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Reparation - the Mass and Way of Silence.



C.C.C. 614:  ‘This sacrifice of Christ is unique; it completes and surpasses all other sacrifices (Cf. Heb 10:10).  First, it is a gift from God the Father himself, for the Father handed his Son over to sinners in order to reconcile us with himself. At the same time it is the offering of the Son of God made man, who in freedom and love offered his life to his Father through the Holy Spirit in reparation for our disobedience (Cf. Jn 10:17-18; 15:13; Heb 9:14; 1 Jn 4:10).


C.C.C. 2487:   ‘Every offence committed against justice and truth entails the duty of reparation, even if its author has been forgiven.  When it is impossible publicly to make reparation for a wrong, it must be made secretly.  If someone who has suffered harm cannot be directly compensated, he must be given moral satisfaction in the name of charity.  This duty of reparation also concerns offences against another's reputation.  This reparation, moral and sometimes material, must be evaluated in terms of the extent of the damage inflicted.  It obliges in conscience’.



Patricia.  Our Lord and Our Lady have repeatedly asked for world wide Masses of Reparation, pardon and peace, in penance for our own sins and the sins of others, the sin of abortion and all sins against Holy Innocence.  People may be troubled by serious sins other than those connected with abortion; adultery, incest, homosexual acts, alcoholism for example.  By making these acts of reparation, victims can receive the grace to forgive and be reconciled with those who are the cause of their injury.  Perpetrators of serious sin can come to recognise the damage they have done to others and to make atonement.  Others can intercede for friends or members of their own family. 


Prayer, penance, alms giving and reparation are ways by which we seek lovingly to repair the damage we have done to ourselves and to others by sin.  It is by this we seek to recover and enjoy that state of innocence and sinlessness possessed by God and the Holy Family.  Our own offering becomes perfect when united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the one perfect Offering of Jesus to His Father once and for all on the Cross.   Our Lord said:


Jesus.   Please, please, My priests, say a Mass of Reparation and Reconciliation on the Feasts of the Holy Angels (September 29th) and the Holy Innocents (December 28th) and on the First Fridays.


Please, My children everywhere, go to the churches and light candles for all the crucified suffering and murdered victims of the world.  Light candles in your homes; light candles where the innocent suffered and died. Bring red and white flowers.  Show your desire for purity and your union of love for the poor martyrs of every country and faith, for the poor crucified children of God.


Patricia.  These devotions are ideally undertaken within the span of one day.  Here at the foundation, we do the Walk of Reparation (Way of Silence) between Our Lady Immaculate Church, Tolworth and St. Raphael’s Church, Surbiton, Surrey.


1.  Go to Confession.  Offer your Mass in reparation for your own sins and the sins of the world, in sorrow for abortion, for reconciliation, pardon and the amendment of the lives of the parents.  Include all those who aid or commit this sin in particular.  Pray for all sinners.


2.  Make the Walk of Reparation for yourself and for others in silence between two Catholic Churches.  If you are approached by anyone asking about the walk and are obliged to break the silence, you might interiorly offer the graces you have received to them with love.


4.  In one of the Churches say the Prayer of the Helpless (Link-Divine Innocence Prayers) and make the Way of the Cross. (Included below)


5.  Say the Eucharistic Chaplet (Link-Divine Innocence Prayers) before and after Mass.


6.   Light a candle in memory of all aborted children and all innocent victims of sin, as an act of sorrow for our own sins and the sins of the world.


7.  Take red and white flowers to the church in memory of a child you may know and for all aborted children and their parents (red for martyrdom, white for innocence).


8.  Say the Crucified Innocence Chaplet (Link-Divine Innocence Prayers) any time between 3.00pm and 6.00 pm. in honour of the Passion and Death of Our Lord, the Hidden and Mystical Wounds of Our Lady and the Triumph of Our Lord’s Divine Innocence in our crucified innocence.


9.  Attend a Vigil that night if possible.


10.  Say the Rosary.


Many of the prayers and devotions are for the moment said privately in silence.  Until there is more general acceptance it may not be possible to do these in the preferred way and care should be taken not to provoke hostility.  We depend on maintaining co-operation from parish priests. It is possible to undertake these devotions either in groups or individually.  The walk should be silent and undertaken humbly and without ostentation.  It may be done in bare feet when conditions permit, singly or in twos.  If facilities are available, in imitation of Our Lord, in love and humility wash each other's feet at the end of the walk.  It would be advisable to carry first aid in case of minor injuries.  (Our Lord requested the penance of going barefoot but prudence should be exercised for those who are elderly or in poor health.)



9th March 1985.  Ladywell Chapel, Surrey.


Our Lady.   I wish there to be in the Holy Catholic Church a great ceremony of reconciliation on the Feast of the Holy Innocents.  This ceremony should be open to all within the Church and even to my children of other denominations and faiths, should they wish to avail themselves of this great grace.



12th April 1986.


Patricia.  While I was reading the messages relating to the Mass of Reconciliation, Our Lady gave a message about the colour of the flowers to be carried - red and white.  She said:


Our Lady.   Red is for the martyrdom of Divine Innocence in the child and for the martyrdom of penitential sorrow in the parent(s).  White is for the purity of innocence in the child and for the purity of the intention of the parents to live a new life in Christ through His triumphant Resurrection.



29th July 1987.  St. Mary's Church. Lough Derg, County Donegal, Ireland.  The Way of Healing and Contrition (to be made in the Church).


Patricia.  Our Lord asked that we make these stations in the church before beginning the Walk of Reparation to another Catholic church.


Patricia.  I was shown how to pour out all the bad things that had happened to me, or that I had done, and to drink in all the past, present and future good things and graces.


1st Station:  Jesus is condemned to Death.


Jesus.  Give Me every time you have condemned others and others have condemned you

unjustly - and stand here with Me, silent and uncomplaining.  I will give you all the times you have borne, quietly and patiently, condemnation and injustice.  I will give you strength and help where you still bear injustice and condemnation silently, now and in the future.


Together we will stand side by side redeeming the situation and saving souls. Should you fall through weakness I shall be there to bear what you cannot bear. My hand will help you up, through Confession, and we will begin again.


2nd Station:  Our Lord receives His Cross.


Jesus.  Give Me your innocence crucified - all the wounds and hurts of the past and present; give Me your loneliness and your pain; give Me your lost purity; give Me your broken hopes and shattered dreams, give Me your crosses and I will gladly take the burden of them Myself!


I will give you all the times when you have carried your crosses bravely!  Yes, weak as you are you have done this for the souls I love. I will give you back your innocence and heal the wounds of your past and present, place in your heart love, light, beauty and innocence reborn - resurrected in My Resurrection. This is your inheritance, because you are My child - a child of God! I am helpless. I need you to help Me carry this cross of the crucified innocence in those around you, and also in yourself; together we will win the victory.  I am with you always.


3rd Station:  Our Lord falls the first time.


Jesus.  Give Me all your falls and failures, all the times you have turned away from Me and crushed Me with your sins, crushed My Divine Life in yourself and others. Let Me give you in return my gratitude at each time you have struggled to your feet and continued on your way. Allow Me to thank you for turning to Me in a humble Confession or sorrow of heart. I rejoice with you at each new beginning on your road to heaven!


4th Station:  Our Lord meets His afflicted Mother.


Jesus.  Mothers and fathers, give me your pain and anguish when you are unable to rescue your suffering children, when sin and evil are stealing them from you.


Children, give Me your pain when there are ways you must go that your parents do not understand and you cannot explain.  Place yourselves in the steady gaze of love between My most pure Mother and Myself, and all will come right.


I give you My Mother to be your Mother, My Way to be your way!  Come, follow Me on this journey of love!


5th Station:   Simon of Cyrene helps Our Lord.


Jesus.   Give Me all the times you did not help another soul when it was in your power to do so.  Give Me all the times when you made someone’s burden heavier rather than lighter; when you resisted or grudgingly took up another’s cross; give Me the burden of your failure!


I will give you in return all the times you have helped another, when cheerfully you took the weight of another’s pain.  I will guide and help you in the future to do better and be more generous, for what you do for others you do for Me!



6th Station:   Veronica wipes Our Lord’s Face.


Jesus.  Give Me all the times you did not have the courage to step out into the open and show a public act of kindness; when you thought first what others would think of you.  Give Me all the times you were indifferent to the physical and mental sufferings of others and only stood by and watched. 


Give Me your indifference, your fear, your lack of compassion, and I will give you courage, tenderness and gentle, quiet acts of love.  There are so many to console; you and I together will console My dear children.


7th Station:   Our Lord falls the second time.


Jesus.  My child, give Me the weight of your sins – they crush you so!  I have come to raise you up, to take away this terrible burden that is crushing you to the point of despair; just give Me your sins – no matter how terrible they are.  I come not to condemn you, but to forgive every wrong you have done.


Come to Me in Confession!  Do not worry that you have been away for perhaps years – or do not know where to begin.  Come to the priest and explain your difficulty and ask for his help.  Come to Me often!


8th Station:   Our Lord consoles the Women of Jerusalem.


Jesus.  Give Me all the times you have neglected your prayers for yourself and your children – all the times you have given up and said – “No one listens to, or hears my prayers; God does not answer my prayer; God does not really care for me and my children”.


Give Me all the prayers I did not answer in your way, and all the answered prayers I answered in My way – but you rejected!


I will give you in return every prayer answered in a way that will draw you on to holiness; sometimes this gift will be disguised as suffering, loss, or pain, in order that your soul may grow in courage, love self-sacrifice; sometimes it will be wrapped in joy, peace and love.


There is no prayer from My children that I do not answer, because I love you!  All creation tells you every day I LOVE YOU!  Remember Me, for I never forget you - not even for a moment!


9th Station: Our Lord falls the third time.


Jesus.   Give Me the times when you can go no further, for I know well how you feel!  I lay here crushed and unable to move; I lay here for love of you.  Give Me your distress and believe in the power of My Name.  Call on My name - JESUS - I love you so and know you each by name.  I give you My Mother, whose tender Heart gave Me the courage to rise and go on.


10th Station:  Our Lord is stripped of His Garments.


Jesus.  Give Me all the possessions that I first gave you but you find so hard to part with; give Me your most precious possessions and I will give you freedom, light, joy and love.


Return to Me all I have given you and in return I will shower you with yet more abundance.  Why are you afraid, My child?  I am your God and well able to take care of you!


Give Me your lack of generosity and I will give you My generosity!


11th Station:  Our Lord is nailed to the Cross.


Jesus.  Give me all the times you were unwilling to be nailed to the Cross for love of others.  Give Me your fear of the Cross - fear in yourself and fear for others - and I will give you courage to become a willing victim of Loving Reparation. Do not be afraid - I am with you - and look, your Heavenly Mother accompanies us!


12th Station:  Our Lord dies on the Cross.


Jesus.  Give Me your fear of pain and death, and I will conquer death and free you from pain.  You are never alone, not even for a moment.


Give Me your cry of anguish and I will give you the victorious Cry "Thy Will be done".  Believe in My Name and call upon this Name, Jesus. You need only ask Me to remember you and life in My company will be yours!


13th Station:  Jesus lies in the arms of His Mother.


Jesus.  Give Me your crucified innocence. Lie in the arms of My Motherly Love for you.  Call to your Heavenly Mother; her arms receive your wounded minds, bodies and souls. You are as much her child as I am; her tears intercede for you - love her!  How she loves you!


14th Station:  Our Lord is laid in the Tomb.


Jesus.  Rest here - silent and still.  Give Me your grief and I will give you My Peace and a Glorious Resurrection!



10th July 1986 - Mass at St. Raphael's - Retreat Day.  Way of Silence and Healing (to be made between two Catholic churches or if not available then Christian church’s).


Patricia.  Our Lord began these instruction’s in St. Raphael's Church, Surbiton, England and completed it at the Retreat Convent in Wimbledon.  These stations are to be carried out silently during the Walk of Reparation between one Catholic church and another. 


1st Station:   Jesus is condemned to death.


Patricia.  Teach me silence, Lord. I find it so hard.


Jesus.  Come with Me and I will show you the Way of Silence.  Do not argue with or contradict evil, your silence is witness enough - it is more hidden.  As Father says, do not even mention the evils that afflict your body or your soul.  Go into the room of your heart and close the door and pray there. The Eucharistic Hearts of Jesus and Mary will keep silent company with you, refresh you, share all with you, and there you will regain your peace, tranquillity, and equilibrium. God will see all you do in secret.


2nd Station:   Jesus receives His Cross.


Jesus.  Carry your cross daily, in silence and hidden paths of silent love. The crosses of the soul and body stand silent. When others are unable to do this and their anguish spills over, draw them quietly into silence and peace.


3rd Station:   Jesus falls the first time.


Jesus.  When you fall under the weight of your own sins and the sins of others, remember Me, I am with you and have gone before you. Silence.  Do not complain, do not become agitated and upset by your weakness.  Come to the silent out-pouring of My Precious Blood poured out on you in Confession.  How I long to comfort you in Confession!


4th Station:  Jesus meets His Mother.


Jesus.  Between two souls that understand each other, the look of silence and love should say all. If there is need to speak, speak frankly, as with a trusted friend.  Speak quietly and gently and soothe each other's soul.


5th Station:  Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry His Cross.


Jesus.  Oh little soul! those who do not consider these devotions and messages prayerfully, refuse to be a Simon of Cyrene and help to carry the Cross of the crucified innocence.  When you carry another's burden, or when others are a burden to you, do not resist. Silently take up the weight and lovingly help Me in them.


6th Station:  Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.


Jesus.  Where suffering is seen, just a simple gesture of silent love, the touch of a hand, a smile, a little act of compassion will help the person on their way. Oh how precious is silence!


7th Station:   Jesus falls a second time.


Jesus.  Here I lay in silence, wounded, hurt, desiring the salvation of every soul. The Silence of God is all Wisdom, all Love, all Compassion.


8th Station:   Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem.


Patricia.  What is the Way of Silence here, Lord ?


Jesus.  So often you weep and cry over injustice done to you in your lives and in your hearts, forgetting that you are guilty of inflicting this injustice and pain on yourselves and on your children.  Be silent, weep and pray in the silence of your heart for yourselves and for your children.


9th Station:   Jesus falls a third time.


Jesus.  When innocence is savaged to this degree, crushed, beaten by the forces of evil, like an innocent child, innocence falls silent and does not resist.


10th Station:   Jesus is stripped of His garments.


Jesus.  So many souls do not remain silent and peaceful when stripped of their possessions,

their health, all that they own. Often they do not see it as the call of God, drawing their attention away from self to God. I call to souls willing to stand here with Me in shame, naked of all, silently resigned to the perfect Will of God.


11th Station:  Jesus is nailed to the Cross.


Jesus.  Even here, in intense physical and spiritual suffering, there can rise in the soul in union with the Eucharistic Hearts of Jesus and Mary a Silent Song of Love that will take the soul to this Station (the Crucifixion).


12th Station:  The Crucifixion.


Patricia.  Lord, what is the Way of Silent love here?


Jesus.  Silent acceptance for sinners.  The silence of Love, crucified, the silent anguish of a mother watching her son die, the silence of crucified Innocence; the silent gaze of the disciple towards his Master and the silent loving gaze of the Master for His disciple and friend; the silent contrition in the soul of the penitent (Mary Magdalen, representing us all) while God silently pours out His Blood for the penitent.


13th Station:  Jesus is taken down from the Cross.


Jesus.  The silence of death, of a mother, the Mother of God, holding in her arms her only Son, that the forces of evil have stolen from her. Here, Mother and Son bear the wounds of the supreme Sacrifice in silence. A silent pain so deep that it breaks your heart, yet love still says 'Yes' for love of souls.


14th Station:  Jesus is placed in the sepulchre.


Jesus.  How silent was the tomb in which I lay.  Even heaven was silent, yet in three days that silence was broken forever in the magnificent Resurrection.  Love had conquered death and sin eternally. What jubilation in heaven.  What jubilation in the hearts of the Apostles, in the Heart of My own dear Mother.  What happiness and joy in the repentant sinner when that resurrection becomes real in the Sacrament of Confession!  For now I am with you always, to the end of time, here with you today, in person, before you on the altar among men, always risen, available to every soul on earth in the Sacrament of My very Self, the Blessed Sacrament in Holy Communion.



7th April 1990.  Our Lady Immaculate Church.


Jesus.  I tell you most solemnly I will look kindly on all those who: make the Way of Silence, (the Walk of Reparation); attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; go to confession with true Contrition and have a firm purpose of amendment of life; say the Chaplets, the Prayer of the

Helpless; make the Way of Healing and Contrition; and light a candle for the helpless victims of the sins of abortion.  I will cleanse them of all sins against Holy Innocence and against

one another. They will be as spotless lambs in my sight.


Tell the people to come to the Walk of Reparation.  Let the people come to this hill (in Surbiton, England) in a spirit of reparation.  Those who fulfil these requests and who make this Walk will regain their innocence and will carry to heaven a special mark, the cross of loving reparation.  In this way they will be atoning for their many sins.  They will receive My Benediction and will be lovingly received into the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.


Honour your Heavenly Mother's Mystical suffering and Wounds.  Honour My Sacred Wounds.


Wear the Eucharistic Medal - when disaster strikes it is the blood on the doorpost for each one of you.  (The Medal represents Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament - it is made to the size of the small host.)  Carry the little cross of the Crucified Innocence.  Learn the Way of childlike and Divine Innocence within the Novitiate of the Holy Family.  Be obedient to the Holy Catholic Church and to the Authority of My Vicar on earth, the Supreme Pontiff.  I wish to gather you all together into one people - the Children of God.


Make the Walk not only here but in all places between two Catholic churches.  Make the 14 Stations on the way to the church in Silence.


My Blessing +.


Patricia.  I was shown men holding large wooden crosses for each station.  This was on the First Friday of each month, the Feast of the Holy Innocents and the Feast of the Archangels.  This was shown happening all over this country and also in other countries, in reparation for sins of abortion and all other sins.  It was shown taking place between two Catholic churches and also between churches of other denominations.  Others could partake to some extent, but the fullness of the graces offered by Our Lord could only be obtained from within the Holy Catholic Church, its teaching and Sacraments.



4th May 1990.  Feast of the English Martyrs. (First Friday)


Our Lady.   I thank you most gratefully for your Walk of Reparation. Let the people come. I await with joy the Mass of Reparation at 3.00 pm. The Benediction you will receive brings with it the healing of My Divine Son Jesus. I call to the people, on this day of the Blessed Martyrs of this country, to come and make reparation.


Patricia.  Our Lady of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds has opened out her arms and her Mystical Wounds are giving out the most magnificent light. Our Lady's Heart is so beautiful, but has a grievous wound that bleeds for the crucified children killed in abortion and for all crucified innocence everywhere.


Our Lady.   Those who make this Walk will be given very special graces. They should go to Confession during the Day of Reparation and though their sins be as scarlet they shall

be forgiven and forgotten (a firm purpose of amendment of life is required). This is a barefoot walk.


Patricia.  Many children were brought to the Mass; very young children with their guardian angels (aborted children and those who had suffered the crucifixion of their innocence).  Martyrs who had died for the Faith in this country also came to the Mass.


Our Lady.   Let the people come - make reparation!


Jesus.  Come and be healed!



29th September 1990.  Feast of the Archangels.  Visit to the Blessed Sacrament.


Patricia.  Our Lord referred to the Way of Silence, the Walk of Reparation on the First Fridays and the feasts of the Archangels and the Holy Innocents. He said:


Jesus.  Silence!  Enjoy my silence!  I will teach you in this silence.  Give me your sufferings, your joys, all your sins!  Go to Confession before the Walk of Reparation!  Bring the sick!


Patricia.  I was shown sick and elderly people being helped in wheelchairs to follow the Way of Silence.  On the big feast days there was also a procession of the Blessed Sacrament with hymns being sung to the Blessed Sacrament and to Our Lady but the time of silence which Our Lord has requested between 3pm and 6pm in honour of His Passion, was maintained after the Mass of Reparation.  Beginning early in the morning the whole day was a day of reparation; Confession, Adoration, the Mass, the Silent Walk, Rosary, Crucified Innocence Chaplet and Eucharistic Chaplet.  On the First Friday night there was an all-night vigil into the First Saturday finishing with morning Mass and Benediction.  This also fulfilled the First Friday and First Saturday devotions.  In this way Our Lord is calling the people through his Church to make reparation for the sins of the world, especially the sin of abortion and sins against His Divine Innocence. Our Lord said:


Jesus.  Those who speak and break this silence lose the graces offered to them.  There is too much noise in the world – you drown out My voice and throw away My graces in this din.

Carry nothing for your journey.  Remember the reason you do this is because you bring nothing into this world and you take nothing out of it but the spiritual goods you possess.  Light candles for your intentions and for the helpless victims of sin.  Light the candles in memory of the aborted children.  Ask for graces for yourselves and for others.  Bring red and white flowers to the Church.


Patricia.  Mother, how does one keep the children silent?


Our Lady.  Children also need to learn the value of silence.  There is no blame on the very little ones.


Jesus.  This Way of Silence will free you from so much bitterness and pain.  Silence is freedom – silence is joy – silence is love – silence is peace!  Winter and summer, make the Way of Silence!  Those who are well enough, go barefoot! 


Patricia.  Be prudent in this matter, however Our Lord reminded me of poor children in Kashmir whom I had seen standing barefoot in the snow; they were laughing and happy despite being so poor.  During one Silent Walk of reparation I made I saw Our Lady come in a great procession of angels, saints, priests, brothers, sisters and families of Divine Innocence.  Our Lady carried the Child Jesus and was accompanied by St. Joseph.  I saw many mothers and fathers who made the Walk of Reparation for abortion.  Our Lord said:


Jesus.  You do not make this Walk alone!


Patricia.  I tried to fill the silence with extra prayers but Our Lord stopped me and asked me to enjoy the silence and beauty of the present moment.  He said:


Jesus.  Still your thoughts!  If you follow My instructions what peace will come to your souls, to England, to this area, and to the whole world!


Patricia.  I saw many priests of different nationalities making the Walk of Reparation.  Speaking of the shrine area in Surbiton, Our Lord said:


Jesus.  This place has been chosen by heaven.


Patricia.  At the Pine Tree (which is approximately halfway between St. Raphael’s Church, Kingston, and Our Lady Immaculate Church, Tolworth), I saw the Holy Family and the Child Jesus ran to the people who were making the Walk of Reparation for their own sins and the sins of others.  The Child Jesus thanked them.


During the Walk of Reparation I felt a great peace and healing flow over me and all bitterness seemed to fade away.  The Way of Silence gave great consolation to people, it was beautiful and calming – a very moving experience.


The sins against God’s Divine Innocence are so great that unless there is world-wide reparation and amendment of life God’s Justice will fall upon the world (in abortion alone hundreds of millions of innocent children have been killed).  Our Lord and Our Lady have asked the Church through the inspiration of Divine Innocence to lead the people in reparation.  They have asked for processions to begin in honour of the Blessed Sacrament and in reparation for the sins of the whole world.  They have asked for a penitential walk in silence. I was shown the people at the end of the Walk washing each others feet just as Our Lord did for the disciples.  I was shown that there should be no buying or selling – no traffic on the hill.  People should walk or be helped by others if they are infirm.



28th December 1990.  Feast of the Holy Innocents. St. Raphael’s Church, Surbiton.


Patricia.  During the Walk of Reparation I saw Our Lady, accompanied by angels and many children.  Our Lady said:


Our Lady.   We await with great anticipation the Mass of Reparation this afternoon!  You have gained many, many graces during this Walk of Reparation!


Patricia.  The Child Jesus led the people and was very happy that so many people came.  We had Benediction and afterwards the Rosary.  At the Mass Our Blessed Lady came with many aborted children who were carried by their guardian angels; some children, dressed in white, were shown walking; these I understood to have been innocent victims of some kind who had died through the sins of others. At the end of the Mass I saw the angels with the children in front of them holding lighted candles rising towards heaven.


Our Lady of the Mystical Wounds opened out her arms as if to welcome them; they rose higher and higher past Our Lady to the Holy Trinity, who were shown as three Persons - the Father on a throne, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as a Dove.  Our Lady said:


Our Lady.   Tonight, in heaven there will be millions of lighted candles for these little ones (symbols of the light of Christ).  My Motherly blessing +.



11th July 1991.  Retreat Day.


Patricia.  Our Lady comes in procession with the Archangels.


Our Lady.   The Feast of the Archangels draws near.  I come today to implore your help for that Feast Day.  As Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds, I come to lead you in a procession of penance and reparation.  Spread this good news everywhere.  Bring the people to the two Churches of Our Lady Immaculate and St Raphael's.  Come join a great procession of loving reparation!  Have true contrition and a firm commitment to amend your lives.


Our Lady.   Come and make reparation for your own sins, the sins of your families and the sins of the world.  Many very serious sins offend God's Justice - repent - come and make reparation!  Those who make the barefoot Walk of Reparation with true contrition will receive the grace of final perseverance.  Those who honour the Sacred Wounds of my Divine Son will have these Wounds to plead for them before the Father's Justice.  Those who honour the United Eucharistic Hearts of Jesus and Mary will be the special concern of these Hearts filled with Divine Love.


Do not be afraid to wear the Eucharistic Medal openly - this is the symbol of the Blood of the Divine Lamb!



5th August 2000.  Eve of the Transfiguration. St. Mary Major. Pinetree visit.


Patricia.    We were making a Walk of Reparation in the form of a Cross over the whole country but a local priest objected. I said to Our Lord that they take offence at the Walks of Reparation and our honouring Our Lady as the Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds.  I saw in Our Lord’s Heart a fiery indignation rising when I mentioned that some of the clergy were offended by our trying to carry out Heaven’s request.  Our Lord said:


Jesus.   And what of the gross offence given to your God in the slaughter of millions of children He created in His own image and the millions of the parents in grave sin?  What of the offence given to Me who died in agony on the Cross for all those souls that these shepherds neglect and prefer to listen to hearsay, rumour and lies against this message of tender mercy and compassion?  They make NO EFFORT to help you in this development of doctrine or to consider the Novitiate of the Holy Family!  They prefer to listen to the father of lies and they attack not you but My Divine Innocence!  Insults against me fall on you, but you will be vindicated and I will lay hands on the shepherds who neglected My sheep and lambs!  Here is an ecumenical message of vigour and love.  My ecumenical Message founded in the Truth, not lies and hearsay!  Your Advocate is the Holy Spirit who will defend the Message of My Divine Innocence and it will be proclaimed universally throughout the world and the Catholic Church!