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Divine Innocence Prayers.


Prayer of the charism of Divine Innocence

Prayer of Welcome

Prayer of the Foundation of the Order of Divine Innocence

and Novitiate of the Holy Family

Prayer of Perfection

Prayer of the Helpless

Act of Consecration to Our Lady of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds

Act of Consecration of our lives to St Joseph

Eucharistic Chaplet

Stations of the Cross:

1.  The Way of Healing and Contrition (to be made in the Church)

for the sin of abortion and other sins against holy innocence

2.  The Way of Healing and Contrition (made between two churches)

for the sin of abortion and other sins against holy innocence

Prayer for the canonization of all children killed before birth

(abortion and embryo exploitation)

Prayer for people who have been involved in abortion

The Crucified Innocence Chaplet

Jesus Chaplet

Prayer to the Child Jesus

Prayer to help us study our faith




Prayer of the charism of Divine Innocence.


“O Divine Innocence be Triumphant in our crucified innocence.”


In a message given 3rd August 2001 on the First Friday Our Lord said:


Jesus.   Many of you have forgotten the powerful prayer I have given you “O Divine Innocence be Triumphant in my crucified innocence”.  This prayer is my gift to the Church in this age and immediately links you into the all-saving power of My Passion, Death and Resurrection, and the defeat of all evil.  Use this prayer in confidence! My Blessing +



Prayer of Welcome.


‘Infant Jesus, dear Mother and St. Joseph, we welcome you among us with a deep and abiding love.  We leave our hearts wide open so that your love may enter.  You have come among us, not only to be with us, but to claim us as your own.  May we never be separated from you.  Dear Mother and the Infant Jesus, may your light shine in our souls so that we may walk together in the Light of God’s Truth.  Wherever you take us may we be absolutely content, for we are with you and you with us.’


In a message given 4th May 1987during the Rosary Our Lady said:


Our Lady.   My children, my heart leaps with happiness at the Prayer of Welcome!  Please gather on the 13th of May to crown my statue.  I will come with my arms and my heart full of graces for you. Call people from far away. Gather the people in.  Call them to the Immaculate Mother of the Hidden Wounds. Oh, how I love you!  Bring the children.  Bring flowers. Celebrate the Holy Mass.  I will give you the joy of Heaven on that day.  Please do all you can to come together.  I will come to gather you around my Son in the Blessed Sacrament – to return to my people of this country and every country the Sacraments that have been stolen from my little ones by wicked and foolish men.



Prayer of the Foundation of the Order of Divine Innocence and Novitiate of the Holy Family.


‘Dear Lord, Dear Blessed Mother, St Joseph, found the Order of Divine Innocence and the Novitiate of the Holy Family more and more perfectly in me every day, in all the perfection of the original design of the first Christian Order, Amen.


In a message given 12th April 1998 at St. Raphael's Church, Surbiton during the Second Tuesday of the Month Retreat Day Our Lord said:


Jesus. […..] This Spirituality is the Perfect Original Spirituality of the Church Herself. Shout it abroad, proclaim it from the roof tops!  My Church must be Triumphant in all its members in My Divine Innocence!  How can you think or say “what is the difference between this Spirituality and any other spirituality”? This Spirituality IS founded by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, all others by founders through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and yes, they served for a time but the time, the appointed time, is here for you to be perfect, and the perfection of My Order in all its perfect originality to be founded perfectly in each one of you!


This Order, the perfect Order of My Divine Innocence, is the First and last Order!  The Alpha and the Omega, I AM.  This Order is MY ORDER!  This Order IS Perfection!  The Order of My Divine Innocence precedes all orders, and supersedes all orders, it is the original perfect Christian Catholic Universal Order of God! (The Divine Order of things.) Nazareth is the Motherhouse of the Church!


For those who in humility, in union with the Blessed Mother give Me their “Yes” and are diligently prepared to undertake their training through their Commitment (to the Holy Family), miracles of grace will pour into your lives.  Too many of you say “yes” but with many reservations. Say often the Prayer of Perfection and the Prayer of the foundation of the Order of Divine Innocence and Novitiate of the Holy Family, these prayers will help you to open every area of your life to the purifying fires of Divine Love. + (Patricia. Our Lord gave us His Blessing.)



Prayer of Perfection.


In a message given in February 1994 Our Lord said:


Jesus.  “Record this Prayer you have been saying, for it greatly pleases me.”


‘O My God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I desire that you bring my soul to the perfection and full glory that you intended for me when you created me, so that you receive the greatest glory and praise possible.  Do not allow my weakness, frailty and sins to impede the action of Your love.  Be fully glorified in me, in Body, Mind and Spirit; Amen!’



Prayer of the Helpless.


Lord, should I ever be unable to speak, then let the voice of my soul sing Your Praises.

Should I lose my sight, let the eyes of my soul look upon Your Face.

Should I be unable to hear, let the ears of my soul hear the Song of Your Love.

Should I be a victim of insanity, let the mind of my soul take flight to You.

Should I ever be locked in a body unable to make one movement of adoration, one act of love, then let my soul be joyfully imprisoned for love of You.

Oh my God, when I have no strength, be my Strength.

When all seems hopeless, be my Hope.

When I have no confidence, I offer myself and all poor sinners to the Heart of Our Lady of Confidence, and beg her to save my soul and the souls of countless sinners around the world who have lost all confidence.

I place all my confidence in the Eucharistic Hearts of Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph.



In a message given in October 1989 Our Lord explained the Prayer of the Helpless.


Jesus.  Look again at the Prayer of the Helpless.


Patricia.  O Lord, I didn’t think of the Prayer of the Helpless in such a wide spiritual sense, but more in the terms of the body.


Jesus.   Little bird, when you looked at this prayer you had one eye closed.  Write the Prayer again and look at it with the other eye open.


Patricia.  I looked at the Prayer line by line and our Lord explained it to me.




Jesus.  By living in silence you can sing the Song of Divine Love.  You will be unable to speak.  Love will impose its own silence.


Give me this love, Lord, and then nothing will be an imposition.




Jesus.  My child, if your gaze is centred on Me, how can you have eyes for the world?  This is the kind of blindness you should long for so you can look upon My face.




Jesus.  Close your ears to the din of the world so you can open the ears of your soul to the Song of My Love.  If you do, very soon you will be deaf to anything but its melody, which will grow into a glorious symphony of Divine Love.




Jesus.  By the world and its lovers you will be called insane.  Let the mind of your soul take flight to Me singing the Song of Divine Love.




Jesus.  The world may chain you and imprison you – as it did me and My Apostles – but it cannot restrict or imprison the Song of Love.  In every situation, My love, you have My freedom to sing this Song with joy, even in imprisonment.


Patricia.  O my God, even imprisoned in the weakness of my body I wish to sing your Song of freedom and love, to sing even in my frailty and weakness.




Those who learn this Song have the strength of the Song.

Jesus.  I AM the strength of the Song of Divine Love.  The strength of the Song is Love itself. (Love is stronger than death – Love has overcome sin and death.)




Little soul, could you hope in anyone more sure than your God?




Jesus.  The perfection of the Song is this sinless Virgin Mother.  Who better to give you confidence in singing and living this Song but the One who has perfected it in her life and continues to help her children sing the Song of Divine Love, her Heart all on fire with love for her Son’s Eucharistic Heart?


Be confident in the Eucharistic Heart of Mary, who loves her Son in the Blessed Sacrament more than you can ever comprehend.  Be confident in the silent outpouring of My Love from the Eucharistic Heart of your God!


Patricia.  I was shown that Our Lady’s Heart is full of Eucharistic Love, and irresistibly longs to draw other hearts to love her Son in the Blessed Sacrament.  Our Lady brings them to the source of their salvation and the fountain of Divine Love – God Himself.  She wants to teach us to have hearts full to overflowing with love for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and to take that love out into the world. 


Message given on the 2nd November 1986 during a Mass for the Holy Souls, Church of the Sacred Heart, Wimbledon.


Patricia.   Our Lady came with millions of souls.  I was very aware of the souls for whom the candles were lit - they were so happy because they were remembered.  This was even though some had reached heaven; some were still in purgatory.  The scene I saw at Mass was joyful, wonderful, bringing great relief to the souls in Purgatory.  I wondered why more Masses were not said for the Holy Souls, when such joy and relief was given to them.  Our Lady said to tell the people what I saw. The Holy Souls were streaming towards the tabernacle.  It still goes on after Mass - endless, endless streams of people.  The Holy Souls turned towards me, and I saw them holding the Prayer of the Helpless; they asked for it to be said for them.  Our Lord spoke:


Jesus.  This Order must have affection for the helpless souls in purgatory.  They await your offerings of joys and sorrows to ease their pains.  In return, they will gain much for you - they will not forget you.


Our Lady.   Say the Prayer of the Helpless daily, and include the souls in purgatory in this prayer.


Act of Consecration to Our Lady of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds.


‘Dear Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds, Mother of Mercy, Queen of Heaven and Earth, refuge of sinners, we consecrate ourselves and our families to your Immaculate Heart.


Help us to live the Beatitudes and the full beauty of our baptismal innocence.


Assist us to become true brothers and sisters of the Holy Child Jesus and fitting members of the Holy Family.


Obtain for us a deep love of the Holy Mass, Eucharistic Devotion, the Divine Office, and the holy Rosary.


Teach us to make reparation and do penance for our sins and the sins of the world.


Show us how best to amend our lives according to the Gospel, the Commandments, and the teaching of the Holy Catholic Church and to practise the Christian Virtues with joy and fidelity.


Dear Mother, protect and guide our Holy Father Pope… [John Paul II], Christ's Vicar on earth, successor of St. Peter on whom Our Lord founded His Church and promised that the gates of Hell will never prevail against Her.


We pledge our love and obedience to our Holy Father and the Bishops and priests who are in union with him.


O Mary our gentle Queen and Mother, bride of the Holy Spirit, tend our wounds and the wounds we have caused. Obtain for us the joys of Heaven through the Sacred Wounds of Jesus, your Hidden and Mystical Wounds and your tender and motherly prayers.


Obtain for us holy and saintly vocations, Priests, Religious, single and family members of Divine Innocence willing to live the Novitiate of the Holy Family, for the spread of the Gospel and the good of the Church.


Under your motherly care and the fatherly protection of St. Joseph, and in the company of Jesus, help us to become apostles of the way of childlike and Divine Innocence, for the glory of the Most Holy Trinity.  Amen’.



Act of Consecration of our lives to St Joseph.

‘St. Joseph, my father and lord, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mother, we entrust ourselves to your special care and protection. You were the guardian and foster father of Jesus, exercising a father's rights over the Redeemer of all mankind.


St. Joseph, silent and hidden in the Scriptures, hidden and silent in the love of God, we wish to place ourselves under your protection. You cared for the Holy Family, leading them safely away from danger.


Your protection of the Holy Family now includes the Holy Church of God, where you exercise the same care and love for the safety of souls. To be a member of this Holy Family, under your watchful eye, is a sure sign for the faithful that they are safe from their deadly foe.


St. Joseph, we know too, that there are special graces which come to us through you when we place ourselves under your care.  We know also that our faith grows stronger under your protection, for we have given you the same place in our lives as Jesus gave you during His earthly life.


Dear St. Joseph, to entrust ourselves to your care is to live at all times like the Holy Family of Nazareth. Through you we are brought into closer union with Jesus and Our Holy Mother.


Even today you still exercise your protection and guardianship over this Holy Family. We know that our Act of Consecration which we make now will help us to live a perfect and full Christian life.


St. Joseph pray for us. Let us wander only in the freedom of the Children of God. Amen’.



Eucharistic Chaplet.


1.    ‘Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.  As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end.  Amen.

2.  Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, Amen.

3.    (Three times) Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.  Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.  Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

4.    Hail, holy Queen, mother of mercy; Hail, our life, our sweetness and our hope!  To thee do we cry poor banished children of Eve; to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this vale of tears.  Turn then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy towards us; and after this our exile, show unto us the Blessed Fruit of thy womb, Jesus.  O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.

  1. Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God. 

R.  That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

5.    St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle.  Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil.  May God rebuke him, we humbly pray and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust down to Hell Satan and all the wicked spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls.  Amen.

6.    Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.  Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

7.    O Sacrament most Holy, O Sacrament Divine, all praise and all thanksgiving be every moment thine.

8.    In adoration of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament and for the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit: For the Gift of Wisdom.  O Sacrament most Holy……..

9.    For Priests, and for the Gift of Understanding.  O Sacrament most Holy……..

10. For Vocations, and for the Gift of Counsel.   O Sacrament most Holy…….

11. For Families, and for the Gift of Fortitude.   O Sacrament most Holy…….

12. For the Holy Souls, and for the Gift of Knowledge.  O Sacrament most Holy…….

13. For Sinners everywhere, and for the Gift of Piety.  O Sacrament most Holy…….

14. In Reparation and for the Gift of Fear of The Lord.  O Sacrament most Holy……’



Message given during Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.


Jesus.  I wish to hear this Eucharistic Chaplet said before and after Mass.  Each time it is said it releases from Heaven a flood of graces on the whole world.  Offer the Chaplet through the Heart of your Heavenly Mother.  Your Heavenly Mother and I are one in our desires and aims.


Our Lady.   How my Heart rejoices to hear this little Chaplet – increase its use!  I wish this Chaplet to rise like a fragrance of love from the whole earth to honour my Son, to protect my priests, and to draw new souls to a universal priesthood of love and adoration.  Teach it to the children!


Jesus.  In this Chaplet I wish to gather you together and to protect priests, families and holy souls and most of all, poor sinners.  Save sinners, save them!  Draw them into the Eucharistic Hearts of Jesus and Mary through the Eucharistic Chaplet! 


Jesus.  This Chaplet is small and does not take long to say, neither will it tire children.



Message given on the 5th March 1985.


Our Lady.  Say this Chaplet in honour of the Blessed Sacrament that Our Lord, in His great gift of Himself in the Real Presence, may be better loved.


Jesus.   This Chaplet will atone for the indifference, which your God suffers.  Say this Chaplet also for the protection of priests – that priests may remain faithful to their vocation; that those in error may return to Me and those who have given up the priesthood may take up again their vocation and receive forgiveness and healing.  Say also this Chaplet for vocations in families and around the world, that they may increase.  Say it with a deep love for the Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, always available in the tabernacle; most of all in reparation and atonement for the sacrileges committed against your God.  Do not lock your churches.  Defend your God who makes Himself so available to you.  Those who lock their churches play the devil’s tune.



Message given on the 17th June 1985.

Jesus.  With this Chaplet you must strengthen and protect the Priests I have given you.  It is your solemn duty to do so.  They pour out their lives for you.  They suffer so much.  Those of you who criticise My Priests, Bishops or the Holy Father should beware.  It is a grave sin.  Those who in the past have attacked the person or inner spirit of these men, who are a special treasure in My Heart, should come humbly and ask for forgiveness.  Wrap My Priests in this Chaplet that I have given you.  Include your own needs.  Pray for all souls through it.  Those who protect and strengthen My Priests through it will have a special place in My Heart.  I will grant many other petitions through its use.



Message given in July 1985.


Jesus.  You will notice that the Chaplet is contained in the Rosary and not separate from it.  It can be said on the first part of the Rosary (Patricia. i.e. From the Cross to the medal is seven pieces similar to the chaplet. The chaplet could be said this way or on a separate chaplet rosary) You are surprised that the chaplet can be contained in the Rosary.

(Patricia. Our Lady said that the Eucharistic Medal should be on the chaplet or the Rosary.)



Stations of the Cross:  The Way of Healing and Contrition (to be made in the Church) for the sin of abortion and other sins against holy innocence.


Message given on the 29th July 1987 at St. Mary's Church. Lough Derg, County Donegal, Ireland. 


Patricia.  Our Lord asked that we make these stations in the church before beginning the Walk of Reparation to another Catholic church.


Patricia.  I was shown how to pour out all the bad things that had happened to me, or that I had done, and to drink in all the past, present and future good things and graces.


1st Station:  Jesus is condemned to Death.


Jesus.  Give Me every time you have condemned others and others have condemned you

unjustly - and stand here with Me, silent and uncomplaining.  I will give you all the times you have borne, quietly and patiently, condemnation and injustice.  I will give you strength and help where you still bear injustice and condemnation silently, now and in the future.


Together we will stand side by side redeeming the situation and saving souls. Should you fall through weakness I shall be there to bear what you cannot bear. My hand will help you up, through Confession, and we will begin again.


2nd Station:  Our Lord receives His Cross.


Jesus.  Give Me your innocence crucified - all the wounds and hurts of the past and present; give Me your loneliness and your pain; give Me your lost purity; give Me your broken hopes and shattered dreams, give Me your crosses and I will gladly take the burden of them Myself!


I will give you all the times when you have carried your crosses bravely!  Yes, weak as you are you have done this for the souls I love. I will give you back your innocence and heal the wounds of your past and present, place in your heart love, light, beauty and innocence reborn - resurrected in My Resurrection. This is your inheritance, because you are My child - a child of God! I am helpless. I need you to help Me carry this cross of the crucified innocence in those around you, and also in yourself; together we will win the victory.  I am with you always.


3rd Station:  Our Lord falls the first time.


Jesus.  Give Me all your falls and failures, all the times you have turned away from Me and crushed Me with your sins, crushed My Divine Life in yourself and others. Let Me give you in return my gratitude at each time you have struggled to your feet and continued on your way. Allow Me to thank you for turning to Me in a humble Confession or sorrow of heart. I rejoice with you at each new beginning on your road to heaven!


4th Station:  Our Lord meets His afflicted Mother.


Jesus.  Mothers and fathers, give me your pain and anguish when you are unable to rescue your suffering children, when sin and evil are stealing them from you.


Children, give Me your pain when there are ways you must go that your parents do not understand and you cannot explain.  Place yourselves in the steady gaze of love between My most pure Mother and Myself, and all will come right.


I give you My Mother to be your Mother, My Way to be your way!  Come, follow Me on this journey of love!


5th Station:   Simon of Cyrene helps Our Lord.


Jesus.   Give Me all the times you did not help another soul when it was in your power to do so.  Give Me all the times when you made someone’s burden heavier rather than lighter; when you resisted or grudgingly took up another’s cross; give Me the burden of your failure!


I will give you in return all the times you have helped another, when cheerfully you took the weight of another’s pain.  I will guide and help you in the future to do better and be more generous, for what you do for others you do for Me!


6th Station:   Veronica wipes Our Lord’s Face.


Jesus.  Give Me all the times you did not have the courage to step out into the open and show a public act of kindness; when you thought first what others would think of you.  Give Me all the times you were indifferent to the physical and mental sufferings of others and only stood by and watched. 


Give Me your indifference, your fear, your lack of compassion, and I will give you courage, tenderness and gentle, quiet acts of love.  There are so many to console; you and I together will console My dear children.


7th Station:   Our Lord falls the second time.


Jesus.  My child, give Me the weight of your sins – they crush you so!  I have come to raise you up, to take away this terrible burden that is crushing you to the point of despair; just give Me your sins – no matter how terrible they are.  I come not to condemn you, but to forgive every wrong you have done.


Come to Me in Confession!  Do not worry that you have been away for perhaps years – or do not know where to begin.  Come to the priest and explain your difficulty and ask for his help.  Come to Me often!


8th Station:   Our Lord consoles the Women of Jerusalem.


Jesus.  Give Me all the times you have neglected your prayers for yourself and your children – all the times you have given up and said – “No one listens to, or hears my prayers; God does not answer my prayer; God does not really care for me and my children”.


Give Me all the prayers I did not answer in your way, and all the answered prayers I answered in My way – but you rejected!


I will give you in return every prayer answered in a way that will draw you on to holiness; sometimes this gift will be disguised as suffering, loss, or pain, in order that your soul may grow in courage, love self-sacrifice; sometimes it will be wrapped in joy, peace and love.


There is no prayer from My children that I do not answer, because I love you!  All creation tells you every day I LOVE YOU!  Remember Me, for I never forget you - not even for a moment!


9th Station: Our Lord falls the third time.


Jesus.   Give Me the times when you can go no further, for I know well how you feel!  I lay here crushed and unable to move; I lay here for love of you.  Give Me your distress and believe in the power of My Name.  Call on My name - JESUS - I love you so and know you each by name.  I give you My Mother, whose tender Heart gave Me the courage to rise and go on.


10th Station:  Our Lord is stripped of His Garments.


Jesus.  Give Me all the possessions that I first gave you but you find so hard to part with; give Me your most precious possessions and I will give you freedom, light, joy and love.


Return to Me all I have given you and in return I will shower you with yet more abundance.  Why are you afraid, My child?  I am your God and well able to take care of you!


Give Me your lack of generosity and I will give you My generosity!


11th Station:  Our Lord is nailed to the Cross.


Jesus.  Give me all the times you were unwilling to be nailed to the Cross for love of others.  Give Me your fear of the Cross - fear in yourself and fear for others - and I will give you courage to become a willing victim of Loving Reparation. Do not be afraid - I am with you - and look, your Heavenly Mother accompanies us!


12th Station:  Our Lord dies on the Cross.


Jesus.  Give Me your fear of pain and death, and I will conquer death and free you from pain.  You are never alone, not even for a moment.


Give Me your cry of anguish and I will give you the victorious Cry "Thy Will be done".  Believe in My Name and call upon this Name, Jesus. You need only ask Me to remember you and life in My company will be yours!


13th Station:  Jesus lies in the arms of His Mother.


Jesus.  Give Me your crucified innocence. Lie in the arms of My Motherly Love for you.  Call to your Heavenly Mother; her arms receive your wounded minds, bodies and souls. You are as much her child as I am; her tears intercede for you - love her!  How she loves you!


14th Station:  Our Lord is laid in the Tomb.


Jesus.  Rest here - silent and still.  Give Me your grief and I will give you My Peace and a Glorious Resurrection!




Stations of the Cross:  The Way of Healing and Contrition (to be made between two churches) for the sin of abortion and other sins against holy innocence.


Message given 10th July 1986 at St. Raphael's Church, Surbiton.


Patricia.  Our Lord began to give me these instruction’s in St. Raphael's Church, Surbiton, England and completed it at the Retreat Convent in Wimbledon.  These stations are to be carried out silently during the Walk of Reparation between one Catholic church and another. 


1st Station:   Jesus is condemned to death.


Patricia.  Teach me silence, Lord. I find it so hard.


Jesus.  Come with Me and I will show you the Way of Silence.  Do not argue with or contradict evil, your silence is witness enough - it is more hidden.  As Father says, do not even mention the evils that afflict your body or your soul.  Go into the room of your heart and close the door and pray there. The Eucharistic Hearts of Jesus and Mary will keep silent company with you, refresh you, share all with you, and there you will regain your peace, tranquillity, and equilibrium. God will see all you do in secret.


2nd Station:   Jesus receives His Cross.


Jesus.  Carry your cross daily, in silence and hidden paths of silent love. The crosses of the soul and body stand silent. When others are unable to do this and their anguish spills over, draw them quietly into silence and peace.


3rd Station:   Jesus falls the first time.


Jesus.  When you fall under the weight of your own sins and the sins of others, remember Me, I am with you and have gone before you. Silence.  Do not complain, do not become agitated and upset by your weakness.  Come to the silent out-pouring of My Precious Blood poured out on you in Confession.  How I long to comfort you in Confession!


4th Station:  Jesus meets His Mother.


Jesus.  Between two souls that understand each other, the look of silence and love should say all. If there is need to speak, speak frankly, as with a trusted friend.  Speak quietly and gently and soothe each other's soul.


5th Station:  Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry His Cross.


Jesus.  Oh little soul! those who do not consider these devotions and messages prayerfully, refuse to be a Simon of Cyrene and help to carry the Cross of the crucified innocence.  When you carry another's burden, or when others are a burden to you, do not resist. Silently take up the weight and lovingly help Me in them.


6th Station:  Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.


Jesus.  Where suffering is seen, just a simple gesture of silent love, the touch of a hand, a smile, a little act of compassion will help the person on their way. Oh how precious is silence!


7th Station:   Jesus falls a second time.


Jesus.  Here I lay in silence, wounded, hurt, desiring the salvation of every soul. The Silence of God is all Wisdom, all Love, all Compassion.


8th Station:   Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem.


Patricia.  What is the Way of Silence here, Lord ?


Jesus.  So often you weep and cry over injustice done to you in your lives and in your hearts, forgetting that you are guilty of inflicting this injustice and pain on yourselves and on your children.  Be silent, weep and pray in the silence of your heart for yourselves and for your children.


9th Station:   Jesus falls a third time.


Jesus.  When innocence is savaged to this degree, crushed, beaten by the forces of evil, like an innocent child, innocence falls silent and does not resist.


10th Station:   Jesus is stripped of His garments.


Jesus.  So many souls do not remain silent and peaceful when stripped of their possessions,

their health, all that they own. Often they do not see it as the call of God, drawing their attention away from self to God. I call to souls willing to stand here with Me in shame, naked of all, silently resigned to the perfect Will of God.


11th Station:  Jesus is nailed to the Cross.


Jesus.  Even here, in intense physical and spiritual suffering, there can rise in the soul in union with the Eucharistic Hearts of Jesus and Mary a Silent Song of Love that will take the soul to this Station (the Crucifixion).


12th Station:  The Crucifixion.


Patricia.  Lord, what is the Way of Silent love here?


Jesus.  Silent acceptance for sinners.  The silence of Love, crucified, the silent anguish of a mother watching her son die, the silence of crucified Innocence; the silent gaze of the disciple towards his Master and the silent loving gaze of the Master for His disciple and friend; the silent contrition in the soul of the penitent (Mary Magdalen, representing us all) while God silently pours out His Blood for the penitent.


13th Station:  Jesus is taken down from the Cross.


Jesus.  The silence of death, of a mother, the Mother of God, holding in her arms her only Son, that the forces of evil have stolen from her. Here, Mother and Son bear the wounds of the supreme Sacrifice in silence. A silent pain so deep that it breaks your heart, yet love still says 'Yes' for love of souls.


14th Station:  Jesus is placed in the sepulchre.


Jesus.  How silent was the tomb in which I lay.  Even heaven was silent, yet in three days that silence was broken forever in the magnificent Resurrection.  Love had conquered death and sin eternally. What jubilation in heaven.  What jubilation in the hearts of the Apostles, in the Heart of My own dear Mother.  What happiness and joy in the repentant sinner when that resurrection becomes real in the Sacrament of Confession!  For now I am with you always, to the end of time, here with you today, in person, before you on the altar among men, always risen, available to every soul on earth in the Sacrament of My very Self, the Blessed Sacrament in Holy Communion.



Message given 7th April 1990 during the Rosary and 12 noon Prayers at Our Lady Immaculate Church, Tolworth.


Jesus.  I tell you most solemnly I will look kindly on all those who: make the Way of Silence, (the Walk of Reparation); attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; go to confession with true Contrition and have a firm purpose of amendment of life; say the Chaplets, the Prayer of the

Helpless; make the Way of Healing and Contrition; and light a candle for the helpless victims of the sins of abortion.  I will cleanse them of all sins against Holy Innocence and against

one another. They will be as spotless lambs in my sight.




Prayer for the canonization of all children killed before birth (abortion and embryo exploitation).


+ In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


Almighty and Eternal Father, invoking the Holy Spirit, the Lord the Giver of Life, And trusting in the saving power of the Name of Jesus and of His Most Precious Blood, I confidently believe that all children who have been wilfully deprived of life by abortion, have been washed in the Blood of Jesus and are indeed true martyrs who ‘live in the Lord’, having received the saving Baptism of Blood.


I beseech you, Heavenly Father, in view of their silent witness to Your Holy Word, by which the killing of the innocent is absolutely prohibited, to grant through the intercession of Mary, Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds, of St. Joseph, St. John the Baptist and all the Holy Martyrs and Saints, that these little Companions of the First Holy Innocents be claimed by the Mother Church, so that the treasury of the merits of their martyrdom may be drawn upon more abundantly.


With confidence I beseech You, dear Lord, to grant me, through the intercession of the millions of martyred children killed before birth, whose angels behold Your Face, the grace of …(Here mention the grace you desire).


Almighty Father, grant that their witness to Your Divine Son Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life, be given voice in the Universal Church and proclaim more eloquently His Victory over sin and death.  May their martyrdom give worldwide testimony to the Truth, and to the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church, for the salvation of souls and the everlasting glory of the Most Blessed Trinity.


O my Jesus, Divine Innocence, be Triumphant in the crucified innocence of these little ones!  Amen.



Message given on 28th December 1995 on the Feast of the Holy Innocents at St. Raphael's Church, Surbiton.


Patricia.  Our Lady has come with the Holy Child and St. Joseph.  Many, many angels and small babies are shown around Our Blessed Lady.


Our Lady.   My children, thank you for responding to heaven's call to make reparation for the terrible sins against my Son's Divine Innocence!


Patricia.  A great procession of Angels is coming to the Holy Family bringing an uncountable number of children.  The Mother of the Hidden Wounds has opened out her arms to all these little ones.


Our Lady.   The powerful and the mighty, those in authority in the Church, are indifferent to my Divine Son's request to claim the aborted children as true martyrs.  Those in the world's governments are enemies of helpless babes.


Therefore, we must appeal to the helpless (you my dear children) to help the cause of millions and millions of the slaughtered children.  How great will be your reward in heaven!  Spread this Prayer (A great prayer for life) everywhere!  Make it known among the people that it is the desire of Jesus that the little aborted children be considered Companions of the First Holy Innocents.  Ask their intercession and great graces will be yours.  Ask in faith and you will see your faith will move mountains.



Prayer for people who have been involved in abortion.


+ In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


Heavenly Father, I come before you in deep sorrow and contrition, I have broken your Holy Laws and disobeyed your Commandments.  I have harmed the most helpless of your children, the child in the womb.  O My God, I humbly beg your forgiveness and I also ask my child (these children) to forgive me.  Heavenly Father, I lay this innocent baby (these innocent children) in your loving arms and ask the Blessed Virgin Mother and St. Joseph to care for this little one (these little ones).


Trusting in your Divine Son’s words, “Whatever you ask of the Father in My Name He will give you”, I ask you in the Name of Jesus, Saviour of all mankind, to be merciful to me, a sinner.  Pour out your grace and love upon me, that I may have the strength to amend my life according to the Commandments, the Gospel and your Holy Laws.  Do not hold this innocent blood against me.  Where sin has abounded may your grace abound all the more, flooding the whole world in your Mercy and Love, for the Glory of the most Holy Trinity.  Amen.



The Crucified Innocence Chaplet:


This Chaplet, when said between 3.00pm and 6.00pm, gives special honour to Our Lord’s Passion and Death, but it may be said at any time.  It is said in honour of the Passion and death of Our Lord, the Hidden and Mystical Wounds of our Blessed Lady and Christ’s Divine Innocence Triumphant in our crucified innocence. In the Litany, according to where it is said, local or national Saints’ names may be added.


1.    ‘In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


My God and My King, may the delay in the triumph of your Divine Innocence in our crucified innocence bring us true penitential sorrow, washing our hearts, souls, spirits and bodies clean.  May we combine in our lives a holy innocence and purity fed with corporeal penance for the triumph of the Christ Child in our crucified innocence.  We place this prayer in your Immaculate Heart, sweet Mother of God, to receive whatever help we need in being loyal to it, so that it will bear the fruit you desire. May we go in the direction you want to lead us and accept the death God wills for us.


Infant Jesus,                                                            Have mercy on us.

My Mother Immaculate,                                              Pray for us

St. Joseph, my father and lord,                                            

St. John the Baptist,                                                                      

Sts Peter and Paul,                                                                         

St. John the Evangelist,                                                       

St. Mary Magdalene,                                                            

St. Rose,                                                                             

St. Paul of the Cross,                                                          

Blessed Dominic of the Mother of Sorrows,                          

St. Benedict,                                                                                 

St. Gertrude,                                                                       

St. Francis,                                                                         

St. Anthony,                                                                        

Holy Angels and Saints,                                                       

Holy Souls in Purgatory,                                                       

The Church Triumphant in Innocence,                                  


2.    Come, O Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of thy faithful, and enkindle in them the fire of thy love.  Send forth thy Spirit and they shall be created, and thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

3.    O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in Thee.

4.    Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

5.    O Divine Innocence, look down with pity on the crucified innocence of the world.  Through the Glorious Wounds of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the intercession of the Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds, obtain for us the triumph of your Divine Innocence in our crucified innocence.  Amen.

6.    Mystical Wounds of Our Lady, intercede for us. (5 times each decade of the rosary i.e. every second bead)

7.    Sacred Wounds of Jesus, have mercy on us.  (Once each decade on the Our Father bead i.e. 5 times total)

8.    O powerful Queen of Heaven, our own dear Mother, we appeal through the Sacred Wounds of Jesus and your Hidden and Mystical Wounds for an outpouring of grace on our country.  Take pity on us, sinful and wounded as we are, obtain for us the conversions of our hearts, minds, bodies and souls so that the perfect Will of God may be done in us.  Let this country of ours be a splendid star in the Crowning Glory of your Immaculate Conception.  May we enjoy perfect Unity with the Eucharistic Hearts of Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph.

9.    Queen of Heaven, pray for us.

10.  Divine Innocence, our Triumph be.’


In a message dated 27th August 1985 Our Lord said:


Jesus.  “Let each country add its particular saints (in the litany). Let the people and Bishops decie this.”


Jesus Chaplet.


This prayer is said on the beads of the Rosary.


1.    On the Our Father beads, say ‘O Divine Innocence be triumphant in our crucified innocence.  Eucharistic Hearts of Jesus and Mary I love you. Most Holy Trinity I adore you.’

2.   On the Hail Mary beads, say the Name of Jesus.

3.  To conclude, say  ‘O Divine Innocence be triumphant in our crucified innocence. Eucharistic Hearts of Jesus and Mary I love you. Most Holy Trinity I adore you.  May the Most Blessed Sacrament be everywhere adored.’



Message given 7th October 1995 on the Feast of the Holy Rosary, Nazareth House.


Our Lady.   My Children, remember the Jesus Chaplet Novena I have requested to begin on this day (said for 10 days).  It is a most powerful weapon against evil, and who can dispute the Saviour's own words “What you ask the Father in my name he will give you''?  With your own intentions please remember the cause of the little children slaughtered in the womb.



Prayer to the Child Jesus:


‘O Infant Jesus, how tender and sweet you are!

You are like any other little child; You want affection and love,

You are innocent and pure,

You spread these virtues wherever you go,

You love peace and quiet,

You love attention,

You want to feel you are needed and loved.

O Infant Jesus, may I become a little child like you.

Grant us all the graces we need through this prayer’.



Prayer to help us study our faith.


20th June 1996.


Patricia.  Before reading the new Catechism I said a prayer to the Holy Spirit.  I then made the following Prayer, which Our Lord told me to write down for others.


‘O Lord, my God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, enlighten my mind and heart to understand my Catechism and to study my faith with diligence and love. Give me the grace to defend the faith of the Holy Catholic Church, if necessary with my life. Give me a spirit of holy, docile obedience to the faith, to the Holy Father, to the Bishops and Priests in union with him.  Help me to live and teach the true Faith of the One, Holy, Catholic Apostolic Church by word and example.’