The Family of Divine Innocence

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    Membership / Commitment.


God wants to draw all humanity in to one Holy Family and people of God, for He is their Father and loves all His children. .The Catholic Church teaches that it is through baptism that we are reborn as children of God and become members of Christ, incorporated into His body the Church (see CCC 1231).  Baptism brings us under the special care of Our Lady, Mother of the Church, and St. Joseph, Guardian and Protector of the Church.


The very nature of infant baptism calls for instruction after baptism if we are to understand the Christian faith. Today in the Catholic Church adult baptism requires instruction before and after the sacrament. Many people have not studied their faith after baptism. Many others have not deepened their knowledge of the faith after first Holy Communion or Confirmation so they are in many ways very young in their spiritual development. Because of this there is often a  lack of full commitment to our Catholic faith which is vital if we are to grow in holiness.


In the messages of Divine Innocence we are being asked to be truly committed Catholics and to carry out our separate and complementary male and female roles within the Holy Family. In this family we strive to be Christ like and to nurture and protect the life of Christ in the world, as did Our Blessed Lady and St. Joseph. Who better to help us carry out those roles than the members of the Holy Family themselves.  We are encouraged to grow in holiness and to be truly committed members of the original Catholic (Universal) Christian Holy Family.  This is a lifelong training to help us to do as the Lord instructed; “Be ye therefore perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Through our solemn commitment we enter into the Trinitarian life of the Holy Family and serve the Novitiate of the Holy Family. In this way the Holy  Family’s home in Nazareth becomes what Our Lord calls “Nazareth Universal.”


We know of people in families who do not live as committed members of their families. This causes suffering for everyone because these people do not carry out their family duties and seem to have little or no love of the other members or for the family. Some of us come from broken families but the Holy Family is the one family that we can all belong to that will never be broken.  In  this family we are safe, for Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph do not sin and have only good things to give us.. When we take a commitment to be fully committed members of the Holy Family itself we carry out our family duties and obligations, these are designed to help us to grow in holiness and the knowledge of God and the Catholic Faith. The commitment is an invitation to grow in childlike and Divine Innocence and to live in a holy and wholesome environment. As members of the Holy Family we also become better members of our particular family.


The commitment ought not to be taken lightly and without serious thought.  We therefore ask people who wish to take this commitment to apply to the Family of Divine Innocence foundation in Surbiton, Surrey, England at least one full year prior to the Feast of the Holy Family, the day Our Lord said we should take or renew our Commitment. All members renew their Commitment each year when they prayerfully consider how they can strive to be more fitting members of the Holy Family.  For more information please go to Contact.