The Family of Divine Innocence

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2. Crucified and Triumphant Innocence - the Cross of the Crucified Innocence.



The Message of Divine Innocence.


The Message of Divine Innocence shows how innocence is crucified in so many areas of humanity; in childhood, womanhood and motherhood, manhood and fatherhood and in all areas of society.  This message is a loving invitation from God calling each one of us to regain our lost innocence, to live the Gospel message, follow the Commandments and abide by the teachings of the Catholic Church which Christ founded.  In this way our crucified innocence becomes triumphant in Christ’s Divine Innocence.



Crucified Innocence.


We all receive the gift of innocence from God in childhood yet everywhere we see innocence crucified, crucified through the effects of sin.  This includes adultery, abortion, social injustice, drug and alcohol addiction, pornography, child abuse, poverty, victims of violence, sins of history and circumstances etc. all of which cause individuals, and nations to suffer. 



Divine Innocence Triumphant in our crucified innocence.


Through Christ’s Victory over sin and death, His perfect Sacrifice on the Cross and His Resurrection from the dead, Divine Innocence is triumphant in our crucified innocence.  Christ’s Victory reaches out to all crucified victims of sin to draw them into His Resurrection so we can all enjoy Christ’s Victory. We can experience the presence and healing power of Christ, alive and active, in the word of God, in the Sacraments, in the Liturgy and teachings of the Church.



The Divine Order established by God.


God has created a divine order of things and we can see clear evidence of that good order all around us in creation and nature. We see this order in the creation and development of the human person as an embryo in its mother’s womb, which slowly develops into a fully-grown baby.  A divine order has been given in the roles of men, women and children. Christ has redeemed and established this perfect order within the Holy Family; Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph and the Church where we learn the true identity of our roles. Often, because we do not fully understand our God-given roles or how to live according to the divine order of things, innocence is crucified in ourselves and in others. In the message of Divine Innocence we are called to appreciate the unique beauty of our separate and complementary roles and how each of us are to live out these roles in our vocations, as one universal family, the one Holy Family of God.  We learn to follow the Way of Christ’s Divine Innocence.


The crucifixion of our correct roles is partly because of the way we have been treated by society, by other men or women, but also because of our own wilfulness and sins and the sins of others.  Mistakes have been made in the past, our roles have been distorted because of our actions and reactions to the various circumstances we find ourselves in.  When we step outside the divine order of things it leads to much suffering and the crucified innocence of men, women and children.  A prominent example of this is abortion; the child’s innocence is crucified, the mother and her motherly role is crucified, as is the father and fatherly role of the man.  All who take part or condone abortion are involved in crucifying innocence.  If we learn to understand and carry out the correct order of our God-given roles, we will not continue to crucify Christ in ourselves and in others.



The symbol of crucified innocence.


As part of this message Our Lord requested that a double sided cross of the crucified and triumphant innocence be made.  It symbolises the meaning of crucified innocence and simply helps us to understand crucified innocence in ourselves and in others. On one side is a crucified child wearing a crown of thorns but no halo.  This child represents the crucifixion of innocence and Christ crucified in us through sin.  On the other side is a child that has been crucified but is leaving the cross in triumph with a halo over its head.  This second image represents the risen Innocence of Jesus triumphant in us, in our thoughts, words, actions, and intentions.  It symbolises Christ’s Divine Innocence resurrected in our crucified innocence; the restoration of our lost innocence.






The little cross has been given to us by Our Lord to help us recognise our own crucified innocence and the crucified innocence of others, but also showing the triumph of Christ’s Divine Innocence in all crucified innocence.  As we meditate on the little cross we pray that this triumph is realised in particular situations and in all areas of crucified innocence in the world.  We also need to ask Our Lord, Our Lady and St. Joseph to help us strive to live the full beauty of the female and motherly role and the male and fatherly role as God intended for us inside the Holy Family. Children need to be taught their roles very early in their education.  Whether married or single, all men and women have a fatherly or motherly role, which God wants us to exercise in our lives according to His divine order of things.


Jesus died as an adult on the Cross to save all mankind from sin.  A priest once said that Jesus was not crucified as a child, he asked therefore why the image of a crucified child was used. Our Lady said that everyone, Christian and non-Christian alike, could understand the lost innocence of a child.


Our Lord asks us to meditate and pray through the little cross.   When we look at the little cross with the suffering child fixed to it, we should consider how we crucify Christ’s Divine Innocence in ourselves, and in others.  What we do to others, we do to Christ in them (Mt 25:40).  We can subject Him to disrespect; bad language, insults, impurity, greed, and all the other deadly sins, or we can strive to live pure and holy lives so that Christ lives in us and is triumphant in all our actions, words and deeds. We in turn can help others to do the same.  We are the temples of the Holy Spirit and it is fitting that we should be pure and sinless instruments of God’s life in this world.


When we look at the triumphant child on the other side of the cross, we consider Christ triumphant in our lives and we follow Him in innocence of life. Because we are weak we are vulnerable to temptation and easily fall into sin. But, through Christ’s Death and Resurrection, Jesus has won for us the means to restore our innocence, through the Sacraments of the Catholic Church, and to grow strong in His grace.  Our Lady, the Virgin Mother of God, is our Mother also, she truly looks upon all God’s children as her very own children.  She does not want to see our innocence crucified through sin, but wishes to see us reborn in holy innocence through her Son’s Divine Innocence – as pure and innocent children of God. Our Lady has asked us to carry the little cross and make it known, to pray and to make reparation for sins against holy innocence.


In the Messages of Divine Innocence Jesus asks us to say this prayer often:


“Oh Divine Innocence be triumphant in our crucified innocence.”



A Theological explanation of the little cross by Father Philippe Jobert, O.S.B., St. Peter’s Abbey, Solesmes, France.

 This cross is symbolic, and it must not be looked at as an historical representation of Christ Crucified.  Christian doctrine explains the connection between both sides of the small cross. The little cross is the symbol of two successive states of mankind; on the one side mankind as slave of sin and death and on the other side mankind which Christ redeems and raises.  The crucified child on the first side is a symbol of human crucified innocence.  We must not forget that mankind was created by God in the state of original innocence; the perfect order of humanity as an image of God, through grace.  Original sin has crucified this original innocence, and all sins, which follow original sin, cause innumerable disorders and sufferings in mankind throughout the ages.  Original innocence is crucified in mankind all over the world by our sins and by the sins of others in our times. Christ as Creator contains, pre-existent in himself, all men of all times, who subsist with him in his individual human nature.  In such a way, Christ takes upon himself all their pains, which are the punishment of their sins.  Through his obedience unto the Cross and death, in him they expiate their sins, and through his resurrection, their original innocence is restored in a participation of eternal life, which is grace (Rom 5:23). The triumphant child on the second side of the cross is the symbol of this restoration. Thus Christ’s Crucified Innocence is Triumphant in their crucified innocence.  Now, as St. Paul says: “It makes me happy to be suffering for you now and in my own body, to make up all the hardships that still have to be undergone by Christ for the sake of his Body, the Church” (Col 1:24).  Each Christian must freely share in Christ’s Redemption through faith, baptism, and all the sacraments; and being a member of the Mystical Body of Christ, he must apply in his life, under the Holy Spirit’s impulse, through abnegation, obedience and trials of all kinds, the restoration of his personal original innocence.  More precisely, it is Christ who operates in him through grace this transformation into the likeness of his Divine Crucified Innocence, since the work has already been fulfilled by him on the Cross.  What was virtually completed by Christ on the Cross, is actually completed by every Christian who takes up his own cross until the end of time.  Through conversion from sin to faith, hope, and charity, Christ takes us into his Divine Crucified Innocence and he is triumphant in our crucified innocence.  Thus the passage from one side of the small cross, to the other side is explained on scriptural and theological grounds. Childhood is the symbol of innocence.  Because we really are children of God, and children before God, because to be admitted into the kingdom of heaven, we must become like children in the Child Jesus.  The little cross represents Christ’s Triumph as his Childhood’s triumph, and our crucified innocence in the Divine Innocence Crucified, is represented as Triumphant in the Child Jesus. So the small cross symbolises a complete synthesis of the Way of Divine Innocence.



Messages given from Our Lord and Our Lady to Patricia about the cross of the Crucified Innocence.


22nd April 1985.


Jesus.  In this cross I have devised a new avenue through which to shower the world with endless mercy and forgiveness.  The power in the cross of the crucified innocence will be very great.  Write all you are given!  Do not neglect My inspiration in your heart!


25th April 1985.


Jesus.  Do not condemn anyone.  Only I know where lies the innocence and the guilt.  Do not be fooled by the apparent good or evil in a person.  All that is hidden I see.  There is no escape from the gaze of Truth.  This cross is for the innocent victims everywhere: the innocent and wounded victims of violence, imprisonment, torture, social disorder.  I gather all your sufferings into this image.  Petition Me through this image (the little cross of the crucified and triumphant innocence).


29th April 1985.


Jesus.  This image of the crucified child is your lost innocence, not Mine.  I am gathering you into My Innocence.  Sin desecrates the innocence and beauty I create; from the perfection of a newly created child to the very soil which you live by.  The clean waters that I create, you pollute, and you allow your souls to be polluted in the same way.  In this physical pollution and moral pollution many innocent victims suffer.  I want to give men life, beauty, purity, health of body and soul.  You are steeped in sin and death, which leads to nothing but the loss of so many souls.  Accept My Mercy!  Pray for each other!  Learn from Me how to love each other!  Be My children, children of God!  When you praise My Mother, My Heart goes into transports of joy.  You draw down upon yourselves and others such love and affection.


23rd May 1985.


Jesus.  This is the merciful image of the Crucified Innocence.  No pain or sorrow will go uneased when appeal is made through this image!



May 1985.


Jesus.  Come to the feet of the Crucified Innocence!  This is a great gift I have given to England, here is the birth of* crucified innocence and Divine Innocence!       

[* Patricia. A deeper understanding of.]


Our Lady.   It is through my movement that this great gift is given, because it is through my intercession that this is given to the world.


Patricia.  I was shown many people seeking relief in the Church. Our Lord explained:


Jesus.  It is to the Church that so many of My suffering children will come and will, with joy, embrace this image of merciful love. All over the world hidden suffering awaits relief.  It is through this image that so many of my poor children will obtain forgiveness of the unforgivable from their all-forgiving God.  Thank your Mother for this grace given in honour of her Hidden and Mystical Wounds.  All too well does she understand your hurt, distress and contrition.  She pleads for the wayward and those who are already lost* (Luke 15:4), so that even they might be saved.  Offer all to Me through her Hidden and Mystical Wounds.  I cannot resist such a request, no matter the gravity of the sin committed.  The requirement is true contrition, humble amendment of life and to recommend yourselves to the Eucharistic Hearts of Jesus and Mary.  Ask for the help and intercession of the Saints and Angels, especially your own Guardian Angels.  Pray often to the Angels.


*  This refers to the living who have lost their way.


Patricia.  It was the Feast of the Holy Innocents.  I was shown inside a church where Mass was about to take place.  The people, who wished to be forgiven many sins, especially those who had been involved in abortion or had condoned it in any way, were finding relief for their souls in the Sacrament of Confession.  Others were attending Mass to ease the bitterness and hurt in themselves, because they, or others in their family, were the victims of violence or situations where the innocent had suffered.  Some of the people were victims, others were those who had caused the suffering but were now sorry for the terrible things they had done.



24th May 1985.  Our Lady Immaculate Church, Tolworth.


Our Lady.   Patricia!  Wait no longer.  Let me gather up into this image my poor broken-hearted children.  Let me comfort them, console them and bring them to the feet of my most compassionate and merciful Son. [Patricia. The foot of the Cross of Christ – the one Sacrifice of the Mass]



18th June 1985.  Our Lady Immaculate Church, Tolworth.


Jesus.  Do you see this cross?  This is the cross of revolution.  Not a revolution of violence and death and terror, but a revolution of love and mercy, compassion and reconciliation.  Through this cross the innocent victims are united to My Crucifixion; there is not one single drop of innocent blood that is shed in vain.  Where that blood is spilt, the ground becomes holy in My sight.  See, My people suffer horribly – the innocent, all over again, for the guilty.  This cross will spread all over the world.  The cross will be like a flag of victory that those who recognise its meaning and power will hold aloft, above evil, and in the face of injustice and oppression.  The power in innocent blood has been proved in My Crucifixion.  Will I allow the blood of the innocent ones to be wasted?  It is, to Me, the most precious of offerings.


Patricia.  Our Lord showed me various pictures depicting a revolution of love.  Just as in historical revolutions people pick up a flag and hold it aloft showing their solidarity in the bringing down of what oppresses them, with the cross of the crucified innocence Our Lord showed that the same thing would happen.  I saw the very weak and injured, injured victims of all kinds of evil; those who suffer in silence and under oppression, persecution, abortion, prejudice – all kinds of unholy situations, they would pick up this cross at the moment of what seemed like defeat and it would be a powerful force against evil.  When united with Our Lord’s Cross – the Crucifix with the adult Christ – it was like a joining together of our sufferings with those of Our Lord.

2nd July 1985. 


Jesus.  The cross of the crucified innocence is you, gathered into My Innocence; your innocent sufferings gathered into My Innocent sufferings and united to Me in all your sufferings.  Do you think I, your God, would have forgotten the countless hidden wounds that have been inflicted upon you?  Poor, poor victims of history!  Poor victims of the sins of history!  My little forgotten ones, the world so quickly forgets you, but I do not forget.  From the beginning of time to the end of time and into eternity I will not forget your sufferings.  I gather them into this image in this age, to tell you again of My love for you; that your blood and suffering and anguish are wholly in My sight!


Patricia.  Later in the day:


Jesus.  The triumphant and glorified crucified innocence is you gathered into My Triumph and Glory.  Together, my little ones, we will conquer!  Know that, while you suffer, you are with Me and united to Me.  I redeemed the world from its iniquity.


Patricia.   Our Lord is teaching us to unite all our sufferings to His on the Cross so that we can enjoy His Victory over sin and death right now.


Our Lady.   What shame the forces of evil and satan will undergo, when these little and hidden ones confound him!  Then, all the shame and suffering My Son underwent for your souls will be satisfied.


Jesus.  See what your Mother has obtained for you through her Hidden Wounds!  Wherever you suffered down the ages, she was there, gathering you into her arms and pleading for you, offering the innocent blood and the suffering again in Me, and through her Wounds and Mine.  She gathered up the guilty with the innocent and, where justice was due, she offered instead and in payment to the most Blessed Trinity her Hidden Wounds united to My perfect Sacrifice on the Cross.  So many souls had only this most perfect of mothers to plead for them.  No one else would.  But, where wilfulness lies, even we cannot rescue you.



1st August 1985. 


Jesus.  This image represents your pain, your loneliness, your wish that things had not turned out as they have, your desire for perfection, for peace, for love.  Give Me your desires through this image, for a happy family life, for a tender and loving relationship, for peace and justice.  Give Me your wounded bodies, your imprisoned hearts and minds.  While imprisoned spiritually or physically, remember My Triumphant Innocence (Christ’s Victory on the Cross) and I will remember your crucified innocence.  Patricia, yesterday you saw a child so pure and innocent and prayed for its protection.  Pray, pray and keep praying for the protection of the innocent through this image which I have in My great Mercy given you!  Remember, I came to you and gave Myself up to hang on a Cross, as you do now.  I went before you – I have been there and I, your God, have triumphed and will triumph again in you!


9th August 1985.


Jesus.  This miraculous cross will spread like a fire across the world, bringing hope and courage to My helpless children, and evil will be powerless before its power.  As at My Crucifixion, I unite Myself to your crucifixion – My Crucified Innocence to your crucified innocence, your sufferings to My Sufferings, and in My Triumph you will be triumphant.  Sinners, petition Me through this cross!  Ask for the unforgivable to be forgiven.  Show Me your contrition and Mercy will be yours!


Patricia.   It should be understood that this little cross of our crucified innocence is to help us to understand how sin and evil lead us to lose our innocence.  Our redemption has been achieved by Christ Himself at the Crucifixion, the one perfect Sacrifice of Himself to God the Father. Christ’s Divine Innocence has Triumphed over all sin and death for all ages to the end of time. By being holy we enjoy Christ’s Victory over evil.


26th August 1985.


Jesus.  The sinner will be saved by obedience to the Church.  Here is your safety and security from all error.  Within the teachings of the Church you cannot go wrong.  Pray to your Saints, pray to St. Peter more often, as you have begun to do.  He was as impulsive and weak as you are – he was not the choice men would have made on which to build My Church.


Jesus.  See how sin claims so many innocent victims, and men say why do I, their God, allow the innocent to suffer.  Their suffering causes Me such deep sorrow.


Our Lady.   What things are to come upon you if you persist in your stubbornness!  How long can I hold back these punishments?  How long can I continue to make excuses for you?  When will you listen to my pleas to help you?


Everywhere there is bloodshed!  Everywhere the innocent suffer for the guilty.  What sin and crimes you commit – you have no shame!  This cross will be like a battle cry against evil!


The weak and the helpless will win over the strong and proud!  What is the greatest strength of the wicked against my Son and me?  NOTHING!  Terror will be struck into these forces of evil!  And by whom?  The little, the weak, the humble, the helpless little children and my little Son (Infant Jesus who is Divine Innocence).  The might of Heaven is in battle array!


As Innocence triumphed on Calvary, so it continues to do.  Love will not be defeated!



28th August 1985.


Jesus.  In the deepest pain I have been there with you.  In sorrow and affliction I suffered with you.  Let Me draw all your sufferings into My Triumph – we will triumph together over evil.  Love will triumph over evil.  Plant this cross where innocence falls and such love and courage will be given to the people through the cross and crucified innocence chaplet, devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and your Heavenly Mother.  Evil will flee in terror from you!


Patricia.  I was shown a place where people were oppressed and innocent victims lost their lives daily.  Where these victims fell or suffered, the cross was planted in the ground.  There was shown the Cross of Our Lord as an adult.  The Mass was being celebrated while at other times the Rosary, chaplets and other prayers were being said and vigils were taking place.  There was great and silent power in all this.  The oppressors were weakened and fearful of this silent witness.  There was no violence on the side of the victims, it was a revolution of love and prayer – a direct appeal from the people for God’s help.


1st October 1985.


Patricia.   The little cross of the crucified innocence represents our crucified innocence.  The child suffering on the cross represents many kinds of crucified innocence.  The Christ Child on the other side in a position of resurrection represents Christ’s Divine Innocence triumphant in our crucified innocence through His Victory on Calvary over sin and death.  The happy child symbolises the little child, holy and innocent who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Our Lady said:


Our Lady.   Tell the Holy Father, who is my own son, a son of Mary, that the Truth is the Truth, and not to deviate from it, even if it should cost him his life.  Tell my son, the Holy Father, to protect the innocent with all his strength and the might of the Church.  The Holy Father has, himself, seen, in each country, the crucified innocent victims of every sort.  Ask the Holy Father to place in the hands of the little, the humble, the oppressed, the persecuted, the sick, this heavenly gift of the cross of the crucified innocence. 


Ask him to place all my own dear children deep in the Sacred Wounds of my Son and in the Mystical Wounds of their Heavenly Mother.  Here it is we plead for them!  Give the cross to my children everywhere!  When all seems lost this little gift will encourage and give an invincible strength to those who have no strength, bring help to the helpless, freedom to the imprisoned.  It will ease the terrible bitterness of my persecuted children (through the all-saving Cross on which the Saviour died), and bring about a revolution of love, compassion, reconciliation and mercy.  O men, co-operate with Heaven for your sanctification!  I, your Mother warn you - those who take up this cross will in many cases be crucified alongside my Son and will pay with their lives for the triumph of the crucified innocence, just as my Son did.


Patricia.   I was shown that in the crucifying situations we find ourselves in, we may have to give our lives in loving reparation for those who cause the suffering and for those who crucify holy innocence.  Some souls cost very dear, but by uniting our suffering to Our Lord’s on the Cross, through Christ we always win the victory over sin and evil.  There may seem to be little visible change in a particular situation but grace slowly breaks down resistance to Christ’s saving truth.  We grow more loving and innocent in virtue, spiritually stronger. 



16th October 1985.  Rosary.


Our Lady.   What do you wish to ask me, Patricia?


Patricia.  This first question, Mother: Why did Our Lord choose the image of a child to show the crucified innocence?


Our Lady.   For the Christian or non-Christian, the symbol of innocence that they would recog­nise is the innocence of a child. I have come to gather all my children to myself - Christian and non -Christian alike.


Patricia.   And the second question: Could Our Lady define more simply any message she has for the Church?


Our Lady.   What could be more simple?  Come, all my children, to my Son in the Blessed Sacrament. Come to Confession more often, and with more humility. If you say these simple chaplets many graces will be poured out on the world. I am asking the priests not to lock the churches, so that my Son can be adored. You say you know all these things, but do you do them?  l am asking, I am pleading, for you to follow my Son more closely. I am asking you to do penance for those who do no penance. I am asking you to pray for those who never pray - but in a much more urgent way, because time is short; souls are in great danger. So many of my littlest children will understand the cross of the crucified and triumphant innocence - those whose innocence has been and continues to be crucified. This image represents not only my Son, who is already triumphant in His Church and in heaven; it also represents you - not yet triumphant - in your helplessness. Remember, through the great Sacrifice of my Son on the Cross, your crucified innocence can be triumphant in His Divine Innocence, if you will only listen to the Messages of your Mother.

Ask if, within yourself, are there areas of your innocence that have been crucified, and do you not long and hope for the child-like innocence you know, in your soul, to be far from triumphant?  I am a mother.  I have come to another mother.  Here we speak of what a mother understands.  Oh, men!  How callous you are to prevent your Heavenly Mother from comforting her smallest children; to prevent her from comforting the wounded child in each one of you.  If you do not give over your own crucified innocence to the purifying fire of Divine Innocence, it remains crucified.  The healing of God's love is to be so deep and merciful, it will astound this disbelieving age.  Do you see in these little chaplets anything that will lead the children of God along the wrong path?  They are designed to draw my children closer to my Son in the Blessed Sacrament.  The Triumphant Crucified Innocence chaplet is to bring about in each soul the triumph of its crucified innocence.

2nd January 2001.  Nazareth House.  Divine Innocence triumphant in our crucified innocence.


Patricia.  I was reading Pope John Paul's Encyclical Letter Redemptoris Missio. 3 on the Church's missionary mandate:


R.  'Peoples everywhere, open the doors to Christ!  His Gospel in no way detracts from man's freedom, from the respect that is owed to every culture and to whatever is good in each religion. By accepting Christ, you open yourselves to the definitive Word of God, to the One in whom God has made himself fully known and has shown us the path to himself.'


Patricia.  At the introduction, while reading the wording of chapter 3, I thought of a filmed documentary I recently saw about the maimed victims of terrible warfare in the troubled parts of Africa and I asked Our Lord a question:


Patricia.  Lord, how can we preach the good news of the Gospel, the Way of your Divine Innocence and reparation to people who have suffered in Africa, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Croatia, Afghanistan, Iraq etc. and other places where terrible violence, retaliation and bitterness still wound the people.  These people have lost hands and feet, arms and legs, their sight, their parents, their sons and daughters, whole families.  How is hope and belief in a loving God and Jesus our Saviour to touch the hearts of these suffering souls?


Jesus.   Let the people come unto Me and offer in union with my suffering on the Cross their severed hands to build a future of peace, give me their severed feet and limbs and say, "My God, here is my offering for peace in my home, in my country, in the poor war-torn world".  Those who have lost their parents come to Me and you who are overburdened with grief, say, "My Lord, my gift for peace in the world is my mother and my father, my grief.  Those who have lost their sons and daughters and can no longer hold them to their hearts, come to Me and say, "Lord of Life and Divine Love, my gift for a future of peace, love and hope" -  is so precious to me it is like a rare jewel, "here is my son, my daughter", that their sacrifice will not be wasted but with eyes shining and looking towards their Creator, they will say, "Here I am, send me to announce the good news of peace upon earth and good will to all men" and I will say to them and to you, "Come, beloved of My Father, the Kingdom of Heaven is yours".


Let those who have lost houses and land, good pastures and crops, say to Me, "Lord, I give you all this that war may be no more and we will "beat [our] swords into ploughshares, and [our] spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more" (Is 2:4) and we will begin again, but this time let all peoples walk in holy innocence. All the peoples of the earth have gifts to give so peace will reign and love will blossom and the earth will be filled with the love of your Lord. Your Creator has given you so many good gifts and talents and man’s inhumanity to man has stolen them from you!  I gave you hands and feet - men driven by evil have given you severed limbs!  Why?  Why?


Come, My poor suffering children and give Me your offerings of forgiveness.  I will help you build a future of goodness and love with invisible hands, My hands, and you will walk on the highway to Heaven with invisible feet, in My footsteps!  Your offerings are the first fruits of love and one day you will embrace your loved ones again; you will be made whole and the Family of mankind will sing a universal Song of Divine Love!


Patricia.  While Our Lord spoke I was shown a wonderful and most touching scene of wounded and maimed peoples making their way towards Our Lord and presenting to Him their precious offerings in forgiveness and love for enemies and their persecutors.  It was so vivid that I could see the dust rising from the ground as in Africa when crowds of people pass along.  The eyes of those making these precious offerings showed the suffering they had gone through but now love had transformed them.  Christ's Victory made all things new and they were given the grace to forgive the evils that were inflicted upon them.  What a beautiful grace!


5th August 2001(iii).  Nazareth House.  After Mass.


Patricia.   Our Lord came as an Adult, His Sacred Heart showing.  The Holy Spirit is shown over Our Lord and the Father above the Holy Spirit. Our Lord said:


Jesus.   This is God the Father’s Will that God’s Divine Innocence is triumphant in your crucified innocence.  That is why I came on earth to die!  (Patricia.   For love of us)


Patricia.   Our Lord pointed to His Sacred Heart from which rays of light came towards us and He said:


Jesus.   You are contained in this Heart of Mine, you are safe here!


Patricia.   Our Lord then was shown crucified and He said:


Jesus.   Do not let Me down!


Patricia.   The Crucifixion continued to be shown and a voice said:  “Come all you people, come to the mountain of the Lord!”  Our Lord then spoke to the Priest:


Jesus.   Come, let us facilitate My Blessing of the people (Benediction)!



16th August 2001(ii).  Crucified Innocence.

Patricia.   In Pakistan a man who abused and killed 100 homeless boys and youths, some as young as seven was sentenced to die in the same way he had killed his victims (Muslim Law).  Our Lord said:

Jesus.   Innocent blood is not forgotten.  Every nation needs this Message of Crucified Innocence!  You see in this sentence ‘an eye for an eye’.Only My Blood covers such crimes.  Weep not for these children, their suffering is not forgotten but enfolded in my innocent suffering, weep for all those children still in danger and for yourselves!

11th June 2002.  St. Raphael’s Church, Surbiton.  Retreat Day Second Tuesday of the month.  Our Lord calls us to be apostolic with his Message of Divine Innocence.


Patricia.  I had been experiencing many spiritual attacks and was trying to bear these sufferings with love.  Our Lord asked me:

Jesus.  Well little bird, do you still love me?


Patricia.  You know I love you Lord.

Jesus.  Feed my sheep on this message of mercy and love!  Do you love me?


Patricia.  Lord, you know I love you.

Jesus.  Feed my lambs on this message of compassion and love!  Do you love me?


Patricia.  Only you know if I love you lord, I try to.

Jesus.  Feed my sheep scattered everywhere, on the food that the shepherds should be feeding them on, a complete retraining in the roles of the Novitiate of the Holy Family on the Message that sets them free from their crucified innocence.  Not only sheep of this fold but all my other sheep, all my people.  Call them to one Holy Family of God – the Holy Family  (a Judo - Christian family, the whole of humanity)!


Patricia.  Doesn’t the Church already do this Lord?

Jesus.  Not with enough apostolic zeal; not with the vehicle all will understand, the training of the Novitiate of the Holy Family; not with the mighty grace of the claiming; not through the Eucharistic University; not with the laity training with them.  There are millions who have not heard this message and they need it urgently but there are those who will not enter the kingdom of heaven and they stop millions from going in also!


5th July 2002. Feast of St. Antony Mary Zaccaria, Priest.  First Friday Walk of Reparation.  Crucified innocence.

Jesus.   Many of you have suffered the crucifixion of your love.  I created you with loving hearts but for many your need for love and to give love was crucified.  My dear wounded ones, come to Me, you who are heavily burdened in yourselves and in your families, with the crucifixion of your love and the crucifixion of your innocence, and I will give you rest in My Divine Innocence.  Come, lean on My Cross and experience the easing of your cross!

Have pity on the ones who have made you suffer, this is a perfect act of love.  ‘Forgive them for they know not’ how painful were the wounds they gave Me and you.  ‘Be you therefore perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect’.  Remind the people of today’s Reading from St. Anthony Mary Zachariah to his confreres (Second Reading in the Office of Readings for the Feast Day).  Your crucified love is precious in My sight and if you unite it to My Crucified Love, it becomes a magnificent creative saving force.

Remember, those who hurt and wounded you were also crucified victims of their past and their own sins.  What you bear in love, united to My perfect offering, saves souls and nothing is wasted. 

Well, I have chosen the weak, have I not?  Yet you publicly bear witness to My Divine Innocence Triumphant in the crucified victims of sin.  Your reward will be great in heaven and also here!  My Blessing +

19th December 2002.  St. Raphael’s Church, Surbiton.  Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.  Crucified innocence.

Patricia.  I was thinking of children whose innocence has been crucified – why do the innocent have to bear so much, Lord?

Jesus.  There is no one more worthy to bear the burden of the guilty!  Those who inflict such sufferings were once innocent.  Sinners and evil people inflict pain and suffering on the innocent and I am blamed for the atrocity.  To show you that I am not responsible for the use of your freewill and freedom, I came to you in the atrocity of a world that will give no room to a baby; to the atrocity of seeking to kill the Lord of life and the child in the womb; to the atrocity of homelessness and being forced to flee from tyranny; to the atrocity of poverty and hard labour; to the atrocity of injustice, lies, cruelty and murder, “What you do to the least of my brethren you do to me” (Mt 25:40). I come in all My Divine Innocence to share with you the crucifixion of your innocence and to show you the Way of My Divine Innocence.

All innocent suffering is gathered into My Triumph on the Cross.  I came to descend into the atrocity of crimes against the innocent and accompany the crucified victims of sin to glory!

Patricia.  Innocence is crucified because people use the gift of freewill sinfully. Many say, “Why does God allow such suffering?”  God has given us the gift of freewill in order to freely do His Will but we often reject it.  Where others use their freewill sinfully causing suffering we have open to us the choice of reparation in union with Jesus on the Cross, or retaliation.  Jesus is gentle and meek of heart. He bore injustice for love of sinners, not to condone sin.  In the Holy sacrifice of the Mass we have the most perfect act of reparation and our reparation becomes perfect in Christ’s perfect offering to the Father.