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Origin of the Divine Innocence Inspiration.
What is this message about?
The Community of Divine Innocence – spiritual constitution and rule
The Divine Order of things
Crucified and Triumphant Innocence
Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds
Eucharistic Medal
Novitiate of the Holy Family - Nazareth Universal
Abortion: Children killed before birth, companion Martyrs
of the first Holy Innocents
Limbo Refuted
The Vital Importance of Catholic Priests
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Eucharistic University: Studying our faith
The Song of Divine Love
The Philosophy of Divine Love
England: country chosen for this grace
The part of private revelation in the Church
Development of Doctrine
Reparation - the Mass and Way of Silence
Young People and their Vocation in Life
What should I do if I have been involved in abortion or embryo exploitation.
The Holy Sacrament of  Confession.
The Power of helplessness and suffering in Christ.
Vocations to Divine Innocence.
The Holy Sacrament of Marriage.  Broken marriages.
The Vocation of the Elderly
Welcoming non-Catholics into the Catholic Church.
Divine Innocence Prayers
Fr. Philippe Jobert OSB.

Extract from DVD
Hymn of the new Holy Innocents.
Membership / Benefactors
Present position of the charism of Divine Innocence


The Way of Divine Innocence

Spiritual and practical instruction in the Way of Divine Innocence from Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph, God’s Holy Family, given through the Inspiration of Divine Innocence, Surbiton, Surrey, England

"Mercy Reigns" The Cause of the New Holy Innocents

The Commitment to the Holy Family

Reply to Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Observations
27th September 2007. The importance of Walks of Reparation
28th September 2007. Silent about the truth

What should I do if I have been involved in abortion or embryo exploitation?

Our Lady speaks to the mother of an aborted child

Our Lady speaks to the Father of an aborted child

A teaching to help us regain our innocence and to strive for perfection within the One Holy Family of God.

  Making the sign of the Cross over our countries - the Walk of benediction.  

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Divine Innocence

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