The Family of Divine Innocence

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3.        The Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of:

‘Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds’.



Second Vatican Council, Lumen Gentium, Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, The Role of the Blessed Mother in the Economy of Salvation, no. 58.


‘…..[T]he Blessed Virgin advanced in her pilgrimage of faith, and faithfully persevered in her union with her Son unto the cross, where she stood, in keeping with the divine plan, grieving exceedingly with her only begotten Son, uniting herself with a maternal heart with His sacrifice, and lovingly consenting to the immolation of this Victim which she herself had brought forth.  Finally, she was given by the same Christ Jesus dying on the wood of the cross as a mother to His disciple, with these words: “Woman, behold thy son” (Jn 19:26-27).




Divine Office of the Church, from the Common of the Saturday Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Reading from the homilies of St. John Chrysostom.


‘….A virgin, a tree and a death were the symbols of our defeat.  The virgin was Eve: she had not yet known man; the tree was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; the death was Adam’s penalty.  But behold again a Virgin and a tree and a death, those symbols of defeat, become the symbols of his victory.  For in place of Eve there is Mary; in place of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the tree of the Cross; in place of the death of Adam, the death of Christ.’….



Divine Office of the Church, from the Common of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Reading from the sermons of Aelred of Rievaulx.


‘Let us come to his bride, let us come to his mother, let us come to the best of his handmaidens.  All of these descriptions fit Blessed Mary.

But what are we to do for her? What sort of gifts shall we offer her? O that we might at least repay to her the debt we owe her!  We owe her honour, we owe her devotion, we owe her love, we owe her praise.  We owe her honour because she is the mother of Our Lord.  He who does not honour the mother, will without doubt dishonour the son.  Besides, scripture says: ‘Honour your father and your mother.’

…She therefore who is the mother of Christ is the mother of our wisdom, mother of our righteousness, mother of our sanctification, mother of our redemption.  Therefore she is more our mother than the mother of our flesh.  Better therefore is our birth which we derive from Mary, for from her is our holiness, our wisdom, our righteousness, our sanctification, our redemption.’



Mulieris Dignitatem, Apostolic Letter on the dignity and vocation of women. John Paul II 1988, no. 11:


Mary is “the new beginning” of the dignity and vocation of women, of each and every woman.  He “has done great things for me”: this is the discovery of all the richness and personal resources of femininity, all the eternal originality of the “woman”, just as God wanted her to be, a person for her own sake…..[and]….this awareness bursts forth in all its power in the words of the biblical “woman” of Nazareth.  In Mary, Eve discovers the nature of the true dignity of woman, of feminine humanity.  This discovery must continually reach the heart of every woman and shape her vocation and her life.”






In this inspiration Our Lord wishes His Mother to be known under the title of “Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds.”  Our Lady said that she had come to tend the hidden wounds of her children and to encourage them to regain and live in innocence according to the Gospel, the Sacraments and the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church.  Our Lord and Our Lady spoke of innocence being crucified all over the world, because God’s Law is broken and the sins of the people cause many spiritual and social ills. Our Lord wants the Hidden and Mystical wounds of Our Blessed Lady to be honoured. Our Lady always draws us to the saving Wounds of Jesus and His perfect Sacrifice on the Cross, where He won our salvation. 



21st July 1985.


Patricia.  Our Lady came dressed in a white-pink veil*, soft blue-grey* cloak and a white-pink dress.  She had bare feet, and the Crown of the Immaculate Conception and the Mystical Wounds on her head.  In her Heart was shown the gold sphere below white roses and a silver five pointed star above these.  She said:


Our Lady.   I am the Immaculate Mother of God, Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds – Mother of England and Mother of the world.  I come to gather in all my children everywhere.  It is only in a mother’s arms that a child is safe.  My arms are open to receive you so tenderly.  No one who comes to me will be lost!



October 1985.  St. Agatha's Church, Kingston. Stations of the Cross.


Our Lady.   I wish my children all over the world to know that I, their Mother, share with them the terrible hidden wounds they suffer. As iniquity increases, so does the suffering of the innocent. Poor, crucified, innocent ones! There is no suffering, pain, agony, bitterness, which is not gathered into these Mystical Wounds. Herein lies the hidden suffering of all the world. As my Son took upon Himself your sins, so, too, do I take upon myself the hidden wounds and suffering of my children. I watch you unjustly condemned. I see your persecutors physically and interiorly scourge you. I feel the terrible crosses which are laid on the shoulders of my little children, that crush you to the ground in union with my Divine Son and in full view of your Heavenly Mother.  I see the derision you bear, and I bear it with you in great sorrow and love - a tender, Motherly love. I see evil men strip you of everything that is your God-given right. Nailed to the cross of your suffering with my Son, and in union with Him and your Mother, you suffer again and again for the guilty. Crucified victims of the world, I stand beneath your cross! I take you into my arms. I weep and plead for you. I go into your tomb with you. But I also embrace you in the glorious Resurrection of your innocence triumphant in Christ’s Innocence! [Triumphant in Christ’s Victory on the Cross over sin and death]




30th July 1985.


Our Lady.   My child, I open wide my Mother’s arms to you and all my poor wounded children.  Here, you will receive healing, comfort, and so many graces.  I, your Mother, know of all your hidden wounds and suffering.  You can tell me everything.  Come and nestle on my Heart.  See, it beats for you, not just as part of the human race, but beats personally for you in particular.  Do you think that my Son would turn you away, my own dear child, if I have carried you, all wounded, to His feet?  See my son’s feet – they are wounded for children like you.



17th August 1989.


Our Lady.   I gladly bear these Wounds for love of my Eucharistic King in the Most Holy Sacrament of His Body and Blood!


Jesus.  Invoke the intercession of the Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds!  From these wounds pours a healing balm; the balm of Humility, the healing oil of Purity, the ointment of Faith, Hope and Charity.  Turn to your Heavenly Mother.  Her Eucharistic Heart is impelled to draw you to My Eucharistic Heart. Bring your sick to My daily Benediction. Daily I wish to flood souls in My healing love!


I request you, do not abandon this chosen spot (Surbiton, Surrey, England where the foundation house now stands).  I desire to show you My Almighty Power and the power of My Eucharistic Blessing. Today you make history!


Request the Church to allow this Feast to be celebrated each year on this day, August 17th.- the Feast of the Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds.


Patricia.  At the singing of the hymn  “O Fairest of Creatures'' Our Lady's statue of the Mystical Wounds was shown surrounded by a great light.  The stars on the hands, feet and the heart of Our Lady are shining like real stars.  Our Lady is happy and sad at the same time – sad that, after all this time and her many visits here, few know or understand her role as Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds.  She is also happy and love fills the light around Her. From the Eucharistic Heart of Our Blessed Mother pours a deep and Motherly love for us. Today Our Lady looks little and frail but there is a great power in Her Motherly love for us and for all mankind.


Our Lady.   You do me a great service today in honouring the Mystical Wounds acquired through a deep and intimate sharing in my Son's Passion.  Let Processions come!



24th April 1993.  


Patricia.   Dear Lord, how I have longed to share this grace with others, yet so many have walked away, some afraid, some with indifference. Others do not understand. I feel like a mother who has lost children and just cannot reach them. It is a constant interior pain and longing, for unity, peace and loving reconciliation.


Jesus.    My child, you are drawn into your Heavenly Mother’s Mystical Wounds and her wounded heart. If the Blessed Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds only looks towards Me with Motherly love, on behalf of a soul who rejects Me, how can I refuse her tender motherly anguish and silent pleading? Mothers who plead and weep for their children render Me all but helpless, and mercy flows in abundance like a great river. Freewill builds dams that impede graces. The tears and prayers of your Heavenly Mother, and all mothers, release graces that break through those dams. Sadly, souls so quickly rebuild these dams!



26th June 2002(i).


Patricia.   We wondered about the Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds and how to explain that it is Christ’s Wounds that save and heal but that Our Lady’s Hidden and Mystical Wounds have an intercessory power and role.  Our Lady said:


Our Lady.   Jesus is the Doctor, I am the nurse!