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                         Limbo Refuted.



The Church is presently considering the fate of children who die without baptism. This involves the theory of limbo and the Church’s Theological Commission is questioning if limbo is a valid solution to this problem in the light of the Church’s developing theology.   Our Lord in the message of Divine Innocence, shows that the theory of limbo is contrary to God’s Love Justice and Mercy.




11th December 1996.



Patricia.  Lord, what of the theory of Limbo (as an answer to those children put to death before birth)?


Jesus.   These children are not on the fringe*, they are in the midst of the full battle between the forces of good and evil.  The devil is furious to be defeated by an army of Innocent babes.


[* meaning of the word Limbo.]


Patricia.   Our Lord showed that everything will be put right in such a startling and original way at the end of time that it would be too much for us bear while we are alive and in time, it would be too much joy!


Patricia.  Lord, Fr. X says he accepts the doctrine of Limbo.


Jesus.   Let us look at it logically for it speaks of a two-tear system of justice.  You accept that God is all Just and would not punish the innocent.  These children are innocent victims of other people’s sin and have committed no personal sin.  They are stained with the stain of original sin. The Catechism states this does not imply personal guilt.  Yet you say that their God will leave them in a limbo without the Beatific Vision.  What kind of Justice is that?  The justice of disadvantage is the justice of men not of God.  I chose the weak and make them strong in bearing witness to me!


The Church teaches that even the perpetrators, those who kill the children if they repent and amend their lives have the full opportunity to enter heaven and see the face of God.  So does the Church teach that the perpetrators may reach heaven and enjoy the Beatific Vision while the innocent victims are denied the Beatific Vision and condemned to limbo by an all Just God.  This is hardly logical!


Paul entirely approved of the killing of Stephen yet today they share heaven.  The children are martyred as heralds of the Messiah whose teachings they uphold with regard to the sanctity of life. ‘As for you little child you shall be called a prophet of God the most high.  You shall go ahead of the Lord to prepare his way before Him’ (Benedictus).


Patricia.  By the universal claiming of the children by the Mother Church and proclaiming them companions of the First Holy Innocents, they Witness to the sanctity of life, marriage, ‘honour your father and mother’, the teachings of the Christ and his Church.


Jesus.   They do so by a wordless profession of faith! By whose Baptism is John Baptised?  As is plainly evident their deaths witness to the breaking of the Laws of God and the Church.  Their claiming will witness to the truth; "I AM the Way the Truth and the Life" The action of the Church is vital!


All of the children are potential rivals to the devil and the same forces of evil that drove Herod to kill the Holy Innocents . The devil see each innocent human being as an heir to the Kingdom of Heaven. Each one has the potential to succeed him and take his place.  He was not able to kill me so he turned on the women and her descendants, made in the image of their God.


Patricia.  It is interesting that there were innocent babes at the beginning of Christ's first coming and the Gospel of St. John has been quoted in the messages about the souls of those who have been through the great persecution.  Our Lord spoke of his second coming and is now asking for these children who He says are waiting under the altar of the Catholic Church in ‘white robes of innocence’ to be raised to the altar as now is the acceptable time.  Perhaps they are heralds of his second coming a new ‘white robe army’ of holy innocents.  Our Lord said they are innocent virgin souls who will ‘follow the Lamb where ever He goes’ and he wants them to be gathered into the Church.


The children Herald the coming of Christ who is the Way, the Truth and the Life to their parents, society and the perpetrators of the sin in every country.  Not only the sin of abortion but all sins committed by those who break the laws of God and the Church.  Once claimed by the Church the graces that will be available through the merits of their martyrdom will turn the hearts of their parents back to their children to the truth that comes from God, to co-operate with this wonderful grace.



18th August 1999.  Limbo.


Jesus.   If you send the children to Limbo then you have sent God to Limbo – Redemption to Limbo – “What you do to the least of these little ones you do unto me” (Matt 25:40).  There will be a greater good done by the Church claiming the children than by leaving them in a limbo of uncertainty, to do nothing you receive nothing!


Patricia.   Lord, some say, and the Church seems to allow the idea that the children are in Limbo.


Jesus.   So I have given the victims of abortion, victims of violent attacks upon children before birth a lesser grace than the repentant perpetrators!  Then you believe in an unjust God.  The only waiting place they wait in, is waiting for the Church to define their status and eternal end!  They are not on the fringe (Limbo), they wear the garment of salvation.  Ratify their status for all to see!  Proclaim it from the rooftops!


Patricia.   Lord, what about those who make a case for Limbo?


Jesus.   Then let them go there!  Do they want it for themselves?  Have you been redeemed for Heaven or only partly redeemed?  (Patricia. God does not do things by halves)




4th October 1999.  Nazareth House.


Patricia.   I was thinking about the message Our Lord gave on the 11th Dec.1996  on the simplification of justification being love, when Our Lord continued to expand this instruction.  I wondered how one could prove to others that the children killed before birth are saved.  Our Lord then said: 


Jesus.   It is not so much a matter of how you can prove you are justified but why.  The why is LOVE!  I love the children will the Church refute it?


Patricia.    Lord, some in the Church say that because of Original Sin, you send the children to Limbo.  I felt righteous anger immediately rising in Our Lord’s heart and He said sternly:


Jesus.   Limbo is a lesser love.  These children, while they slept have been given the greatest gift of all, martyrdom!  Let any stand in the children’s way to full recognition and they will face me directly, in full confrontation!


Patricia.   Speaking of the children Our Lord said:


Jesus.   Love is the way, a gratuitous gift of love. The premise of their justification must begin in Divine Love, my love for my [martyr] companions.  I created them in love, it is Me you attack when you attack them and it is a direct attack on Me.  You crucify Me anew!  For your sakes, I cover their blood, though you deserve it not!


Grace for the children freely given in love, grace for the parents and perpetrators freely given, accepted or rejected.  The children are like sponges soaking up love.  Their capacity for love is infinite.  You are all created in love for love.  The premise for their justification is my love for them, which they do not reject!


(Patricia. Our Lord showed that by looking at the natural order of things we can see how babies behave.)


Jesus.   Little babes do not reject love.  The child in the womb does not reject the grace and gift of my love in their martyrdom.  Where else do they find any love but in their Creator.  Follow “the Logic of Divine Love”.  [….]  Too many argue from the premise of human love which does not go far enough.  In the case of the children, Limbo is the example of the shortfall.  Let not the Church fall short of full martyr status for the children violently killed in the womb!


Patricia.   Lord, some say we are Pelagianists!*


Jesus.   Then, they have not read the messages and know nothing of the logic of Divine Love!


Patricia.   Speaking of the children again:


Jesus.   Gratuitous grace freely given, conformed to my image in death, innocent of actual sin, innocent victims of other peoples sin, just cause.  Love came to the rescue, MY LOVE, justification and elevation.  Give them the martyrs crown!  They do not have to earn it any more than any other martyr must earn the crown of martyrdom, it is grace alone!


Patricia.   Father Y said that the children could exercise their freewill choosing themselves and rejecting God’s grace of justification.


Jesus.   Ask Father Y to discuss the problem of justification and sanctification with a new-born child. The baby will stare at him and look for milk and love, and will demand it if Father keeps up his discussion too long!  Babies know what they want, sustenance, and love, and with regard to salvation, Divine Love!  I am their sustenance, I love them!


Patricia.   A priest said that there is no way to prove that the children receive a grace in the womb before or at the moment of death, and that if they did receive grace, they could exercise their freewill against God in anger towards those who killed them. The Church does not ask if a child brought to the Baptism font exercises its freewill against the Sacrament.


Jesus.   Point 1; Scriptural evidence:

I refer you to the grace St. John the Baptist received in the womb; ‘And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit’ (Luke 1:41); Jeremiah, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.” (Jer 1:5); St. Paul’s mission beginning in his mother’s womb, ‘But when he who had set me apart before I was born, and had called me through his grace’ (Gal 1:15).  God has no favourites!


Jesus.   Point 2; The objection that some have made that there is no way to prove that the children receive grace:

Grace brought them into being in love, divine love!  Grace holds them and all things in being, existence proves the grace.  Would love and grace be denied them in the hour of their greatest need, and not come to their rescue?  Why would I abandon helpless children?  What do men do when an abandoned child is found?  Why, when your God is so liberal with grace for all others, even great sinners, would the helpless babies be suddenly denied grace?  Their right to life is stolen from the children, a right that I gave them.  When they are attacked in the womb, what kind of grace do they need? - Sanctifying Grace!  In this situation they are in urgent need of baptism.  [Baptism of Blood: Christ’s and their own]  They are Baptised in the Blood of my Crucifixion; (a Baptism of Love)

Desire: God’s desire and salvific Will,  That all may be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth”.  Love: Justification via Divine Love.




Jesus.   They receive the grace of justification because that is the prime grace they are in need of; JUSTIFICATION AND ELEVATION!  I gave them the right to life and I uphold their right and justify them and give them life more abundantly; supernatural life.  I give them mission, my mission to witness to the world and to shout from the housetops their name, the name I give them, MERCY REIGNS!  To proclaim in that name to those who slaughter them and all who attack them, Reconciliation, Pardon and Peace.  But woe to those who wilfully reject this great grace, the hand that heals and offers peace.  Repent and be saved!  Amend your lives!  Come to your knees in humility and accept my love!



8th November 1999.  Nazareth House.


Patricia.   As I was reading the message given on the 17th November 1997, Our Lord continued to give instruction on it.


Jesus.   You would not punish those who are handicapped or who are wounded.  You would make provision for them and do all you can to heal them.  Why would your God condemn the innocent victims of abortion to limbo?  I am not like you, I do not second the actions of man and allow the innocent to be condemned twice over.


Jesus.   Limbo is of man’s making not mine!  It is a theory that is out of date.  Mercy and compassion have given the children the full honour of virgin martyrs.  This you must second and raise them to the Altar (of the Catholic Church) for the whole world to see!




18th February 2000 (i).  Nazareth House. 


Jesus.   The Churchmen will limp* along for centuries with the theory of limbo if they do not accept this grace!


* See Fr. Philippe Jobert’s theological explanation at the end.



28th March 2000(ii).  Nazareth House.


Jesus.   Limbo is a good for nothing answer!


Patricia.  That is, no good for the children, for those who have killed the children, the Church is not adorned with their glorious martyrdom, glory is not given to God, and God’s love, mercy, reconciliation and justice is not proclaimed.



29th July 2000.


Patricia.    Lord, what would you say to those who advocate Limbo and give the argument that the word ‘Limbo’ means fringe and that a fringe is something that decorates a garment and is therefore an acceptable place for the children?


Jesus.   These mighty martyrs are not a decorative fringe!  They are fully part of the fabric of the Church!  ‘They have had their robes washed white in the Blood of the Lamb’.  They are dressed in the white linen of innocence.  Acclaim them full members of the Church!




28th August 2000(i).  Feast of St. Augustine.


Patricia.   I was reading the second reading taken from the Confessions of St. Augustine from the Office of Readings for the Feastday and Our Lord referred to it:


R.  …….Late have I loved, O Beauty so ancient and so new; late have I loved you! For behold you were within me [……] you breathed fragrance upon me, and I drew in my breath and do now pant for you: I tasted you and now hunger and thirst for you: you touched me, and I have burned for your peace.’


Jesus.   This is the only way the children ‘live in the Lord’!  [‘Anyone who lives in love, lives in God’ (1Jn 4:16)].  Put your faith in God’s Love for you and towards these children!


Patricia.   On re-reading this message on the 10th November 2000, Our Lord commented again on the statement first included in Evangelium Vitae that aborted children are living in the Lord (EV. 99). He said:


Jesus.   The only place they don’t live is in limbo!  A theory is a theory!  I Am absolute Love and the children live in love and ‘he who lives in love, lives in God and God lives in him’. Therefore they ‘live in the Lord’ and ‘Peter has spoken’.


Patricia.   This last term ‘Peter has spoken’ goes back through the tradition of the Concillar Fathers first coming to light at the Council of Chalcedon (451). This council was concerned with upholding the divine personhood of Christ and after the Tome of Pope Leo I in defence of this doctrine, the Council Fathers exclaimed: “Peter has spoken through the mouth of Leo” (cf Acts 15:18-12).  Interestingly, Pope Leo’s Tome would have been in Latin, the vernacular language at that time against the Greek of the day!



16th September 2000.  Nazareth House.


Patricia.   I was looking back over some of the messages regarding Limbo.  Despite what some theologians hold, Our Lord showed that it was illogical and contrary to the ways of God.  Our Lord suddenly spoke of the children:


Jesus.   They have not gone to Limbo, they have gone to Love!


Jesus.   You constantly keep repeating original sin, original sin!  What about original Love?  Does My Love for them come to nothing before the original sin of innocent babies?


Jesus.   Raise the children in the Church!  Their witness (martyrdom) points to the ordinary means (the Sacraments).  Their witness is an extraordinary witness (martyrdom) that facilitates freedom for themselves and is a freedom cry to millions of parents and perpetrators!



23rd September 2000.


Patricia.   Our Lord referred to the theory of Limbo:


Jesus.   Why rely on the theory when you can rely on the doctrine to disprove the theory - God's Love?  (And calling all those involved in this sin to repentance.)


Patricia.  Our Lord repeated what He said on 16th September 2000.


Jesus.   You are making original sin paramount.  You constantly keep repeating original sin, original sin - what about original love?  Does it come to nothing before the original sin of innocent babes? 


Jesus.   Raise them up!  Their witness points to the ordinary means. [The Sacraments, for those who have killed the children and for the whole world].  Their witness is an extraordinary witness (martyrdom) that facilitates freedom for themselves [Patricia. Through the Blood of Jesus] and a freedom cry to millions of parents and perpetrators!  Come and be reconciled - salvation is at hand! [….]



20th November 2000(ii).


Patricia.   Regarding the eternal fate of aborted children, the question of limbo seems to some to be an obstacle to the Church claiming the children, Our Lord described it as:


Jesus.   The limbo limp!  (Limping along for centuries, a theory instead of a development of doctrine)



6th August 2001.  Nazareth House.


Patricia.   Father was reading out from a message given by Our Lord on the 27th January 1998 as follows:


Patricia.  Our Lord referred to the article on ‘Limbo’ I was reading in Caxton’s Catholic Encyclopaedia, USA, 1910.  It said:


R.  ‘…..the great majority of Catholic theologians have continued to maintain the general doctrine that the children’s limbo is a state of perfect natural happiness, just the same as it would have been if God had not established the present supernatural order.’


Patricia.  Our Lord replied:


Jesus.   But I have established it!  What about supernatural happiness?


Continued some time later:


Jesus.   You are closing the door to Heaven before I Myself have shut it!


Jesus.   Like those who do not want the Church to claim the children! 


Patricia.   Our Lord then added, referring to the deeper understanding of Revelation given through the message of Divine Innocence:


Jesus.   Can you see how grace works - if the question is not asked, the answer is not given!

‘Ask and you will receive’ (Jn 16:24).


Patricia.  Lord, where are the children killed before birth?


Jesus.  In heaven and I have shown you doctrinally how in this message of Love!




3rd December 2001.  Feast of St. John Damascene


Patricia.  I thought of man’s inadequate theory of limbo, Our Lord said:


Jesus.   Limbo speaks of inequality – all men are created equal!


Patricia.   Lord, we look around us and see so much inequality, how can I say to the Church that all men are created equal?


Jesus.   All men are created equal in relation to God not to man.  You cannot put the blame of your inhumanity to man on your God, although many do so!  I provide, you divide – unequally!  It is not logical that the children are not saved.  Why would your God allow millions of persons to be created to feed the insatiable appetite of the devil for human sacrifice?


Patricia.   Then why are the millions of children killed, Lord?


Jesus.   I ask the same question of you.  Man has freewill but I do not condone his disobedience – ‘where sin abounds grace abounds all the more’.  Evil does not defeat me, it defeats you!  Humanity suffers at the hands of your own inhumanity.


There are natural laws that operate in holiness or evil actions – causes and effects.  You carry out the murder of little innocent children – you become murderers!  Motherhood becomes wounded, fatherhood is dishonoured.  A child never sees the light of day, you never see the unique smile of that little one or enjoy the child’s individual talents and beauty.  God bestows the exquisite beauty of the gift of an innocent child, man disposes of that child by abortion – torn from the womb limb by limb.  Then parents, medical men, governments and legislators have the audacity to say the child in the womb is not a human person and proceed to use the child’s remains in human experiments!  You allow yourselves to be duped by the devil and his illogical lies and then convince yourselves that this pack of lies is the truth!


Humanity is locked in a deep winter of sin.  I send to you waves of innocent children to remind you of the spring time of your race, the dawn of innocence, but you continue to kill your future.  Truly you need to cry out “Oh Divine Innocence be triumphant in our crucified innocence and the innocence that we have crucified in our children”.  Will all your evil defeat Me, the God of all that is seen and unseen?  The Victory over all sin and evil I won on the Cross!  I gather up what you throw away!  I restore to them a hundredfold what you have stolen from them!  I return to them what I bestowed yet more abundantly and that for your sakes, so you receive the grace of their martyrdom.  You act like wild beasts – even eating the flesh of innocent children and using their human remains for medical experiments, cosmetics etc.  Have you no compassion?  Look at yourselves covered with innocent blood!  I gather up your children in love. Can you not even bring yourselves to repent, ask for forgiveness and amend your lives?


I ask the churchmen – can you not take the trouble to study MY ANSWER to the holocaust of abortion and proclaim the martyr status of the children slaughtered before birth?  You seem to care nothing for the children and even less for those who have killed them and are in mortal danger of the loss of their souls. 


You have carried out such evil.  I have offered such love, mercy, justice, and reconciliation!  Will you wait until the skies rain down justice and the earth revolts against you.  Shepherds and people, come to your senses!


Patricia.   Lord, many individuals will respond when they hear this message but they will also feel helpless because so many will not even listen or change and the evil goes on.


Jesus.   Then that remnant will be saved and the stubborn rebels will perish!  Believe Me when I say, the suffering of the children DOES NOT terminate in Limbo, that mythical place of man’s making, but in the glorious Resurrection that I AM!  I have ‘suffered the little children to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven’.  Churchmen, proclaim the martyr status of the children unjustly put to death before birth and give them birth in the Church!  Then, draw upon the merits of their martyrdom freely given.  Freely give this grace to a world steeped in sin for its recovery and consolation!


Jesus.   You cannot continue to say the Mass if you do not claim the children, because omitting to claim the children is contrary to the faith you proclaim!  Look at every part of the Mass!  My Sacrifice does not exclude the children!


Patricia.   Lord, if you love the children why did you not save them from abortion?


Jesus.   I have saved them from abortion but the shepherds will not give the people this humanitarian aid (i.e. by failing to claim the children.)!  (Patricia. Our Lord was making a parallel with the present situation in Afghanistan in which humanitarian aid is being withheld from the people because of problems of distribution by violent men not allowing this aid to get through to the suffering people or by demanding payment for it.)



30th September 2001(iii).


Patricia.   Our Lord referred to those priests and people who refuse to look at this message and are indifferent about the fate of children killed before birth, instead responding to the question with the words “Leave them to the Mercy of God”:


Jesus.   Tell My shepherds that I lead My flock, they should do the same – NOT leave them to the Mercy of God!  That is not good enough!  What shepherd, when the sheep are roaming over the whole countryside in rain, sleet and storms, says to his family, “Leave them to the Mercy of God”?  His family will feel afraid even for themselves let alone for the flock!




Father Philippe Jobert’s theology on the Claiming:


I.   Limbo - No.


The theory of limbo ‘limps’ because it relies upon divine Justice only, and not upon Justice and Mercy together.  God is at the same time Justice and Mercy: so there is never divine Justice without Mercy.


Ps 88:15:        ‘Justice and equity are the foundation of thy throne, 

Mercy and faithfulness stand in front of thy face.’


St. Augustine, in his polemics against Pelagianism, insisted on the absolute necessity of sanctifying grace through baptism to obtain eternal life.  These polemics arose from the custom of baptising children.  As children have not committed actual sins, what is removed by baptism is original sin.  Thus, unbaptised children who die with original sin, cannot receive eternal life.  St. Augustine thought that they were excluded from salvation.  The Council of Carthage (418) followed this position which can be found also in the Councils of Lyons (1274) and Florence (1439).


However, many theologians thought that children could not be condemned to hell, because they did not commit any mortal sin.  As they could not be admitted into heaven, the theologians imagined a third place, limbo, where they would be deprived of the beatific vision, but not punished otherwise.  So they would enjoy some natural happiness.


This opinion was considered traditional enough to be sustained by the Bull “Auctorem fidei” which condemned the pseudo Council of Pistoia.  Against the Jansenists, who followed the strict opinion of St. Augustine, Pius VI declared (1794) that limbo must be admitted as a place where those who die with original sin only, are deprived of the beatific vision, without any punishment by fire.


This position is common among theologians, and is considered as a teaching of the Church, because nothing about the fate of children who die unbaptised is explicitly revealed in the Word of God.


However, the concept of limbo is founded upon two negative concepts: no heaven, no hell.  It is possible to found a concept upon a reality, but not a reality upon a concept and all the more so upon negative concepts: so limbo has no more reality than a purely intellectual conception.  What’s more, the reasoning, which leads to the existence of limbo, is a result of human logic.  However, divine mysteries are not connected to each other by human logic, but by divine Logic.  Because ‘God is love’ (1Jn 4:9), we know that the divine Logic is the Logic of Love.


-         Inasmuch as divine Love is Charity, God wants the salvation of all men, loving them as Himself, and so He offers sanctifying grace to all those who are not opposed to His love: unborn children are unable to resist. [His love]

-         Inasmuch as divine Love is Justice, God is just to His Christ who poured out His Blood for all sinners to be saved, and to atone for all sins: thus the original sin of unborn children is washed away in His Blood.

-         Inasmuch as divine Love is Mercy, Christ is Divine Mercy made flesh to take upon Himself all human miseries and to communicate His plenitude of grace to all who believe in Him and receive His baptism.  What Christ Resurrected operates in His believers through the Sacraments, He operates also in those who die before they are able to believe and to receive the Sacraments.  At the moment of their natural death, Christ appears to them in His glorious human nature, as the vanquisher over death for all men through His Resurrection: spontaneously they adhere to Him through their natural desire for life, and Christ gives them eternal life.  Their death paid the debt of their original sin and Christ’s Mercy made them sons of the Resurrection (Lk 20:36) through His grace, elevating their natural desire.


Such is the Logic of divine Love, which is transcendent.  It is out of reach to human reason, but the Holy Spirit, who alone knows it, reveals its conclusions through the gift of wisdom to those who become His instruments through a complete abnegation of their proper wisdom and a perfect submission to Divine Wisdom.


There is an analogy with the Holy Eucharist: just as in this Sacrament the risen body of Christ is a food of divine life, so also when Christ Resurrected appears to dying children, He is to their desire a food of divine life, for He said: “I am the resurrection and the life” (Jn 11:25).


In the case of children who are killed in abortion, there is a previous action of Christ’s Mercy for them: He unites them to His own Martyrdom, as witnesses for the Gospel of Life.  They are martyrs in Him and are consequently glorified in Him.  In comparison with the Mass, they are united to Christ’s Sacrifice at the moment of Consecration, whereas other children, victims of miscarriage, are united to Christ’s glory at the moment of communion to His glorious Body; the former are intercessors for the latter.



II.   Objections to the claiming of children killed before birth as martyrs.  (April 2004)


When St. Thomas Aquinas studies a question, first he meets objections, but he does not answer the objections immediately.  Previously he gives the answer to the question; and often this answer cuts objections at the root because they are false, they are destroyed by truth.  At the end, St. Thomas refutes objections, only if they comprise something, which is not already refuted by his answer to the question.


In the case of Limbo; theologians have established this notion, not from Revelation, but from reasoning; which was based on the necessity of baptism, and on the freedom of assent to faith, exclusively.  Having no use of freewill, no possibility of being baptised, the children who die in the womb of their mother, cannot receive grace and go to heaven.  Having not committed any actual sin and being deprived of grace only by original sin, they are not condemned to hell.  Limbo is not heaven nor hell; only a negative concept, not a reality.


If we explain that children killed before birth are martyrs in Christ, because Christ exercises His own martyrdom in them, out of His Mercy and Justice, all objections are destroyed; because these objections are formulated as though Christ is not living anymore, as though His sacrifice is not eternalised by His Divine Act of Being and present to the children, as though His Mercy forgets these children and is not powerful enough to save them etc…


When a member of the clergy objected, preferring Limbo, which was taught to him in the seminary, I explained to him the role of Christ in the martyrdom of the children, and he could not give any answer.


Thus, most of the time, we must first explain the truth, which by itself excludes objections.  Afterwards, sometimes it may be useful to add a refutation on a particular point.  If we begin to take account of objections, we settle on the adversaries’ ground and we are in a position of weakness, prisoners of their thought.  On the contrary, we must draw them into our position through an explanation of the truth, which they cannot object to.


1.        Children killed before birth are martyrs, because they are killed as living sons or daughters (filiation), and as such they are images of the Son; Divine Filiation is present in them (through their parents) as the principle of their natural filiation.  Christ Crucified is a martyr in them, because He is the Son of God and Son of man, attacked in His Divine Filiation in them, by abortion.  Christ’s martyrdom is eternalised by His Divine Act of Being, and is present to every aborted child to exercise His witness to His Divine Filiation (Lk 22:70) in them, and He associates them to His witness through the gift of faith which justifies, acting in their intelligence and in their natural will, to order them by grace to God, as sons of God.


2.        Children who die before birth (before baptism) are virgins, because they are innocent, having not committed any actual sin.  The Holy Spirit, who is Divine Virginity is present as the Paraclete in their innocent natural will to order it to good.  Through their innocent death, they are conformed to Christ’s innocent death.  The Child Jesus, whose Childhood is eternalised by His Divine Act of Being, and who died on the Cross for their salvation when they were pre-existent in Him, is also Risen and glorified with the Father in heaven*, seeing them and loving them as His images of innocent dying Childhood, as virgins.  With His Father in their Divine Nuptiality, He sends their Divine Virginity to make of them in Him sons of God who cry out “Abba, Father” (Rom 8:15)


*Rom 6:10.  “By dying, He is dead to sin once and for all, and now the life He lives is life with God”


Thus children killed before birth are martyrs under the influence of Divine Filiation, and naturally aborted children (miscarriage) are saved under the influence of Divine Virginity.