The Family of Divine Innocence

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1st May 1988.  Holy Mass.


Patricia.  When I was going up for Holy Communion, I asked the Child Jesus to come and live and be triumphant in all my actions, words and intentions. Earlier, I had said my usual prayer before receiving Our Lord, that St. Joseph prepare my soul - and all the souls who would receive Our Lord this day - as he prepared the stable in Bethlehem for the birth of Our Lord. I asked Our Lady to decorate my soul, and the souls of all who received Our Lord, with her virtues, merits, adoration, praise and thanksgiving, and those of the angels and saints, the martyrs and good souls on earth, Holy Souls in purgatory; and all the wonders and beau­ties of Creation and my own small offering. I asked Our Lady to bring the Holy Christ Child to my soul, and it was then that I saw Our Lady over the altar open out her arms, from which came great lights. She wore the gold crown of the Immaculate Conception. The silver star on the crown shone and sent out lights. This five pointed star represented the five Wounds of Our Lord and the Mystical wounding Our Lady received in her motherhood beneath the Cross. 


The Christ Child stood before Our Lady, in the midst of the light coming from her hands. The Child was dressed in a simple white smock, and looked like a baby who has just learned to stand and walk. There was a scroll beneath the Child Jesus which said: 'O Divine Innocence be trium­phant in our crucified innocence!' Our Lord called to the people of the world and said:


Jesus.  Come to Me, and may Holy Innocence be triumphant in you!


Patricia.  The words on the scroll changed, and the Prayer of Healing took the place of the earlier words. I read the words as I went up for Holy Communion:


'O Divine Innocence be triumphant in our crucified innocence in body, mind and spirit. Bring us health and healing, comfort and consolation. Place in our soul the spirit of praise, adoration and thanksgiving. Bestow and renew the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Lead us to a life of holiness and joyful service.


I ask this in the Name of Jesus, Saviour of all mankind, and through the intercession

of the Blessed Virgin Mother and all the angels and saints. I ask it in honour of the

Eucharistic Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and in praise and thanksgiving to the Most Holy

Trinity, Amen' *


I have never said the Prayer with such love, nor have I been so filled with the beauty of the Prayer in the way I experienced today.   I saw many people going towards Our Lord and Our Lady; Bishops, Priests of the Order of Divine Innocence in the Habits of the Order. They went in two processions from each side of the church. Lay people of this Order were in the procession.  Angels were near Our Lord and Our Lady praising God, together with many, many saints.


Oh, I wish I could write all I saw - what beauty! - what mercy and love! What a future mankind can have if we will only listen!


*    Our Lord said that people should receive the blessing of a Catholic priest after this prayer is said for them. Our Lord also indicated that the Prayer of Healing could be said before Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, for the healing of bodies and souls.  If a priest is not available one might say the prayer before Mass or quietly before the final Blessing of the priest at Mass.



23rd February 1989.  Instruction Day.


Patricia.  I was asking Our Blessed Lady how it would be possible for men and women to live the way I have been shown - their lives full of grace and holy co-operation - when they were often so wounded by each other, and their circumstances or history.


Our Lady.  My child, you put limits on the power of this grace and God's power to heal!  So many, men and women, do not see the dignity of their supernatural role and calling.  This needs to be taught and lived, with constant support from the Community and the Church.


Patricia.  Mother, if only one person in a marriage realises these truths, how can the other person put the Way of Divine Innocence into practice?


Our Lady.  My child, if a person is injured and loses the use of one limb, does he say "I can now do nothing at all"?  Of course not - the other limbs work all the harder to support and make up for the injured one.  It is the same in any partnership between people - any family.  There is not the same strength or co-ordination in the person with an injured limb!


The same is true of those wounded by sin; wounds take time to heal but with those of goodwill great miracles of grace will take place.  Men and women who truly attempt and persevere in the Way of Holy Innocence will not only see virtues grow in themselves but in those around them.



Our Lady Immaculate Church, Tolworth.  9th. Station of the Cross: Our Lord falls for the third time.


Patricia.  Heal me, Lord!  Let me lie down here by your side.  I give you all the wounds I have given others - give me your Wounds to heal their wounds. I give You all the wounds others gave me.  Give me your Wounds and heal me!  Heal those I have hurt, heal my hurting. O Precious Wounds of Christ!


Jesus.  Oh My child, I have waited so long for this offering - so long!


Patricia.  Someone said "it is so hard to pray sometimes but one thing the Way of Divine Innocence has taught me is to offer my weakness." (To make creative use of what others call failure and helplessness). 



12th October 1993.  Second Tuesday Retreat Day.


Our Lady.  You are invited to be re-made in the Holy Innocence of Jesus!  Pride kills innocence and opposes God Himself, for your Divine Lord has said: “I am gentle and humble of Heart''.


Look at His Divine Humility, coming to His lowly Handmaid – coming to the stable in Bethlehem!  His hidden life at Nazareth - in His ministry!  Such humility!  God Himself walking among simple men and women, founding His Church through a simple fisherman, humbly accepting insults, false accusations, the Scourging and the Crucifixion.


Pride, wilfulness and disobedience are often at the root of spiritual sickness and even physical sickness.  Study the Scriptures, especially the Gospel.  There is the cure for so much sickness.


Patricia.  I asked Our Lord about those who wanted to lay hands on people to heal them on Retreat Days and at the Prayer Groups:


Patricia.  Lord, what about the laying on of hands?


Jesus.  Too many do not look at the beam in their own eye!  First, in this community, follow the healing process and procedure you have been shown*: Confession, Penance, Holy Communion, Prayer of Healing and Benediction by Our Lord Himself, Amendment of life, through the teachings of the Church, the Catechism and Divine Office. This is direct healing by God himself - many who take upon themselves the healing of others are themselves in need of healing!


Patricia.  So many children, in white garments, are kneeling in great humility with Our Lady, who kneels in adoration of Our Divine Lord in the Blessed Sacrament - beautiful angelic children!


Our Lady.  These are the flowers of the Way of Divine Innocence!


* C.C.C. 1210, 1421, 1324 etc.