The Family of Divine Innocence

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Hymn of the New Holy Innocents.



This hymn is to remember all the little children killed before birth through abortion and embryo exploitation.  Our Lord has told us to spread this hymn everywhere so that others will come to know and join in its chorus.  It is a hymn of celebration praising Christ for his Victory in the children’s martyrdom and to honour the children themselves as saints who ‘follow the Lamb wherer He goes’. It could be sung in churches, at prolife gatherings, prayer meetings, processions etc.  ‘From the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.’





There’s a mighty white robed army

Interceding from above,

A host of little children,

Praising God for all his love.


1.    Herod killed the Holy Innocents

It was Jesus that he sought

New innocents are slaughtered

Through Christ’s blood they are bought.




2.    Like Jesus they were crucified

But He’s come and set them free

To proclaim to all the nations

God loves you and He loves me.




3.    Mother Mary’s interceding

For the helpless little babes

Now she calls to their parents

Come to Jesus, to be saved.




4.    Crucified triumphant innocence,

Praising God all their days,

Singing “come here and join us”

In our heavenly accolades.




5.    The Cross is our victory

Christ has conquered death and sin

Heaven now has been opened

And we all can enter in.




6.    The children have a mission

In a world of sin and shame

To call to all the sinners

“Come and sing our refrain.”




7. The martyred little children

    Now in glory they all shine

    Proclaiming to all nations

    “Come repent, be reconciled.”




8     There is justice for the children

Countless little white doves,

There is glory for the Church

Mercy offered in God’s Love.




9.    To their parents say the children

Its for you that we long,

to embrace us here in heaven,

and to join us in this song.




10.   “Abba Father” cries the Spirit

 In the depths of their souls,

 He their mighty Advocate,

 Speaks for them before the Throne




11.God gave the little childeren

a name full of Love.

Mercy Reigns is their new name,

Mercy Reigns, Mercy Reigns.




12.Dressed in robes of Holy Innocence

Following the Lamb where ‘er He goes.

Jesus is their Victory.

He’s defeated all their foes.




 Glory be unto the Father

 Glory be unto His Son

 Glory be unto the Spirit

      God the Trinity in one.