out to pay the price of our salvation.’

Patricia.  Our Lord showed me here that the Church, by ignoring this message and not claiming the children killed in abortion (and those who died before birth), fails to allow the full glory and saving power of the Cross of Christ to shine out in the world.  Christ died for all, including these children and those who killed them.  By not showing forth for the whole world to see, Christ’s victory over abortion she seems by her silence to allow everyone to think the victory belongs to the devil. Our Lord said in another message:

Jesus.   Is there something wanting in my perfect Sacrifice on the Cross?

Patricia.   To the world it looks as if Our Lord has not put these sins and these deaths under his feet and that the children are in some way outside his perfect Sacrifice.  In another message Our Lord said that “the Churchmen short change My Victory on the Cross and give the victory publicly to the devil and the forces of evil.”

R.  ‘This blood, which flowed from its source in the secret recesses of His heart, gave the Sacrament of the Church power to confer the life of grace, and for those who already live in Christ was a draught of living water welling up to eternal life.’

Patricia.  Our Lord said: -

Jesus.   I am even willing to go outside the normal boundaries of My Sacraments to save the children. Yet still you refuse this great mercy!

Patricia.  Our Lord showed me that the claiming of the children killed before birth by the Church pointed to the full beauty of all the Sacraments especially Baptism because the claiming in some way goes to the very source of the waters of Baptism, Christ Himself, who is not bound by his own Sacraments.  Our Lord looked longingly towards the Church and referred to the reading again.

R.  ‘Arise, then, bride of Christ, be like the dove that nests in the rock-face at the mouth of a cavern and there, like a sparrow which finds its home, do not cease to keep vigil; there, like a turtle-dove, hide the fledglings of your chaste love; place your lips there to draw water from the wells of your saviour.’

Patricia.  Our Lord showed me that His bride, the Church, was cared for like a little bird that needed His constant Love, protection and guidance in these great issues of the struggle between good and evil.  God in every age assists the Church to defeat the forces of evil that attack the children of God, and helps her in the particular needs of each age.  The children killed in the womb and those who die before birth are like fledglings that can be hidden in the safety of the Church.

The Church can give these ‘orphans a home to live in’ and then ‘on the lips of these children and babes God can find praise.’ (Ps 8:2) In the Church the children can, in some way, take part in Christ’s mission to the nations, then the whole world will know that they have ‘drawn water (through the Church’s actions) from the wells of the Saviour.’

The missionary and apostolic effect of the graces gained from the children being claimed by the Church will reach millions of sinners in every nation as they witness to the nature of Christ’s all saving Passion and Death on the Cross and the nature of His Church and her teachings.

R.  ‘For this is the spring flowing from the middle of paradise; it divides and becomes four rivers, then spreads through all devout hearts and waters the whole world and makes it fruitful.’

Patricia.   It seemed to me that the four rivers were like the four Gospels that will spread through all the world with renewed vigour and water the whole world, and make it fruitful in God’s love, mercy and teachings.  The claiming has the most incredible missionary activity and apostolic grace for all the nations but it can only come through the Catholic Church.

Patricia.  The Reading continues: -

R.  ‘O Soul devoted to God, whoever you may be, run to this source of life and light with eager longing.  And with the power of your inmost heart cry out to him: “O indescribable beauty of God most high!  O pure radiance of everlasting light!  O life that gives life to all life! O light that illuminates every light, and preserves in its undying splendour the myriad flames that have shone before the throne of your Godhead from the dawn of time!”’

Patricia.   Here I was shown Our Lord on the Cross in anguish and deep suffering.  He repeated twice;

Jesus.    “I love you so much, I love you so much.”

Patricia.   This scene was a deeply moving contrast to the beautiful words of the above Reading.  God was willing to be reduced to such suffering for our sakes; He loved us so much.

R.  ‘O water eternal and inaccessible, clear and sweet, flowing from the spring that is hidden from the eyes of all mortal men; the spring whose depths cannot be plumbed, whose height cannot be measured, whose slopes cannot be charted, whose purity cannot be muddied.’

Patricia.   The mercy and compassion that Our Lord and God the Father and the Holy Spirit wish to give to us are indescribable gifts of his Love.  Yet this grace is treated with indifference and neglect, it shows what wretched and ungrateful sinners we are. The Church must act or she too will be punished.

Patricia.   The Reading continues: -

R.  ‘From this source flows the river which makes glad the city of God, so that with glad shouts and songs of thanksgiving, we sang to you our hymns of praise, and by experience prove that with you is the fountain of life; and in your light we shall see light.’

Patricia.   This light God wishes to reach souls and nations that live in great darkness.  The claiming is a great movement of grace that belongs to the whole of humanity.  This is a special gift of the Holy Spirit in our age and time.  If the Church does not act, in her neglect she will be the cause of a terrible punishment that will come upon the world for its iniquity.  Yet the Church could instead be the cause of a grace so big that it would be like a second Pentecost where great conversions will take place.

Responsary (after the Reading):

‘Bless the Lord, my soul, remembering all he has done for you; he rescues your life from deadly peril, crowns you with the gifts of his kindness and compassion.’

Patricia.   In this grace God is offering us gifts of kindness and compassion but, if we do not accept, God will have no choice but to let Justice fall on us, for the slaughter of millions of innocent children killed in every country.

Our Lord called the children ‘children of Justice’ because their innocent blood cries out to God from the earth of every country and Justice will be done for them.  Through the Church, Justice and Mercy can meet; the children can be raised to the altar to satisfy Justice and Mercy offered to those who have sinned against them.  ‘Where sin abounds grace abounds all the more’ (Rom 5:20).

Patricia.   In the Divine Office we came to the Te Deum and Our Lord said:

Jesus.   Say this Te Deum understanding that when the children are claimed, a great Te Deum will be sung on earth and in heaven, as millions of souls are raised to the Altar of the Catholic Church as part of the Communion of Saints.  In making these saints, the Church will gain in one day more Martyr Saints than in the whole history of the Church.  This is a grace that will have an enormous effect and a great flowering of the Church will take place.

Patricia.   God has chosen what the world considers contemptible He has chosen the weak and through the Church will make them strong in bearing witness to Him.  Millions of sinners will be called to repentance and will thank God for His Divine Mercy.  These children’s crucified innocence will be Triumphant in Christ’s Divine Innocence.

Patricia.   We thanked Our Lord for this message.

Jesus.   Go now to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, knowing that you hold back My Justice in order to give sinners time to repent; those sinners include the Churchmen who will not listen to or even look at this message of Mercy and Compassion!

Patricia.   Our Lord showed again that He was trying to offer mercy to those who had been involved in abortion before they die and come before his judgement, so that they could repent before it was too late.  He wanted to meet the just cause of the children killed before birth by their being raised to the Altar and given recognition as true martyrs and companions with the First Holy Innocents.

Jesus.   Do you see My child, I want to give in return to those who have killed the children a saint!  (Patricia. If they will only repent and be reconciled and the Church co-operates with Our Lord’s request)

Jesus.   Could my compassion and mercy be more generous?

Patricia.   It is unfathomable My Lord.


Jesus.   ‘Though your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as wool.  Come poor sinners let us talk this over’!



7th July 1998.  Nazareth House.


Patricia.    A theologian said that the claiming of aborted children would encourage abortions.  Our Lord said:


Jesus.   Little encouragement seems to be needed.  The little ones are marked for slaughter at the flimsiest excuses.  This is also an organised crime on a vast scale by governments of the nations under the pretext of population control – I REPEAT, ORGANISED CRIME, AND AGAIN I SAY THE PUNISHMENT WILL FIT THE CRIME!


Patricia.  Organised crime is very difficult to root out, Lord?


Jesus.   I will root this organised crime out and I will tear down nations to do so!  Purification will be complete for every drop of innocent blood!  What are nations before their God yet I offer Mercy but how few listen to My appeal?  I will meet this just cause and let me not find the shepherds of the flock wanting and the sheep wilful.  There are herds of goats that will be separated from My flock!  Be forewarned!


Patricia.  Lord, what of those who say the children cannot reach heaven without baptism?


Jesus.   The children have gone to the fountain head (the Crucifixion), the source of all the Sacraments, the Blood and Water flowing from My side!


25th October 1998(ii).  Wakonia, Minneosota, U.S.A. Retreat House Chapel.


Patricia.   Lord, what should be our attitude with people who will not amend or seem to have weakened wills without the strength to amend?


Jesus.   Mercy and Love.  Judgement is Mine.  Love finds hidden ways.  Say ‘no’ to the sin in yourself and others; love the poor sinner in yourself and in others as I do.  Remember, ultimately the burden of sin is more miserable for the sinner than those sinned against.  Follow My example on the Cross and the example of St. Stephen who said; “Forgive them for they know not what they do.  Do not hold this sin against them.” My child, do you not see that My prayer from the Cross, and St. Stephen’s prayer for those who put him to death, has a universal ongoing effect all down the ages?  These prayers were particular and universal.  In this way St. Stephen enjoys Heaven with St. Paul.


It was because the death of St. Stephen was so united to Mine in such great charity, that he now enjoys Heaven with St. Paul, who ‘entirely approved of the killing’ (Acts 8:1).  It is My desire that all poor weak sinners enjoy Heaven, but it is not possible without love being crucified. ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life’.  I do not want the death of the sinner, but pardon.


So it is with the children killed before birth.  ‘Their loving hearts made no complaint, in suffering they were tried.’(Martyrs hymn of the Divine Office)  Their anguish, as this hymn says, was overcome by love when on My Cross they died.


Their God knows the ‘inmost heart’ of these children and ‘gives them the promised land.’ They have been ‘guided through the night’ of abortion ‘to everlasting light.’  They have been shown that ‘greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his friends’.  These children have done more than lay down their lives for their friends, they have laid down their lives for their own parents and murderers, doctors who were meant to preserve life, governments who were meant to protect life, legislators who took the law of God into their own hands, changing it into a law of death rather than life.  I have gathered up the children’s crucified innocence into My Divine Innocence Crucified and they have re-echoed My words “Forgive them, they know not what they do”.


The children know, I repeat know, that in this way, those who respond to their offering united to My Offering, will enjoy Heaven as surely as St. Stephen and St. Paul.  The children have chosen the better part.  Virgin martyrs, in their millions, will bring about a new flowering in the Church!


Patricia.   Forgive me Lord, but theologians will say that the children are too little to have made an intellectual choice and that their intellect is not developed to do so?


Jesus.   I repeat, they know in their knowing soul that is in being at their death and remains in being.  I know them and I have the power to reveal Myself and My Saving Plan of Mercy and Compassion to all who are created in the image of their God.  Let the theologians refute this, or are they the author of life itself?


Patricia.  Speaking of the children Our Lord said:


Jesus.   They know and they are known !


Patricia.   St. John the Baptist leapt in his mother’s womb at the coming of Christ in the womb of Our Lady.  He recognised the Truth.


Patricia.   Lord, can we prove this to the theologians?


Jesus.   You test me, little bird!  I am my own proof.  What proof have they?


Patricia.   Forgive me Lord!  Do not be angry with me Lord!


Jesus.   I am not angry with you, child.  You need the expertise of the Church and these experts will answer for the talents I have given to them for the good of My people.  Why have so few entered the largest missionary area in the world?


Patricia.   I am sorry Lord, but is there not an undeniable proof that these children can know this in the womb?


Jesus.   Oh how you weary Me!  ‘Before you came to birth, I knew you.’  It is the essentials of being - knowing.  I have given you a dim reflection of that knowing in the lower instincts.  A child turns instinctively to its mother’s breast.  The animals look for their mother.  The fish will return to their spawning ground.  The dove has a homing instinct.


Patricia.   Forgive me for pressing you, Lord!


Jesus.   This is elementary theology of knowing and being.


Patricia.   Have patience with us, Lord!


Jesus.   I am Patience, but how much patience do you expect of your God with regard to the wholesale murder and slaughter of millions of innocent babes?  How much patience do you expect from your God when millions and millions of those steeped in this sin could be called by My Church to repentance and to the Truth?  You try the patience of Patience itself !  Beware!  I am a just and jealous God and yet My Heart weeps and yearns for souls to repent and be reconciled.  I offer a Mercy beyond your comprehension.  All souls are destined for glory but so many choose desolation and damnation.  This is a cause that will be met in full and my grasp will fall upon those who could have helped but did not!  Avail of My Mercy, all peoples, before Justice falls!


Patricia.   Forgive my forwardness, Lord.  I was only trying to find a foolproof way to prove to those who can help, that all you say is urgent and needs to be taken seriously.


Jesus.   What proof can one give to fools who stubbornly refuse the evidence of their eyes, intellect, faith and reason?  Let the theologians refute this!


Patricia.   There must be an absolute answer?


Jesus.   The absolute answer is in life itself.  The soul knows its source and the Truth that brought it into being.  The Spirit is the Witness at the moment of creation.  Challenge this Witness!


Patricia.   I do not understand all this Lord.


Jesus.   Show what you have written to the theologians.  Do you think that God the Creator must wait on the development of the human intellect, or limited to communicating with a soul that has a damaged or underdeveloped brain?  What is the human brain to the power of the Most High? Some have superior intellect but state even publicly there is no God but themselves.  How foolish can you be?


Jesus.   If the human baby is drawn, on the natural level, to the source of its life and nourishment, how much more to its supernatural life and nourishment?


Patricia.   Would their innocence (of actual sin) not draw them to God’s Divine Innocence?


Jesus.   The attitude of the souls’ experience to those who attack them is to recoil.


Patricia.   Their experience of God and His Love would be a response in drawing them to Him.


Jesus.   Intellect is the exercise of will.  Look at will and freedom.  Study this area and the age of reason.  The age of reason is not yet reached by the child, but the age of being and knowing is. Many a developed intellect is exercised against God.


Isaiah 45:11:

Thus says the Lord, the Holy One of Israel and His Maker:

“Will you question me about my children, or command me concerning the work of my hands?”



7th July 1999.  Nazareth House.


Patricia.   I was reading the Divine Office Morning Prayer, Psalter week 2,Wednesday and the Scripture Reading was taken from Romans 8:35-37.  Our Lord commented upon it:


R.  ‘Who will separate us from the love of Christ?  Will affliction, or distress or persecution, or hunger or nakedness, or peril or the sword?  Yet in all this we are conquerors, through Him who has granted us His love.’


Jesus.   Or the abortionist, or evil legislators, or men of diabolical science, or medical men and women turned murderers, or parents who sacrifice their sons and daughters to demons of evil.  Yet in all this the children in the womb will be conquerors through their God who has granted these helpless babes His love.


Jesus.   (Patricia. Speaking to the Church Authorities)  Ratify My choice of the weak!  Allow them to witness to My Mercy, Love and Justice!  I have chosen them in their extreme weakness and I have made them strong in bearing witness to Me their Saviour and to the Father’s Love.  Raise them in the spirit in the Church and you yourselves will witness a new Pentecost!

15th September 2000.   Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Mass. Nazareth House.


Jesus.   It is in the gap that evil spirits are coming up from Hell to kill the children.  Close the gap!  [Patricia. Our Lord picks up on the London underground phrase which warns people of the danger of the gap that exists between the platform and the train; a recorded announcement states, “Mind the gap”!]


Patricia.   Our Lord referred to the words of the Preface of the Mass; ‘Look not on our sins but on the faith of your Church’.


Jesus.   Look not on the children’s original sin but on the faith of Your Church – leave this to Me, explain the doctrine.


Jesus.   It is in this gap that many doctors turn their skills to killing rather than healing!  In this gap where is the Hyprocratic Oath?  There are those medical men and women who do not set any limits to appease their particular god, ‘diabolical science’ and their sacrificial victims mean nothing to them.  These people use sweet sounding words to carry out their diabolical work, ultimately they will render an account!


Patricia.   Dear Lord, people are in pain and doctors want to help them.  Many try any means to help them and so seek cures.


Jesus.   The end does not justify the means – and wrong and evil means only causes yet more suffering.  When did you ever hear of a conference of doctors come together first in prayer and humility in My Presence, with all their skills and knowledge, and ask for enlightenment and guidance – from the Ultimate Healer – with the holistic approach of body, mind and spirit?  When do you hear of a doctor prescribing Confession and Holy Communion first?  How many hospitals are there where priest and doctor work together with Me as one Physician, all in love and truth, following the doctrine of the Church?  This is the Divine Innocence Hospital and doctor’s surgery!





29th November 2000.  Nazareth House.


Patricia.  I was thinking about the aborted children's witness to the truth, how they preach with their lives and when claimed by the Church, 'their word goes out to the ends of the earth' (Ps 19:4).  There is no distinction between them; “For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; the same Lord is Lord of all and bestows his riches upon all who call upon him” (Rom 10:12).  The claiming will proclaim the truth to all peoples via the children of the nations.  My attention was drawn to the passage in Romans 10:13-18:


Romans 10:13 ff.


R.  "For, "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. "  But how are they to call on one in whom they have not believed?  And how are they to believe in one of whom they have never heard?  And how are they to hear without someone to proclaim him?  And how are they to proclaim him unless they are sent?  As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"  But not all have obeyed the good news; for Isaiah says, "Lord, who has believed our message?"  So faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the word of Christ.  But I ask, have they not heard?  Indeed they have; for "Their voice has gone out to all the earth, and their words to the ends of the world."


Jesus.   The world receives a garbled message (from the society they live in, the media etc.).  When the Church claims the children, "their voice will go out to all the earth, and their message to the ends of the world and with one voice in many tongues they will proclaim, "Christ is risen!  We are His witnesses!  Mercy Reigns!  Come, and be reconciled!  Truth has sprung from the earth!"  Then every nation will hear the good news of the Gospel.  Then those who hear have only to confess with their lips that 'Jesus is Lord'.


Patricia.  If they believe with their hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead and in Him and through Him, the millions of slaughtered children are saved, then the perpetrators will receive the truth that will set them free!


Jesus.   My Priests, Cardinals and Bishops drag their feet while the forces of evil drag my people and my children through the mud and filth of sin!



15th December 2000(iii).


Patricia.  I was reading the General Directory for Catechesis and Our Lord commented on part of it:


R.  ‘The negation or restriction of human rights impoverishes the human person and entire peoples at least as much as, if not more than, material privation itself.  The evangelising activity of the Church in this field of human rights has, as its undeniable objective, the task of revealing the inviolable dignity of every human person.  In a certain sense, “it is the central and unifying task of service which the Church, and the lay faithful in her, are called to render to the human family”.  Catechesis must prepare them for this task.’


Jesus.  ‘A little child shall lead them’ in the children slaughtered before birth.  If the Church claims them and proclaims their martyr witness, she has millions of children from every nation evangelising the nations of the world with the one voice of the Church!  They proclaim “Mercy”, God’s Love for saint and sinner alike!  They proclaim the Saviour of the world and God’s Justice!  The cause of the children is well met and My arms on the cross opens wide to poor sinners, telling those who have been fooled by the great deceiver, “Come home, give Me the burden of your sin, be reconciled, follow me, act justly and walk humbly with your God.  You and your children are saved in the arms of Divine Love”!



31st January 2001(iii).  Nazareth House.


Patricia.     I was thinking of the aborted children and original sin.  Our Lord said:


Jesus.     You do not punish someone because of a deprivation through no fault of their own.  The Church is the ultimate Mother who rescues those suffering in deprivation!


Patricia.  Regarding the children killed before birth, Our Lord said:


Jesus.   They have no merit, but the crown is given!  They are examples of pure grace!

27th July 2001. 


Patricia.   I said to Our Lord that the Church keeps giving this baby back to me (by putting it down to merely a private opinion) and will not accept responsibility for it (the Message of Christ’s Divine Innocence and the development in the claiming of the aborted children).  Our Lord replied:


Jesus.   They are like irresponsible fathers who refuse to acknowledge the child as their own or if they acknowledge it, will not own up to their duty.  In this case the child is Me and with Me come an army of new Holy Innocents.  Divine Innocence has been laid at the door of St. Peter’s.  Who shuts Me and My Divine Innocence out?


Patricia.   Lord, X says it is only to do with my private conscience!


Jesus.   He and others will have millions on their conscience, who could have been called and recalled to the truth that comes from God.  They will also have their hands dipped in the blood of innocent children by default and neglect of this issue.  They will try to use the excuse “I was not there, I did not kill the children; they are not my children”.  I will say to them  You are there and you did nothing, while you knew they were being slaughtered day after day in their millions, and you walked by on the other side of the road”.


You did not do the reparation I asked you for!  You did not assist in establishing the truth in this Message!  Some of you actually tried to kill it.  All the while souls were being lost!


I will say “They are My children, My sheep and lambs (children, parents and perpetrators) and I will ask for an account from the shepherds!


They will protest and say “The problem was too big, we did not know what to do”.  I will answer “I gave you the perfect solution founded on the Truth flowing from the Paschal Mystery.  Founded on Revelation, Tradition, the Fathers, Conciliar documents, writings of the Saints, but you refused to look at the evidence and you closed your eyes to the slaughter!




30th September 2001(iii).


Patricia.   Our Lord was referring to those priests and people who refuse to look at this message and instead respond to the question about the fate of children killed before birth with the words “Leave them to the Mercy of God”:


Jesus.   Tell My shepherds that I lead My flock by the hand and they should do the same – NOT leave them to the Mercy of God!  That is not good enough!  What shepherd, when the sheep are roaming over the whole countryside in rain, sleet and storms, says to his family, “Leave them to the Mercy of God”?  His family will feel afraid even for themselves let alone for the flock!



3rd December 2001.  Feast of St. John Damascene


Patricia.   My attention was drawn to the Second Reading taken from the Office of Readings for the Feast day A reading from the orations of St. Gregory Nazianzen:


R.  ‘He took to himself all that is human, except sin.  He was conceived by the Virgin who was first purified in body and soul by the Spirit. [P. Thus children can be purified in body and soul by the Spirit]   It was necessary both that childbearing be honoured and that virginity be honoured still more highly……”


“…He took to himself the poverty of my flesh so that I might obtain the riches of his Godhead…” [Patricia. The innocent children are not excluded from this]


“…We needed an incarnate God who would die that we might live .  We died with Him that we might be cleansed.  We rose again with Him because we died with Him.  We were glorified with Him because we rose again with Him.” [Patricia. The aborted children have also died with Christ – nothing can separate them from the love of God]


“…Through the blessing of the Holy Spirit you brought it about that I was created and came into being not by the will of man or the lust of the flesh but by your grace, which is too marvellous to describe.  You fashioned my birth in ways that transcend the laws of our nature”.


Patricia.   Regardless of the circumstances of the death of aborted children or embryo children, their coming into being is not by the will of man or the lust of the flesh, but by God’s grace who directly creates the soul by His Grace.  It is by laws that transcend our nature that God fashions the birth of these children in the Church.


Patricia.  I thought of man’s inadequate theory of limbo, Our Lord said:


Jesus.   Limbo speaks of inequality – all men are created equal!


Patricia.   Lord, we look around us and see so much inequality, how can I say to the Church that all men are created equal?


Jesus.   All men are created equal in relation to God not to man.  You cannot put the blame of your inhumanity to man on your God, although many do so!  I provide, you divide – unequally!  It is not logical that the children are not saved.  Why would your God allow millions of persons to be created to feed the insatiable appetite of the Devil for human sacrifice?


Patricia.   Then why are the millions of children killed, Lord?


Jesus.   I ask the same question of you.  Man has freewill but I do not condone his disobedience – ‘where sin abounds grace abounds all the more’.  Evil does not defeat me, it defeats you!  Humanity suffers at the hands of your own inhumanity.


There are natural laws that operate in holiness or evil actions – causes and effects.  You carry out the murder of little innocent children – you become murderers!  Motherhood becomes wounded, fatherhood is dishonoured.  A child never sees the light of day, you never see the unique smile of that little one or enjoy the child’s individual talents and beauty.  God bestows the exquisite beauty of the gift of an innocent child, man disposes of that child by abortion – torn from the womb limb by limb.  Then parents, medical men, governments and legislators have the audacity to say the child in the womb is not a human person and proceed to use the child’s remains in human experiments!  You allow yourselves to be duped by the devil and his illogical lies and then convince yourselves that this pack of lies is the truth!


Humanity is locked in a deep winter of sin.  I send to you waves of innocent children to remind you of the spring time of your race, the dawn of innocence, but you continue to kill your future.  Truly you need to cry out “Oh Divine Innocence be triumphant in our crucified innocence and the innocence that we have crucified in our children”.  Will all your evil defeat Me, the God of all that is seen and unseen?  The Victory over all sin and evil I won on the Cross!  I gather up what you throw away!  I restore to them a hundredfold what you have stolen from them!  I return to them what I bestowed yet more abundantly and that for your sakes, so you receive the grace of their martyrdom.  You act like wild beasts – even eating the flesh of innocent children and using their human remains for medical experiments, cosmetics etc.  Have you no compassion?  Look at yourselves covered with innocent blood!  I gather up your children in love. Can you not even bring yourselves to repent, ask for forgiveness and amend your lives?


I ask the churchmen – can you not take the trouble to study MY ANSWER to the holocaust of abortion and proclaim the martyr status of the children slaughtered before birth?  You seem to care nothing for the children and even less for those who have killed them and are in mortal danger of the loss of their souls. 


You have carried out such evil.  I have offered such love, mercy, justice, and reconciliation!  Will you wait until the skies rain down justice and the earth revolts against you.  Shepherds and people, come to your senses!


Patricia.   Lord, many individuals will respond when they hear this message but they will also feel helpless because so many will not even listen or change and the evil goes on.


Jesus.   Then that remnant will be saved and the stubborn rebels will perish!  Believe Me when I say, the suffering of the children DOES NOT terminate in Limbo, that mythical place of man’s making, but in the glorious Resurrection that I AM!  I have ‘suffered the little children to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven’.  Churchmen, proclaim the martyr status of the children unjustly put to death before birth and give them birth in the Church!  Then, draw upon the merits of their martyrdom freely given.  Freely give this grace to a world steeped in sin for its recovery and consolation!


Jesus.   You cannot continue to say the Mass if you do not claim the children, because omitting to claim the children is contrary to the faith you proclaim!  Look at every part of the Mass.  My Sacrifice does not exclude the children!


Patricia.   Lord, if you love the children why did you not save them from abortion?


Jesus.   I have saved them from abortion but the shepherds will not give the people this humanitarian aid (i.e. by failing to claim the children.)!



15th February 2002.  Mass.


Patricia.   Our Lord commented on the words of the Mass:


R.  ‘Look not on our sins but the faith of your Church’


Jesus.   You ask for your own actual sin to be forgiven but you hold the children killed before birth under the bondage of the law with regard to original sin.  In the eyes of the world they receive a double punishment.


R.  ‘Glory to God in the highest and peace to His people on earth’


Jesus.   You say the ‘Gloria’ but refuse to allow to give Me Glory in the eyes of the people. You do not allow the peace of forgiveness and reconciliation to reach the people!


R.  ‘You take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us’.


Jesus.   You ask Me to take your sin away – the sin of the whole world and make no provision for the children as regards original sin and refuse mercy to the children and to the perpetrators!


R.   ‘For you alone are the Holy One you alone are the Lord, You alone are the Most High Jesus Christ with the Holy spirit in the Glory of God the Father’


Jesus.   So you say, but by your inaction on this issue you give lordship to the devil and the forces of evil over the children and perpetrators, and refuse your God the Glory due.


Opening Prayer of the Mass:


R.   ‘The Lord saved me and came to my help’.


Jesus.   I have saved the children and came to their help!


Jesus.    Proclaim this message, do not allow it to be smothered in bureaucracy!


First Reading taken from the prophet Isaiah  58:1-9:


R.   "Cry aloud, spare not, lift up your voice like a trumpet;  declare to my people their transgression, to the house of Jacob their sins. 

……."Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the thongs of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke?

Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, and bring the homeless poor into your house;  when you see the naked, to cover him, and not to hide yourself from your own flesh?

Then shall your light break forth like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up speedily;  your righteousness shall go before you, the glory of the LORD shall be your rear guard.

Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer; you shall cry, and he will say, Here I am.  "If you take away from the midst of you the yoke, the pointing of the finger, and speaking wickedness’

Jesus.   This is the claiming (a true fast)!


Jesus.   Am I or Am I not the acceptable Sacrifice for these children?  You ask me to accept this Sacrifice for you but you exclude innocent children!  The children came in My Name to help you, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”.  The children put to death before birth are martyrs and they have a mission in the Church and to the nations, to witness in their martyrdom to the Truth.


In the Eucharistic Prayer, you acknowledge your God’s Greatness, Wisdom and Love but in your inaction regarding the children killed before birth, you show the whole world I Am defeated by this mass slaughter of these innocents!


You acknowledge that I formed man in God’s likeness and act toward the children as if I have abandoned them.  You pray for yourselves “Even when he disobeyed your friendship you did not abandon him to the power of death” but you have abandoned the children to the power of death, to wicked legislators and diabolical science, so the whole world thinks I have abandoned them!


R.  Again and again you offered a covenant to man and through the prophets taufght him to hope for salvation”


Jesus.   You churchmen do not proclaim this hope to the nations via the prophetic witness of the children of the nations!


R.  In the fullness of time you sent your only Son to be our Saviour.  He was conceived through the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary, a man like us in all things but sin”.


Jesus.   There are millions who have not heard the good news of Salvation!  The children’s witness will set many on the road to Salvation!  Up, dumb shepherds!  Proclaim the good news of salvation to prisoners of sin, shame and ignorance!  Show them the way to freedom!  Give this great joy to the sorrowful!  In fulfilment of the Father’s Will, the children are not given up to death.  I have destroyed death and restored them to life in Me ‘the children are living in the Lord’ (E.V. 99). 


The Holy Spirit has been sent to you to complete this work on earth and to bring you the FULLNESS OF GRACE!  The Spirit has sanctified their brief life in this world and the offering of their lives is acceptable to Me!  They are gathered up into My perfect Offering and Sacrifice.  This is ‘an everlasting covenant that is shed for you and all men and DOES NOT EXCLUDE THE CHILDREN!


‘Dying [I ]destroyed [your] death’ and theirs also.  ‘Rising [I] restored your life’ and did not exclude them.  You short change My Glory in the eyes of the world by not giving Me this Glory in the church! 


R.   ‘Lord, by your Cross and Resurrection you have set us free.  You are the Saviour of the world’.


Jesus.   Freedom for all who themselves do not impede My grace!


Jesus.   The children have not resisted My Love.  I Am the acceptable Sacrifice which brings Salvation to the whole world.  Allow the children of the nations to witness to this good news!  They have died in the Blood of My Crucifixion, they have died in My peace!  You want to claim your inheritance but will not give them theirs and you will not proclaim this inheritance to the nations!


Patricia.   Referring to the ‘Our Father’ Our Lord said:


Jesus.   This is a great coming of the Fathers Will ‘on earth as it is in Heaven’.  The daily bread of the Holy Sacrifice proclaims universally, the forgiveness of trespasses and a mighty deliverance from evil.  I offer you ‘Peace in your day’ today (claiming of the children) and a teaching and training that will keep you ‘free from sin and protect you from all evil and anxiety’!  (The training of the Novitiate of the Holy Family), so you can ‘wait in joyful hope for the coming of your Saviour’!  (Patricia. Jesus Christ)


R.  ‘Lord Jesus, you said to your Apostle, I leave you peace, My peace I leave you, look not on our sins but on the faith of your Church and grant us the peace and unity of your kingdom’.


Jesus.   Proclaim this Good News of the Gospel so those in sin may seek reconciliation and find peace!  MY CHURCH, where is your faith, the faith you profess with regard to these innocent victims?


R.  ‘Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us’.


Jesus.   You pray this but by your inaction you exclude the children!  My Mercy and Love reaches the children via the children’s witness.  I want My Mercy and Love to reach their parents and those who have dipped their hands in innocent blood and signed away their lives.


The children are consecrated in the truth!  Look at each section of the Creed, it does not exclude the children and needs proclaiming to the parents and perpetrators!

3rd March 2002(iii).  Mass.


Jesus.   Look at the Gospel Reading (John 4:5-42)!


R.  ‘There came a woman of Samaria to draw water.  Jesus said to her, "Give me a drink."

For his disciples had gone away into the city to buy food.  The Samaritan woman said to him, "How is it that you, a Jew, ask a drink of me, a woman of Samaria?"  For Jews have no dealings with  Samaritans.  Jesus answered her, "If you knew the gift of God, and who it is that is saying to you, ‘Give me a drink,' you would have asked him, and he would have given you living water."  The woman said to him, "Sir, you have nothing to draw with, and the well is deep; where do you get that living water?  Are you greater than our father Jacob, who gave us the well, and drank from it himself, and his sons, and his cattle?"  Jesus said to her, "Every one who drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst; the water that I shall give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”


Patricia.   Lord, how can we prove the children have received these waters?


Jesus.   Ask the theologians and the Church authorities why they would not receive the waters of Baptism from their Saviour – what is their impediment?


Patricia.   Original sin, Lord!


Jesus.   I have defeated all sin and death definitively, that includes original sin.*  Look at today’s Intercession, there is a discrepancy in the way you pray and the way you believe in practice:


R.   ‘For all mankind – Let the waters of baptism flow out to everyone and transform the desert of their lives into a beautiful vineyard, in which God’s love and mercy flourishes.  Lord, hear our prayer and give us your saving grace.’


Jesus.   Do you pray this for all except the aborted children and those whose human life is used in diabolical science?  Do you think I do not save them?  You feed upon the innocent under the pretext of saving others, you fall upon the helpless.  Tell the Church authorities plainly I have given the children living water directly and they will never hunger or thirst again for the love and welcome their parents and the world did not give them.  They live in their Lord and in My Love!  Every tear of theirs has been wiped away and the waters of Baptism in My Blood and theirs is a springing up in them welling up to eternal life (Jn 4:5-42) in their living Lord.  These children worship the Father in Spirit and in truth.  They are consecrated in the truth and witness to the truth with their very lives and the Spirit in the depths of their being cries out in them, “Abba Father”.  These are the kind of worshippers the Father wants, the true worshippers, worshippers without sin, who worship the Father in Spirit and truth.


If I was prepared to give the Samaritan woman this living water only for the asking, she who had sinned much and lived with five men, tell Me why, would I deny helpless babes the living waters in their martyr baptism?  Where is your logic?


‘My food is to do the will of the one who sent me, and to complete his work’, the work of salvation. You Church men actively hamper My work of bringing salvation to the perpetrators of this sin and many more sins that destroy millions of families who need the Novitiate of the Holy Family.  You delay this saving grace through your indifference, complacency, disbelief, and resistance to the Holy Spirit in this age!


Look again at this Intercession, write it again:


R.  ‘For all mankind – Let the waters of baptism flow out to everyone and transform the desert of their lives into a beautiful vineyard, in which God’s love and mercy flourishes.  Lord, hear our prayer and give us your saving grace.’


Jesus.   Point 1:  The waters of Baptism that flow from My side are for ALL MEN, the little children and those who have killed them by extraordinary means, if need be and point to the ordinary means of salvation universally available through the Church.  The witness of the children raised to the altar proclaims the ordinary means. (to the perpetrators and to the world)


Jesus.   Point 2:  The universal proclamation of the children killed before birth as companions  of the first Holy Innocents is the witness needed to transform the desert of the lives of those who have put them to death; parents, governments, medical agencies and legislators, transforming their lives through the children’s gospel witness, into a fruitful vineyard in which God’s love and mercy flourishes!


Jesus.   Point 3:  You have asked for saving grace, it has been given!


Patricia.   Our Lord quoted our own intercessions:


Jesus.   To all in the Church: be open to the Holy Spirit “as a new creation through baptism, be so open to the Spirit that those with whom we come in contact may learn to believe in Christ’s power over sin, death and the world”.


Jesus.   (Speaking of the Church claiming the children killed before birth Our Lord said:).  This action by the Church through Me and the children’s witness to the truth is a powerful means of overcoming sin and death in the world!  It will touch individuals and nations everywhere.  It will speak and witness in every language, find its way into every heart, every family.  Salvation will be proclaimed in the full Gospel truth and teaching of the Church so all may learn to believe in their Saviour’s (Christ’s) power over sin and death!  Who holds up My saving plan?  You will be held responsible for the souls lost to this grace!  From this day forward believe in the new life of grace and My saving Love!


Jesus.   Speak to the Bishops, all who will listen!


* CCC. 404: ‘It is a sin which will be transmitted by propagation to all mankind, that is, by the transmission of a human nature deprived of original holiness and justice. And that is why original sin is called "sin" only in an analogical sense: it is a sin "contracted" and not "committed" -- a state and not an act.’


CCC. 405: ‘Although it is proper to each individual, (Cf. Council of Trent: DS 1513) original sin does not have the character of a personal fault in any of Adam's descendants. It is a deprivation of original holiness and justice, but human nature has not been totally corrupted: it is wounded in the natural powers proper to it, subject to ignorance, suffering and the dominion of death, and inclined to sin -- an inclination to evil that is called "concupiscence." Baptism, by imparting the life of Christ's grace, erases original sin and turns a man back toward God, but the consequences for nature, weakened and inclined to evil, persist in man and summon him to spiritual battle.



1st July 2002. Isle of Wight. Mass.


Patricia.   A Priest was given messages and theology regarding the claiming of the children killed before birth.  He looked at some of it but not deeply, he said he did not believe that the children were martyrs or that there was a development of doctrine.  However, he did believe that the children were in heaven and therefore there was no need to proclaim them martyrs.  He could not see the wider effects of the Church claiming the children as companion martyrs of the First Holy Innocents as Our Lord requested; the missionary effects and the glory it would give to God.  Our Lord gave the following message just before Mass:


Jesus.   To the Priest and to those who say do nothing about the children and those who have killed them, you waste an apostolic, missionary, ecumenical witness to the truth!  So few know the children are in heaven!  So few are called to the truth!  So few will give glory to God!  So few know that I am their Saviour!  ‘A little child shall lead’ nations and individuals to the truth!  By what means do the children enter heaven?  Supreme - washed in My Blood, gathered in by My Love.  The children are given a mission, a universal mission, to console the parents in My love for them, also to witness to the truth and the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, to witness to the sanctity of life before conception; ‘male and female I created them’ even before conception (the female egg and the male sperm).


Does Father think nothing of the justice that will fall on the people and yes, the shepherds for their neglect of these souls in their millions (those who have committed and been involved in abortion)?  Some say “the people will not listen so I will not proclaim”.  So you shepherds leave the blood of the innocent on the heads of the people and do not call them to repent in this most effective way!  You would cheat Me of this glory and the perpetrators of the opportunity to repent and give Me yet more glory in their reconciliation!  You will not proclaim the Novitiate of the Holy Family which the people need!  You will keep to yourself that the children are in heaven and refuse their martyr status so justice will not be seen to be done!  You will leave it to be said “Yes, God loves the children so He saved them without Baptism – so I do not need Baptism or any of the Sacraments!”  You will destroy faith in the Church and the sacramental system if you do!  Study My answer and better it!  It is a message of Love, yes, also of Justice and Mercy!  It is a Catholic teaching and universal witness to the truth.  Justice must be done for the children via love and mercy!  You refuse the witness to true doctrine, you diminish your God and My Church and her teaching in the eyes of the world - shame, shame!


Patricia.   Our Lord continued the message when Mass begun by referring to the Readings.  The First Reading was taken from the prophet Ezekiel 43:1-2. 4-7:


R.   ‘The angel took me to the gate, the one facing east.  I saw the glory of the God of Israel approaching from the east.  A sound came with it, like the sound of the ocean, and the earth shone with his glory. The Glory of the Lord arrived at the Temple by the east gate.  The spirit lifted me up and brought me into the inner court; I saw the glory of the Lord fill the Temple.  And I heard someone speaking to me from the Temple while the man stood beside me.  The voice said, ‘Son of man, this is the dais of my throne, the step on which I rest my feet.  I shall live here among the sons of men.’


Jesus.   Why will you not give me this glory now?


Patricia.   During Mass the priest in his homily spoke about living stones in the Temple of God and of the Church as a sign of the reality of the People of God and our Faith, Our Lord said:


Jesus.   I want the perpetrators to be living stones in My House, in the Temple of My Church!  The claiming is to call millions who have put the children to death, out of darkness into My wonderful light.  Father answers himself in the Gospel of the day; ‘true worshippers worship in spirit and in truth’ (Gospel Reading for Mass was from John 4:19-24)  – this is the claiming!  The martyrs are the majority!  [Patricia. The majority of all children who die before birth are martyred; killed by abortion and in embryo experiments].  Why proclaim the martyrdom of the children?  Because martyrdom is witness, universal witness to the truth!


There is too much logic and not enough love.  Logic must be guided by divine love and love full of divine logic which is the claiming and Novitiate!



9th July 2003.  Feast of the Chinese Martyrs, St. Augustine Zhao Rong and 119 Companion Martyrs.  Nazareth House.


Patricia.  Our Lord referred to the Feast day and then to a picture which had been published in the leading papers in 2002.  It showed a dead baby girl who had been aborted lying in the street gutter of a Chinese city.  People were walking by seemingly unconcerned until a man picked up the dead baby and placed it in a cardboard box.  Our Lord said:


Jesus.  Here lies a Chinese martyr and she has millions of companions in her own country and in every country worldwide; English Martyrs and companions of the first Holy Innocents, American Martyrs and companions, Canadian martyrs and companions, French Martyrs and companions etc.  I have not disowned these, my little companions!  [Patricia. ‘He cannot deny his own self’ (2 Tim 2:13); Evangelium Vitae n.2; Gaudium et Spes n.22: "By his incarnation the Son of God has united himself in some fashion with every human being."]


Ask the Church authorities after saying plainly in the Gospel, “Suffer the little children to come unto me for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven”  Would I now say to the children when they come before me for their particular judgement, “Away from me, I disown you, the helpless, the crucified, I want nothing to do with you!  You are too little, too insignificant for your God to be bothered about”, or would I say?  “ “Come beloved of My Father”, you, who have borne the iniquity of men and women, borne in your little bodies more suffering than some of the greatest martyrs, you, who were too tiny to object, you who were torn limb from limb, poisoned, you, whose slaughtered remains were preyed upon and used for all manner of diabolical science, you, who were innocent and trusting, full of love and life! ”.


Do you shepherds of the flock deny me what is fully Mine: their glorious martyrdom and a pre-eminent place in MY CHURCH?  Beware, I say!  Beware!  You refuse to go into this development of doctrine yourselves and prevent millions of the perpetrators the greatest opportunity for centuries to enter the kingdom of Heaven!  You reject My ambassadors!  (the little martyred children)  The ambassadors of My Mercy and Love, ambassadors who preach with their lives the Gospel to all nations, who preach THE TRUTH THAT COMES FROM GOD, THE TRIUMPH OF MY DIVINE INNOCENCE IN THE CRUCIFIED INNOCENCE OF MILLIONS OF CHILD MARTYRS!  ‘Too little to enter the battle’* they have, through My Victory carried off the crown of martyrdom.  ‘A little child will lead’ its parents and those who have killed him or her to their knees in repentance, to the truth that come from God, to heaven and to glory.  Glory for your God, glory for the children, glory for the repentant, glory for the Church!  You, with your endless delays, indifference, lack of belief and yes, even hostility prevent all this reaching MY people, those whom I have redeemed!


*  Indirect reference to part of the Second Reading from the Office of Readings for the Feast of the Holy Innocents, from a sermon by St. Quodvultdeus; ‘How great was the grace thus bestowed!  Not through merits of their own did those infants conquer the great adversary.  They could not speak, yet they confessed Christ.  Helpless to enter the battle, they still carried off the palm of victory.’


Patricia.  Our Lord then spoke to us:


Jesus.  Go out and spread this good news, tell it to the nations!  Spread it abroad!  I am with you, do not be afraid!  My Blessing +.



13th February 2004(i).  Nazareth House. 


Patricia.  I was thinking about the pictures of the child in the womb that were published in a daily newspaper.  It showed the different stages of development from conception to birth.  I wondered about the presence of the soul at conception “A knowing soul that knew that it was in being”.  I heard the words “directional” and wondered if the soul co-operated with the body as with an older person.  As the child was in a state of innocence without actual sin, I wondered if God ordered it in its development and growth, to the good and its good, towards its final end, God. 


Until the child reaches the age of reason and has the intellect to exercise the gift of freewill, it is ordered to its good but is in need of grace until it is old enough to ‘refuse evil and choose the good’ (Isa 7:15).  Why would God deny grace to the child he has created?  Bringing each one of us into being, is a grace in itself.  God does not have to give us grace but from what we know of him, He is a God of Love who pours out “grace upon grace” (Jn 1:16) upon us.  There is no evidence that even when man turns away from God, God withholds his protection* and grace ‘for he knows of what we are made’.


* Gen 4:15: [“Then the LORD said to him, "Not so! If any one slays Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold." And the LORD put a mark on Cain, lest  any who came upon him should kill him.]


The children are open vessels ready to be filled with grace, there is no actual sin to impede grace.  It does not seem reasonable, just or loving, therefore to say that the children are denied grace.  Our Lord said:


Jesus.  The children’s development takes place because I said, “develop!”.  Their heart beats because I, the Word, said, “beat!”  The abortionist, at the word of parents and others, interrupted the very Word of God but no interruption of salvation is possible unless the person exercises their freewill via reason.  Very small babies are ordered to their good via instinctive direction.  How does the baby know that it must turn to the breast to satisfy its hunger and receive sustenance?  The soul and body of the little ones attacked before birth (no matter how underdeveloped) turn towards their loving God to satisfy their hunger for love.  They are created for love.  They turn towards their God for the sustenance of eternal life, and drink deeply of sanctifying grace.  I do ‘not disown my own self’(2 Tim 2:13)! 


‘God has united himself in some way to every human person.’  (Gaudium et Spes n. 22: Evangelium Vitae n. 2)


In all stages of development I the Word spoke and every stage of development takes place, the brain, the little limbs, the tiny fingers and toes, bright eyes and little ears, a delicate sense of smell, taste and touch.  Man interrupts a wonderful process!

3rd July 2004(ii).  Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle. Holy Mass.

Patricia.  Our Lord referred to part of the First reading from Mass taken from Ephesians 2:19-22:

R.     ‘You are no longer aliens or foreign visitors; you are citizens like all the saints, and part of God’s household.  You are part of a building that has the Apostles and prophets for its foundations, and Christ Jesus himself for its main cornerstone.  As every structure is aligned on him, all grow into one holy temple in the Lord; and you too, in him, are being built into a house where God lives, in the spirit.’

Jesus.  The children are ‘part of God’s household’– proclaim it!  Go out to the whole world and proclaim this good news – I Am risen in these little ones!  Doubt no longer, but believe!  It is time you said, “My Lord and My God is alive in the message of My Divine Innocence!

Jesus.  The claiming does not undermine Baptism, it proclaims it and its source (Christ) and where it may be administered in full understanding of the Sacrament, the Catholic Church and her doctrine.  This is a great coming of the ‘kingdom on earth as it is in heaven’!

In a spiritual sense the Church authorities tear My body limb from limb by not claiming this great part of My body (the children).

Patricia.  Lord, how can they do that if they do not recognise you in the children?

Jesus.  Those who scourged Me did not recognise they wounded and scourged the Lord of Life, but that is what they did.  These children are members of My body the Church, you separate them and will not own them! (In fact and in the minds and understanding of the people.)

The graces that will reach those who have killed the children when the Church claims them, will help those who have killed the children to seek them and to be with them. (In heaven and in the Church.)

Patricia.  Lord, when you point us to the Scripture Reading 1Tim 2:4  that ‘God desires that all might be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth’, should one not be careful of universalism?

Jesus.  Yes, I speak of the eschatalogical meaning; all are saved in My one action on the Cross but not all are evangelised in order that they may freely respond and give their “Yes”.  The Church in the claiming goes out and proclaims this good news to those who do not know and can ask “Brethren what shall we do to be saved” (Acts 3:37) and the Church authorities can reply, “You must repent, and every one of you must be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” (Acts 3:38)

Jesus.  (Spoken to the Hierarchy)  Why do you thwart My mission in the children any longer?  My Spirit must be allowed to breath in the Church and where it will! 


28th December 2004(i).  Feast of the Holy Innocents.

Patricia.  Our Lady has come and around her are many, many angels.  The whole of her statue is surrounded by light.  There are many little children singing praises to God’s Mercy and Love.  Our Lady speaks:

Our Lady.  My children, my heart rejoices in this day of Reparation for the millions of Holy Innocents who have lost their lives in this world but who now enjoy the Glory of Heaven as Virgin Martyrs with the First Holy Innocents and their little companions, the Virgin Souls of the little ones God has taken to His loving Heart.  Who could imagine that His Divine Majesty would forget the little children He has created in His own image.  No!  They are His children and they are mine.  If you wish to enjoy the glories of Heaven with the great company of Saints study your faith and strive to become saints!  Divine Innocence is triumphant already in the millions of little children whom the world rejected so cruelly.  Would Your God give them a double punishment?  Can you love a God that would heap injustice upon injustice? 

Patricia.  Speaking of the candles we lit during the ceremony of remembrance for the children killed before birth Our Lady said:

Our Lady.  These lights are so few but one day there will be millions of candles lit in their honour, lit in every country as these little ones’ great mission spreads everywhere and call millions to the truth.

Patricia.  Speaking of a little child standing close to me Our Lady said:

Our Lady.  See this little one at your knee, I want to see God’s gift of each child grow up in holy innocent life just this little one, safe in a good family, taught the truth and ready to go into My Son’s Mission in the world.  Thank you, my children for this day of Reparation, but remember, it is also a day of Celebration for this great company of little ones are safe in the arms of their God.  We will accompany you in this Walk of Witness and Love.  +  (Our Lady gave us her Motherly Blessing)



17th April 2005.

Patricia.  Someone suggested that as an objection to the claiming of the children killed before birth, the accusation of idealism could be raised towards this message, that it is too good to be true.  Our Lord said:

Jesus.  It is so good that it IS true!

Patricia.  We know that Goodness is a divine attribute, God is All Good.  As God’s answer to the holocaust of abortion, the claiming is the good and true solution which is merciful, loving and just, calling the sinner to reconciliation.  It gives glory to God, to His Church and to the children.  It is the goodness of truth.

Patricia.  Later some of us were taking a Sunday drive in the countryside and Our Lord continued the message, He said:

Jesus.  Goodness and right go together – the right of the children to salvation, the right of the parents to hear of this merciful message, the right of the Church to proclaim it and defend it, and in God right is might not as your saying goes might is right!

My mighty hand goes out to these children and rescues them and my mighty divine Love flows forth for the salvation of all – claim and proclaim!  Right truth and love reigns supreme in this answer!

Patricia.  I am shown lots of Bishops and Priests in long black soutains bent over and dragging their feet (symbolic of their attitude to this message).  Speaking of those who become angry when you speak of private revelation and the help God is trying to give His Church, the Bishops and priests, Our Lord said:

Jesus.  ‘I am slow to anger and quick in mercy.’ You, Bishops and Priests are quick to anger and slow in mercy!  Why does my answer make you so angry?  You are indifferent, why? Why? Why, when Divine Love is longing to save?

I will tell you what your answer is, tell me if you are satisfied with it!  No glory and praise to God!  In the eyes of the world no victory in the holocaust of the innocents!  No glory for the children!  No glory for the Church!  My Word stifled rather than proclaimed!  Justice not done!  Mercy not given!  Innocence not appreciated!  Motherhood not reverenced!  Fatherhood not elevated!  The True nature of My Priesthood; Prophet, Priest and King not shown forth in Glory!  By your silence, lack of love and mercy you proclaim death’s victory and the devil’s triumph!  Are you really shepherds after my own heart? 

If this is not your answer what is your answer to the holocaust of abortion and the devastation of the innocent, of motherhood and fatherhood and families?  Tell Me what it is?  ‘You are neither hot nor cold!’  The Te Deum not sung as the children are raised to the altar universally, instead this mournful grieving!  You celebrate death, I celebrate life!   



29th June 2005.   Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul. 


Jesus.  Know this, […] I, the Lord of all, see a sea of blood very plainly from heaven!  The Blessed Mother, the Angels and Saints witness the daily carnage.  This is a matter that CANNOT REMAIN HIDDEN!  The mothers and fathers I wish to reach have the right to the Truth of this message of Compassion and Love.  The governments need this crime proclaimed from the housetops. 


The Church authorities have no right to withhold My Mercy from the sinner!  It was paid for with My Blood!  No longer must this terrible evil remain hidden!  Tell it to the world!  Tell it to the Bishops, tell it to the mothers!  Tell it to the irresponsible who father and mother innocent children, who then at the next moment kill them in the most horrible circumstances!


[….] Mercy has been offered, justice MUST BE DONE!  My wrath will fall, My wrath will fall!  Tell Me Your Holiness, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests of the world, is this a matter to remain hidden for another 20 years or more?  Tell Me to My face, “It does not matter if millions of children are slaughtered in the womb, that their blood runs into the sewers, that mass murder is carried out everywhere!”  Tell Me that these I create in My Image and Likeness can be slaughtered at the will and whim of anyone and NO CORRECTION needs to be proclaimed from the house tops!  Tell Me there is no urgency, no case to be heard IN PUBLIC, in the open for all to hear and see! 


You delay while millions die!  Do you not care for the sheep and lambs in your flock! MY FLOCK goes unattended!  Nothing is being done, many die unconsoled!  Many die guilty when you could have VIGOROUSLY CALLED THEM TO REPENTANCE! 


Return to the Bishop and to Rome!  Plead this cause anew!

26th July 2005(i).  Feast of St. Joachim and St. Ann.

Patricia.  Our Lord commented on the Gospel Reading for the feast day taken from St. Matthew 13:16-17:

R.    ‘Many prophets and holy men long to hear what you hear and did not hear it and see what you see and did not see it’


Jesus.  Each grace is for its time for the good of all humanity.  The grace of My Divine Innocence has been given for the good of all humanity and to prepare the world for My Second Coming!



5th August 2005.  First Friday.

Patricia.  During the Walk of Reparation we stopped at the Pine tree on the Old Convent grounds where Our Lady comes and where we give our petitions to Our Blessed Mother.  Jesus said:

Jesus.  You are in combat with the forces of evil, expect great opposition even from some people who say they love God.  I am here to protect you, be of great courage!  Millions of little children die but no one stands in silent remembrance.* We remember the little ones, you and Your God.  Be at peace! You do a great act of charity.  The whole world should stand in silent shame at the slaughter of the innocent.  Do not be intimidated!  Witness to the truth and to the Love of God for these children!  Witness to the Love of God for the whole of humanity who needs to be called to repent and be reconciled to the laws of God and to the Catholic Church!  My Blessing +.

*Patricia.  Our Lord was referring to the two minutes silence that was called for and held throughout England and other places in remembrance of the 55 victims of the recent terrorist bombings in London.  He was in no way condoning these atrocities but questioning the fact that no one anywhere publicly calls for silent remembrance for the estimated 50 million children who are aborted in the world every year and those who die through embryo research.  In England alone 6 million have been killed since 1967 when the abortion legislation was passed.  Heads of state, religious leaders and people observed a 2 minute silence for the innocent victims of the London bombings but no one remembers the innocent children killed in a silent and hidden terrorism that continues daily against the unborn.  These children would have been future citizens of every country with all their talents and beauty.

Jesus.  (Referring to public processions to Our Lady etc.) Those who have honoured My Mother in this world I will honour in the next!

30th December 2005. Feast of the Holy Innocents. 

Jesus.  Divine Innocence created things with a divine order.  See the peace in nature’s order, the rhythm of the seasons, the order of the day.  You who strive to live the order of My Divine Innocence are truly blessed.  You follow My star to the humble manger of Bethlehem and allow My innocent childhood to be born in you.  You are willing to bear the desert experience and to return to Nazareth Universal and live the Trinitarian life of the Holy Family.  Thank you for your reparation.  Who remembered the millions of slaughtered innocents this Christmas – you did!  My Blessing +.


16th April 2006. Easter Vigil.


Patricia.  Lord, I have tried to give your request to the Church but it seems to have made no difference to the killing of these children, it still continues and gets worse.


Jesus.  The theology is written, the Church can move!  (Patricia.  Our Lord showed that the Church authorities have no excuse for not claiming the children)


Patricia.  They have killed the grace Lord in the parishes and in this area.


Jesus.  They have killed the grace in themselves and the Bishops and Priests have the greater guilt.


Patricia.  Our Lord here was referring to the Bible passage in which Pilot washes his hands of the innocent Blood of Jesus (Jn 18:1-19:42).  Jesus said to Pilot “Those who delivered me to you have the greater guilt”.  Jesus showed that Pilot was also guilty because out of his own mouth he said that he had the power to release Jesus or have him crucified.  In the horror of abortion those with evil intent have the greater guilt for the killing of the innocents but the Church authorities have the power to break this cycle of crucified innocence in the children themselves and in those responsible for their deaths.


Jesus.  As you say millions of little children are daily murdered and life even in the Church is cheap.  So many prefer ignorance to the Splendor of the Truth.


Patricia.  Our Lord referred here to the fact that some of the Church authorities allow the laity to continue in ignorance.


Jesus.  This is a message of eternal life for the children and an offering of mercy to the perpetrators.  The Bishops and Priests build up a wall of indifference and resistance against my Mercy and Love reaching those who need it most.  Then these stubborn ones will be swept away and those shepherds after my own heart will replace them!  These children are made in My image, those who attack them, attack my image in them.  Know this, an attack on the helpless innocents is a direct attack upon Me, the Lord of Life.


Jesus.  (Referring to the people who filled the Church for the vigil)  All the people here could have been vigorously studying their faith at the Eucharistic University, as it is they know little of this message and are woefully ignorant of their faith.  It is the Bishops and Priests fault!


Jesus.  (Speaking of the children killed before birth)  In union with Me they have imitated My death and have gone into the tomb with Me and have risen, their crucified innocence triumphant in My Divine Innocence!  The moral darkness of the nations will be illuminated when the children are claimed by the Catholic Church emblazing the truth that I AM across the world.  Why My Church authorities do you put MY LIGHT under a bushel?


The Order of My Divine Innocence is not a new order, it is the original order founded in the Holy Family and in the Church!



25th April 2006.


Patricia.  I was praying about how we could gain approbation and to raise this community in the Church and receive the Church’s Blessing on the Way of Christ’s Divine Innocence, the Novitiate of the Holy Family, the Eucharistic University and the Philosophy of Divine Love.  Our Lord said during this prayer:


Jesus.  You do not need permission for what IS!  My Divine Innocence IS, live My Way of Divine Innocence!  The Novitiate of the Holy Family IS and has been since the foundation of Catholic Christianity!  The study of your Catholic faith and all other suitable vocational subjects before My Divine Presence in the Sacrament of My very self, the Blessed Sacrament, at the Eucharistic University is mandatory and makes good Catholic sense.  It is the one perfect place to study how to conform your knowledge and vocation (married and single) to the perfect Will of your God. 


Found all knowledge and your vocational training in the knowledge of God and the teachings of the Catholic Church.  The Eucharistic University is the Universal University that all should, and must attend, if you will be perfect and climb the high mountain of perfection.  It is on this journey of the Catholic faith that you will all learn to sing the Song of Divine Love within the Holy Family and the Universal Novitiate of that original Holy Family.  The Holy Family is made present in your age and every age through My Church.


What permission is needed from the Catholic Church authorities to be holy, to follow the Gospel and live the Catholic truths and teachings of the Church?  What permission is needed to be innocent in My Divine Innocence or for all women to nurture My Divine Life in themselves and in others as did the Blessed Mother - to mother My Life in all their actions and thoughts and to allow the personification of the Blessed Mother’s role to flower in all women as daughters of Mary?  What permission is needed for all men including all priests who are men before they are priests to allow the personification of their St. Joseph role to flower in their manhood and their fatherhood?  What permission is needed for men to be true guardians of My Life and word in this world, just as St. Joseph was and still is? 


The Blessed Mother and St. Joseph are actively available to you to assist all in the Universal Novitiate of the Holy Family.  The Laity, the Holy Father, the Cardinals and Bishops, Priests and religious must all “Come and see where I LIVE” in Nazareth Universal, a living and active Novitiate that all can serve in every vocation.  No, no permission is needed, this is the Catholic Christian life lived to perfection within the right of association.  Beat your head no longer against that door but continue to be apostolic regarding the Claiming and this Way of life!  I Am with you, My Blessing +.



5th May 2006.


Patricia.  Lord, the Church is saying that she cannot say that the soul is present at conception because it is a philosophical question.


Jesus.  Then, my soul cannot be said to be present at conception or the Blessed Mother’s soul.  I am like you in all things but sin (cf. Rom 8:3; 2Cor 5:21; Heb 4:15), the Blessed Mother also.  It is more than a philosophical question, the Philosophy of Divine Love answers the philosophical question.  There is a love relationship between Your Creator and each soul.  This love relationship personally answers all other questions.


Always the Hierarchy keep the children killed before birth under the bondage of the law!


The wording of the Claiming of these children by the Catholic Church must be exact; “All those God has created in his own image who have been put to death before birth, contrary to the Commandments and the teachings of the one Holy Catholic Church, I claim you for Christ and his Church”.  And when the parents and perpetrators ask ‘what shall we do now brethren?’ let the successor of Peter say “You must repent, and every one of you must be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” (cf. Acts 2:37,38)


The Glory of this Mercy and Justice must be proclaimed in the Catholic Church.  Continue your reparation, study the faith!  Courage – Love will win the day!  Has the hierarchy lost courage in the mighty power of My Victory on the Cross.

My Blessing +.



18th October 2006.


Patricia.  I was thinking that if only the Church would claim the children killed before birth as our Lord had requested and the beauty of the Novitiate of the Holy Family was made known everywhere throughout the Church and to all mankind, the new age of enlightenment would flourish in the Church through study of the faith and other subjects before our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  All vocations would be governed by the truth that comes from God and is taught by the Church.  Our Lord said:


Jesus.  As I have told you before you cannot live in if only of the past, of the future, or if only of the present!


Patricia.  Lord, I want to share this incredible beauty with everyone, with the whole world but we are constantly stifled, mostly by the churchmen who seem to be afraid, but I don’t know what they are afraid of?


Jesus.  A prophet’s message in every age is persecuted for the most part by the authorities and the people.  Those souls who with a sensitive listening heart and mind hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church but ‘Alas for those who entomb this prophetic message in indifference and lack of love’ denying it to those who are in urgent need of it.  I have sent you prophets and their prophetic witness to the truth in the children put to death before birth, but you persecuted those who brought you this message and tried to kill the children’s witness in the Church.  “I will send them prophets and apostles”, of the Way of My Divine Innocence, “some they will slaughter” (the children put to death before birth) and persecute, so ‘I tell you, you will have to answer for every prophet’s blood…”  Every nation will have to answer for the blood of the millions of innocent children killed in the womb and in embryo experiments.  The greater guilt is the shepherd’s who could have called the guilty to repentance and reconciliation through the children’s universal witness to the truth that I AM!


You will be held responsible and will have to answer for the blood of the innocent and the souls of the ignorant and the wilful, for you stood by and did nothing with My answer to the holocaust of abortion and the murder of the innocent!  ‘Alas for you lawyers who have taken away the key of knowledge! ‘ (Luke 11:47-54)


Patricia.  Our Lord here was referring to the witness to the truth - to Christ the Redeemer, ‘the way, the truth and the life’ the Saviour of these children and all mankind and the witness that the Catholic Church can give universally to the truth through the claiming and the Novitiate of the Holy Family.  It also refers to the development of the theology of the Holy Family and Nazareth Universal which trains people in the foundational Catholic spirituality of the Church herself, founded in the Holy Family and alive and active now through the Novitiate of the Holy Family.  It also refers to the Eucharistic University where we study our faith and other subjects before Our Lord present in the Blessed Sacrament, so that all knowledge is directed to the Glory of God, the building up of the Church and the sanctification of mankind.