The Family of Divine Innocence

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Present position of the charism of Divine Innocence


The statement regarding ‘Concerns and observations’ issued in 2007 regarding the inspiration of Divine Innocence, is not a condemnation as some seem to suggest.  It is what it says ‘Concerns and observations’.  It is part of the Church’s process of discernment and in the past has often been used regarding new inspirations.  Something similar was issued about the inspiration of Divine Mercy received by Sister Faustina of Poland, when it was misunderstood in the beginning because of poor translation.  The children of Divine Innocence, are committed to living this spirituality.  We remember the children killed by abortion and their parents in the Walks of Reparation for all sins.  Our Lord has asked for these walks to take place in every country, between two Catholic church’s.  

Some seem to think we are disobedient to the Church’s authority which is quite untrue.   Regarding this point Our Lord said simply, “How can you be disobedient to concerns and observations? Concerns and observations calls for dialogue”. For several years we have appealed for a fair hearing in the Church but sadly these appeals have been denied to us.  As faithful Catholics, Canon Law affords us the right to a fair hearing, as does civil law in this country.

The statement makes no reference to the vast theological work carried out over many years by Father Philippe Jobert OSB of Solesmes Abbey (see Fr. Jobert’s witness below), Father Francis Frost formally on the World Council of Church’s and Father Aiden Nichol’s OP. who has studied the inspiration and has said that there is something here that needs to be brought to the attention of the Church.  These theologians have always been faithful to the doctrine of the Church and the theological work carried out shows that the theology in the inspiration is in keeping with this teaching.  Whoever wrote ‘Concerns and observations’ seems quite unaware of these theological clarifications. 

Prolife initiatives have not diminished the attacks on life.  However this world wide heroic work and prayers have been answered by God in the children’s cause.  The blood of millions of innocent children killed before birth cries out to God for justice.  Their blood can only be covered by the blood of Christ their Saviour.  By the Church raising these children to the Altar She proclaims to the whole world that Christ is victorious in the holocaust of abortion.

Martyrdom is the seed of Christians.  When the millions of children killed before birth are claimed by their Mother the Church and are shown to be ‘companions of the first Holy Innocents of Bethlehem a vast flood of graces will pour down upon the Church and on individuals who have been involved in the killing of the helpless babies.  Countless parents of these children and others involved in the children’s deaths will see that God is offering them an unprecedented Mercy and through the children’s martyr witness calls them to repent and believe in the ‘Gospel of Life’. It will give great hope and all will know that through Christ and His Church, they can be united with the children one day in the glory of heaven.

Our Lord has told us to raise awareness and proclaim that these children are ‘martyrs in heaven’ and we pray for the grace to continue to be steadfast to this request.  Please join us in making this great Cause known.

Fr. Jobert’s personal witness given on 28th June 2000.

“I am not issuing a statement about the authenticity of her messages, but about what is contained within them, from a theological point of view.  However, I can say that they not only contain nothing contrary, nor alien to the teaching of the Church, but what they say is a far deeper theology than everything I know, either in classical theology, or in modern researches…There are no books from which she (Patricia de Menezes) could have taken ideas and formulas.  There are no theologians, in the present time, who could have inspired her writings.  My conclusion is that there is no natural explanation of so deep and so strong a doctrine, which may be called without exaggeration, the “Logic of Love”.
                                                       Fr. Philippe Jobert