The Family of Divine Innocence

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10.    The Philosophy of Divine Love.




Our Lord uses the wording ‘The Philosophy of Divine Love’ in the messages and this shows us how man’s philosophies fall short of ‘The Philosophy of Divine Love’.  Some fall short in logic, others in love, or both logic and love. These man made philosophies need the ultimate Philosophy of Divine Love, which itself is not a philosophy in the traditional meaning of the word but a bringing together of faith and reason.  Man, through reason, can only reach a limited understanding of reality and the nature of being. He needs God to reveal Himself to man, to show him his true dignity and destiny and that man needs Salvation.  God himself, in the person of Christ, the second Person of the Blessed Trinity died for love of us, to redeem mankind from sin and death and to show us the way to the Father. Christ is the definitive Revelation of God, a Revelation of Love, the Word made flesh. (Jn 1:14) Our Lord shows that He is not just the Prime Mover as St. Thomas Aquinas taught, He is the Prime Lover and all movement that comes from God is a movement of Love for man’s Salvation and sanctification. The beauty and wonder of all creation including man is an expression of Gods love for us. In the link titled ‘Theology, Fr. Philippe Jobert OSB.’ you will find some preliminary papers of Father Jobert’s work on the Philosophy of Divine Love.



7th October 1998. 


Patricia.  Lord how can we prove that Love is the prime mover and you are the Prime Lover and that all movement in creation is a movement of Love, that the Love of God sets all creation in perpetual motion?


Jesus.    Restoration, Renewal, Regeneration, Resurrection! [Patricia. Original innocence in creation has been spoilt by sin.  God has arranged that we can regain our innocence in Christ and through His Church]


Patricia.  Lord can we prove you exist without a doubt?


Jesus.    You are the greatest proof.  Do you doubt your own existence?  Who made you?  Make another just like you out of nothing and I will wait until you do.


Patricia.  Lord what of those who say they might not exist and doubt even their own existence.


Jesus.    By saying they do not exists proves they do exist.  Their very doubting comes from a being that is doubting.  Men complicate things for themselves.  While such souls doubt, others leap forward in faith. 



30th December 1999.


Patricia.  Philosophy in Greek means the ‘love of wisdom’, Revelation tells us that God is love and God is the source of all wisdom.  Bertrand Russell described philosophy as “the no-man’s land between science and theology – exposed to attack from both sides.”


Jesus.    Why attack, when love fills the gap with Revelation.


Patricia.  Philosophy is the research into the first cause.


Jesus.    The Philosophy of Divine Love is the Alpha and Omega.  It begins in God and ends in God, has man for its subject, and creation to confirm it.

The Rule of Necessity –  your necessity is Divine Love!


Jesus.    It is necessary that man be saved from himself (original sin) but in freedom, God’s love for man is man’s freedom purified and perfected (if he responds to grace).

Patricia.  Thales, the philosopher was a practical thinker.


Jesus.    I AM a practical lover, the Prime Lover, and all movement is the movement of love.    


Patricia.  Thales put forward the theory that perhaps everything in the beginning was made of water.


Jesus.    Waters of Salvation!  (Patricia. Flow in love from the Heart of Christ opened on the Cross for all humanity)


Patricia.  Pythagoras believed in a self evident philosophy.


Jesus.    The evidence of God – Revelation (Faith and reason).


Patricia.   Pythagoras spoke of the beauty and certainty of mathematics.


Jesus.    Are they so certain?   Three into one will not go except for God, the Trinity!

Yet your God is your real certainty.


(Patricia.  For Pythagoras, only man is truly self evident.)


Patricia.  For Heraclitus there was a central fire that never dies.


Jesus.    The fire of Divine Love!  If you centred your life on discovering its source, you would be filled with the sight of its glory!


Jesus.    Man often acts like someone with a ladder looking for the truth. (Patricia. The ladder represents the means to find God) He tries to reach truth by putting the ladder upright into the air reaching up into the sky (this method is unstable and will not support itself), or leaning against a tree (natural religions and enquiry). Some men use the ladder flat on the ground and get nowhere – they set their sights too low, others never climb high enough. (P. I was shown people with good ladders but they use only a few rungs of the ladder and then give up) 


Others put their ladders against other people and they accept another man as the summit of their climb; (those who follow man made philosophies that are incomplete without God). Some climb into trees and see the birds, eat the fruit, and from the trees enjoy the sun and sky and say, ‘this is very pleasant’ and  ‘it is enough, why seek more?’. Some pull up the ladder into the tree and try to use the tree as a platform to reach higher. Others use a pyramid made of men, and place their ladder on top of this pyramid only to find that their ladder is still too short to reach their goal (sometimes a goal of a god of their own making, not the One True God).


Patricia.  What is the answer, Lord?


Jesus.    The correct ladder to reach up to your God, the source of all truth, is humility. Then Truth reaches down and reveals Himself to the humble soul.


Patricia.  Oh Lord God, be the humility in me so that attracted by your own Divine Humility, you will immediately reach down to your poor helpless child and raise her up in the revelation of yourself.


Jesus.    Man cannot reach God. God has to reveal Himself to man. (Patricia. Referring to Revelation in the Scriptures, Tradition and Magisterium).


17th September 2005.   Philosophy of Divine Love. 

Patricia.  Lord, can we solve and understand all the problems of being and knowing?

Jesus.  It is simple.  As I have told you, I AM therefore you are.  I AM LOVE – DIVINE LOVE.  I Love you with an infinite and therefore perfect Love, Sacrificial Love, Merciful Love, Just Love, Tender humble Love!  You are Loved into being – kept in being by My Love.  I draw My beloved into Divine Union.  All is Love in Being.  Love God and your neighbour as yourself!  To be, is to be loved by your God.  Divine Love is perpetual energy and movement bringing into being, holding in being, moving in love, that which is in being to different actualities and potentialities. In man drawing to perfection.

Potential is very important in creation and in man.  If you consider potential you will not be afraid of death.  You will see that what is actual today moves into a new potentiality in its being to become a new actuality, reality - perfection.

Patricia.  Man, woman and children being transformed in God from sinners to saints.