The Family of Divine Innocence

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Development of Doctrine.


Messages from the inspiration about the development of doctrine:


18th November 1995.


Patricia.   In my theology Coursebook the concluding chapter on justification invited the reader to join in this dialogue, reflecting on the whole issue of justification in the light of Scripture and the documents concerning this doctrine from the Council of Trent. I said to Our Lord:


Patricia.  Why not simply stick with the Council of Trent?


Jesus.   Because there must be development of doctrine, as you see with the fate of the aborted children.  In the light of the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, Scripture and Tradition, new insights are given to mankind but all such development must submit to the Church for her final decision and authority for the safety of its members.



7th October 1996.   Development of doctrine.


Patricia.   Our Lord said if they accuse you of presenting a new doctrine (in relation to the martyrdom of aborted children and the Novitiate of the Holy Family), refer them to the Divine Office of Readings (Week 27 of the Year, Friday, Book No. III), a text taken from the first notebook of St. Vincent of Lerins. Ch. 23:


R.    ‘The development of Christian doctrine’.


 "Is there to be no development of doctrine in Christ's Church?  Certainly there should be great development.”


Patricia.  Speaking of the claiming of the aborted children Our Lord used the words of St. Vincent:


Jesus.   (R.) "Who would be so grudging towards his fellow-men and so hostile to God as to try to prevent it?


Jesus.   So many are hostile to this Message of Mercy and grudging towards the poor souls

seeking the triumph of their crucified innocence, which they maliciously try to prevent. Others are preventing My Love and Mercy from reaching the poor crucified victims of sin, through neglect and indifference.


R.   "But care should be taken to ensure that it really is development of the faith and not alteration. Development implies that each point of doctrine is expanded within itself, while alteration suggests that a thing has been changed from what it was into something different."


Jesus.   There is no alteration here in the Messages of Divine Innocence.  (This meant in the request made to the Church to claim the children killed in abortion and the Novitiate of the Holy Family and the Way of Divine Innocence)


R.  "It is desirable then that development should take place, and that there should be a great and vigorous growth in the understanding, knowledge and wisdom of every individual as well as of all the people, on the part of each member as well as the whole Church, gradually over the generations and ages.  But it must be growth within the limits of its own nature, that is to say within the framework of the same dogma and of the same meaning.


Let religion, which is of the spirit, imitate the processes of the body.  For, although bodies develop over the years and their individual parts evolve, they do not change into something different.  It is true that there is a great gap between the prime of youth and the maturity of later years, but the people who reach these later years are the same people who once were adolescents.  So, although the size and outward appearance of any individual may change, it is still the same person, and the nature remains the same.


The limbs of infants are tiny, while those of young men are large, but they are the same limbs. The man has no more parts to his body than the little child: and if there are parts that appear with age and greater maturity they are already present earlier in embryo.  As a result, it can be said that nothing new is produced in old men that was not already present in an undeveloped form when they were boys."


Jesus.   (Referring to the embryo) This is a written proof for the need to protect the child in the womb!



24th December 1996(ii).  Christmas Eve. Brompton Oratory, London. Mass.


Patricia.    I had begun to read An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine by John Henry Cardinal Newman.  At midnight Mass, Our Lady appeared to me and stated that we must look carefully at Cardinal Newman’s writings with regard to the claiming of the aborted children and other children killed before birth.  On the walk of Reparation, on the Feast of the Holy Innocents 1996, Our Lady repeated this instruction, saying that it was most important to look at Cardinal Newman’s writings.  As I was reading the foreword to this book, Our Lord commented upon it:


R.  “ The Essay, then, far from being a work of systematic theory, is what it says it is, an essay……. To use that favourite word of its author, it offers a “view” of the course of doctrinal development in the early Church and invites the reader to recognise certain patterns which it traces in the historical phenomena.


Jesus.   This development (the inspiration of Divine Innocence) is not a view, but a light from above.  A light from above on essential truths!


Patricia.  As I read the Introduction, Our Lord again commented upon it:


R.  “Christianity has been long enough in the world to justify us in dealing with it as a fact in the world’s history.  Its genius and character, its doctrines, precepts, and objects cannot be treated as matters of private opinion or deduction, unless we may reasonably so regard the Spartan institutions or the religion of Mohomet….


Jesus.   The Message of Divine Innocence is not a matter of private opinion, but a prophetic light of the Holy Spirit on public Revelation!


R.   It may indeed legitimately be made the subject-matter of theories; what is its moral and political excellence, what its due location in the range of ideas or of facts which we possess, whether it be divine or human, whether original or eclectic, or both at once, how far favourable to civilization or to literature, whether a religion for all ages or for a particular state of society, these are questions upon the fact, or professed solutions of the fact, and belong to the province of opinion; but to a fact do they relate, on an admitted fact do they turn, which must be ascertained as other facts, and surely has on the whole been so ascertained, unless the testimony of so many centuries is to go for nothing. Christianity is no theory of the study or the cloister.  It has long since passed beyond the letter of documents and the reasonings of individual minds, and has become public property…..


Jesus.   This Message is public property and needs to be the subject of a proper investigation and scrutiny of the Church!


R.  Its “sound has gone out into all lands,” and its “words unto the ends of the world”…..


Jesus.   When the children are claimed by the Church, this good news will be told world-wide!


R.  It has from the first had an objective existence, and has thrown itself upon the great concourse of men. Its home is in the world; and to know what it is, we must seek it in the world, and hear the world’s witness of it.”


Jesus.   Why do the Churchmen hold up this message of Divine Love and Mercy?



18th May 1997.  Pentecost Sunday, Pine tree.


Patricia.  Mother, how can it be proved that the children turn towards Christ their Saviour?


Our Lady.  Antecedent probability!  You will be instructed as you record what you have been shown in the Scriptures, the Divine Office and the Church Documents. This glorious vision must reach the Church, it is the birth of Christ’s Divine Innocence in the people!



23rd December 2001.


Jesus.  The hierarchy act as if I am not with the children, never have been and never will be.  They say one thing and act contrary to the belief and doctrine of the Church, and say “We do not know”.  You can no longer say you do not know the fate of the children.  It has been spelt out to you from Scripture, Tradition and the teaching of the Magisterium.  You act as if this Sacrifice is memorial only with regard to the children.  You are Protestant in that inaction!  The doctrine is developed, this claiming is built on a sound foundation, not innovation!  My Sacrifice is all encompassing, not selective!