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Making the sign of the Cross over our countries - the Walk of benediction.




Our Lord has asked us to make the sign of the Cross over our countries as the sign of our redemption and as an act of reparation made over each nation.  On this Walk Our Lord has asked us to honour Our Lady under the title of ‘The Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds’ by carrying a statue or picture of Our Lady under this title.  The walk is between two Catholic church’s or a Catholic church and one of another Christian denomination, if there are no other Catholic churches on the route.  The walk covering each arm of the Cross is conducted in stages a few days before the 17th August, the day Our Lord wishes the Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds to be honoured . Those who complete the walk should link into a parish Mass.  The walk also gives us an opportunity for Catholic Christian witness.


If you are unable to link into the main sign of the Cross, select four points in your own local area from which you can make a Walk in union with others.  Place the desire you have for the cross to extend over the whole of your country and other countries, in the Hearts of Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph.  Where possible make others aware of the sign of the Cross Walk so they have an opportunity to participate.  In countries of vast distances it may be necessary to drive or use air transport to complete the Cross.




11th June 1992. Retreat Day St. Raphael's Church - during the Rosary


Jesus.  Make the sign of the Cross over this whole land! 


Patricia.  By the sign of the Cross Our Lord meant a Walk of Reparation in the form of a cross carrying the statue of the Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds or a picture of Our Lady under this title.


Patricia.  Lord you are asking the impossible again.


Jesus.  Nothing is impossible to those who love and trust Me. Make the Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds known world wide.  Make her known here where so many hidden wounds cause great suffering in the People of God.  Let the people respond to the call of heaven to make reparation.


Little children of Divine Innocence set the example. Sins of disunity and division cause great suffering.  Allow the Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds to gather Her wounded children under her motherly protection and draw them to the source of their salvation.  Come My poor wounded crucified children, come and be healed.


Patricia. . Our Lord showed crucified victims of men's sinfulness eg. abortion, broken marriages, social injustice, poverty, different peoples and races at war with each other; Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims;  Corruption in high places, governments, businesses, professions; Great differences between rich and poor; Sins in the education system, on the television and radio, newspapers and magazines that daily and moment by moment steal innocence and holiness from the people and makes it difficult to be holy.


Jesus.  Make reparation for all these sins in yourselves and society.  Save yourselves great punishments!


Patricia.  Later that day Our Lady was shown with water flowing from her mystical wounds in streams which I understood symbolised graces of motherly love flowing in great abundance from the Blessed Virgin.



3rd June 1995.  Nazareth House


Patricia.  . Our Lady has come with angels in response to the people coming to the Pine Tree.  Many families with children are shown with our Lady, St. Joseph and the Christ Child.  These are the families who responded to heaven's call to live in holy innocence. There is a great storm raging around them but no harm comes to those who are with the Holy Family.


The large statue of the Mother of the Hidden Wounds is shown weeping

(in a spiritual sense).


Our Lady.  Every day more and more children are killed (children killed before birth). Each day I weep for countless little ones. The Bishops and Priests are for the most part deaf to my requests and appeals for the world-wide Masses of Reparation; they disregard my tears!   Why, Oh why does the Church not claim the slaughtered children?


Jesus.  Honour the Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds on the 17th August! Could a mother have her motherhood more wounded than this Mother? Yet down the centuries she has, in union with My Perfect Sacrifice, interceded and pleaded for you. This gentle maiden Mother deserves your love.


I wish to see the Immaculate Mother of God honoured under the title of ‘The Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds.'


Protect your countries by making the sign of the Cross over your land!




23rd August 1996.


Patricia.  Our Lady was speaking of making the sign of the Cross by way of a Walk over each Country.  Speaking to a priest; Our Lady said:


Our Lady.   Father, the Lord shoulders this cross.  All will be well!


17th August 2001.  Feast of Our Lady of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds. Necessity of studying our faith.

Our Lady.  I wish to thank all who have come here and all those in other countries who have made the Sign of the Cross over this and other countries and have tried to make known this message of Love and Mercy.  I extend my Motherly Blessing to you all.  What are the concerns of a mother for her children?  She wants to see them grow up in holiness, purity and in the love and knowledge of God.  I am no different, I love you and want you to be happy in this world and in the next.  I want you to enjoy the vision of God at last in Heaven.

Patricia.  Angels are all around Our Lady, she is truly the Queen of Angels.

Our Lady.  I want to be the Mother of holy and innocent children here on earth and in Heaven.  I do not want one of my children to be lost. 

How can you love God if you do not deepen your knowledge of the Truth and the truths and teaching of the Holy Catholic Church.  Children, young people and adults who will not make an effort to deepen their knowledge of the faith easily fall into error.  The great Councils of the Church are guided by the Holy Spirit.  Those who attack their recommendations, decisions and doctrine attack the Holy Spirit.  Before you speak about the Council’s findings and recommendations or developments, be sure you have studied the documents in depth.  With regard to knowledge of the faith many of you are still in the kindergarten. 

My dear children, if you stopped studying the faith once you received your First Holy Communion and Confirmation, you are in serious danger!  To depend only on devotions is not enough!  Rise up and study the truth, be equipped for the battle that you already face!  The faith ebbs away daily, soon there will be an onslaught upon you.  Be able to defend your faith!  Already, there are terrible heresies rampant!  Jesus calls you to Holy and Divine Innocence!  Please listen to my advice, study, study, study and live that new-found knowledge in your lives!  Be apostolic!  I wish to lead you into a new age of innocence, to enjoy fully my Son’s Victory over sin and death!

Patricia.  Our Lady held up the Holy Child and offered Him to us as an example.

Our Lady.  I hold up this Child to you, He did not stay little, ‘He grew in stature and wisdom before God and man’ (Luke 2:52).  To follow Him you must do the same.  My Motherly blessing +.

12th August 1998(iii). Nazareth House.


Patricia.  Our Lady gave this message a few days before the 17th August (the day Our Lord requested the Church to honour Our Lady as Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds).  Our Lady has come at the final anthem to Our Lady after night prayer.


Our Lady.  My children the Walk of Reparation - making the Sign of the Cross over your countries drives back many, many evils. Give this message of mine to the people.


Heaven will see the people of those countries who make this sign of their redemption over their land and many graces will fall upon those countries, even if there are only a few people who try to carry out heaven's request.


Jesus.  Those who honour the Mother of God under this title 'The Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds' will gain untold graces. It is my request that My own dear Mother's Mystical Sufferings receive this honour.


Patricia.  We had been to Benediction and the priest had asked that Our Lord's Blessing would extend out to all who take part in the Sign of the Cross, Walk of Reparation over their countries and those who pray for this cause or help in any way. Our Lord said:


Jesus.  (Through the Priest) I have given you My Benediction on your Sign of the Cross Walk  of Reparation. Many souls still do not know of this great grace. Spread the Way of My Divine Innocence everywhere. The Holy Family will look down upon all your efforts and accompany you. My Blessing +. 



17th August 2003.  Feast of Our Lady Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds. (This is the day that marks the final stages of making the sign of the Cross over our countries and on which we carry statues or pictures of Our Lady under this title) 

Patricia.  After honouring Our Lady under the title, Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds, (the hidden sufferings Our Lady bore in union with Our Lord) we were saying the Evening Prayer of the Divine Office and we had just finished the opening hymn when Our Lady came and said:

Our Lady.  Continue my child!

Patricia.  Our Lady wants us to continue the Prayer of the Church, she silently listened to the prayers and when they were completed she said:

Our Lady.   I have come to thank you for all you have done and have tried to do to give me this honour.  You are so little, so few but you took upon yourselves this great task – how this endears you to my Eucharistic Heart!  (Patricia.  Making the Sign of the Cross over our countries and trying to live and spread the Way of Divine Innocence)

Patricia.  Dear Mother, we often do not know what to do when the 17th of August falls on a Sunday.

Our Lady.  You simply follow the Church’s teachings, my children and together we celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in thanksgiving*.  Are not all little children taken to Mass by good mothers and fathers?  When we celebrate the Holy Sacrifice, the Eucharistic thanksgiving, we celebrate as one family (the Holy Family, the whole Church world-wide, the Communion of Saints and the Holy Souls).  Your Heavenly Mother does not compete with the Lord, “I am the handmaid of the Lord” (Lk 1:38). 

Patricia.  Our Lady then spoke to non-Catholics:

Our Lady.  My children who are separated from the Catholic Church - why are you afraid of keeping the Commandments?  If I am the Mother of Jesus, who is the second person of the Blessed Trinity, the Son of God, then I am the Mother of God, as the Catholic Church has defined.  I accept the honour taught in the Commandment (‘Honour thy father and thy mother’) for that is God’s Holy Will.

Come home my children!  I have sought you over the ages and in longing, so that I may embrace you in your true home, the Holy Family within the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.  Grieve Your Lord no longer but let us all be one as Your Lord and Saviour prayed (Jn 17:21). 

Did not Jesus tell you He would raise up shepherds after his own heart; “You are Peter and on this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against her.” (Mt 16:18)  She has suffered false brethren, do not be among them!  She has suffered attacks from without, do not be the cause of such an attack on the Body of Christ, the Church and His members.  She has suffered betrayal and crucifixion, do not be the cause of it!  Come home!  Your Heavenly Mother can only lead you to Jesus and to the safety of the Church!  My Motherly Blessing +.

Patricia.  Mother, who are these children playing at your feet and dressed in white clothes?

Our Lady.  They are the children of My Son’s Divine Innocence, be among them! 

* Apostolic Letter Dies Domini of Pope John Paul II on Keeping the Lord’s Day Holy.

Also, the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches:

no. 2042:  ‘The first precept ("You shall attend Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation") requires the faithful to participate in the Eucharistic celebration when the Christian community gathers together on the day commemorating the Resurrection of the Lord. (Cf. CIC, cann. 1246-1248; CCEO, can. 881 § 1, § 2, § 4.82).’

no. 2043:  ‘The fourth precept ("You shall keep holy the holy days of obligation") completes the Sunday observance by participation in the principal liturgical feasts which honour the mysteries of the Lord, the Virgin Mary and the saints.  (Cf. CIC, can. 1246; CCEO, cann. 881 § 1, § 4; 880 § 3.)’

no. 2180:  ‘The precept of the Church specifies the law of the Lord more precisely: " On Sundays and other holy days of obligation the faithful are bound to participate in the Mass." (CIC, can. 1247). " The precept of participating in the Mass is satisfied by assistance at a Mass which is celebrated anywhere in a Catholic rite either on the holy day or on the evening of the preceding day." (CIC, can. 1248 § 1)’

no.  2184:  ‘Just as God "rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done," (Gen 2:2) human life has a rhythm of work and rest.  The institution of the Lord's Day helps everyone enjoy adequate rest and leisure to cultivate their familial, cultural, social and religious lives. (Cf. GS 67 § 3).’ 

4th August 2006.  First Friday.  Outside Our Lady Immaculate Church, Tolworth after the Walk of Reparation from St. Raphael’s Church, Kingston.

Our Lady.  Please thank the people for their reparation.  Please thank the parents for the reparation of caring for their children.  Children, I need your help also, you are the future Church. 

Young people, soon you must take up your responsibility in the Church and be good examples for the younger children, and take care of them just as I took care of the Holy Child Jesus and just as St. Joseph helped me take care of Him. 

Boys, will you, if you see a little child in danger, do as we did and take that little child to safety as we took the Holy Child to safety? 

Girls, will you help to mother the little children, your brothers and sisters and other children?  I hope you will say “Yes” to your Heavenly Mother.  Your hands can be my hands and the Holy Child’s hands to help bring about the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.  You say in the Our Father; ‘Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven’?  By being good and helpful to your parents and others you help Jesus and St. Joseph and myself build up the Kingdom on earth.


I ask the older boys, the girls and young people to help St. Joseph and your Heavenly Mother to make known the Way of Christ’s Divine Innocence in yourselves and in this world.  While you do this on earth a place is being prepared for you in heaven and your brothers and sisters who have already reached, heaven will rejoice with you when at last you too become saints, fit for the Kingdom of God. 


Parents, this is your encouragement in the hardships of life, you are apostles of the faith to the next generation and great will be your reward in heaven.


Single people have the same mission in the world, the establishment of the Kingdom here and now.  God depends upon you and lovingly looks for your co-operation.  Live in innocence, long for innocence and die in innocence and awaken after you leave this world to the glory, peace and love of your heavenly home!  I look forward to your Cross Walk over your countries.  My Blessing +.