The Family of Divine Innocence

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In nos. 1-10, Patricia, mother foundress of the Divine Innocence movement, gives a brief explanation of some of the major themes in the Divine Innocence Inspiration.  Following the introduction are messages based on these themes.  (In link titled ‘Theology, Fr. Philippe Jobert OSB.’ there are theological explanations of these themes)


Patricia.  It is very importance to understand the terminology given in this inspiration because the wording is not our own but given by Our Lord. The terminology is unique to this inspiration and must be preserved. The terminology is important for the theological unfolding of this message and is essential in expressing its key concepts. To put aside or to remove it, will mean that the development in many cases will not be understood and the new theology will be lost.



1.  The divine order of things - The Order of Divine Innocence:


In the message of Divine Innocence Our Lord shows that He has founded a divine order of things in Creation, in the Holy Family and in the Universal Church, to help all mankind live according to the Order of Divine Innocence. When we move away from this Divine Order founded by Christ, we suffer or cause sufferings to others.  The Divine Order of the new Christian family was established for men, women and children wounded through sin to regain lost innocence, so that Christ’s ‘Divine Innocence can be Triumphant in our crucified innocence’. The Trinitarian life of the Holy Family is ‘the fundamental spirituality of the Church Herself’[1]. The Holy Family helps us to live God’s divine order of things in our everyday lives and to make our lives Christ-centred.



16th December 1994.  Nazareth House, Surbiton, Surrey, England.


Jesus.  Do you understand now this order.  It precedes all orders and supersedes all orders.  

It sweeps away man's imperfection and replaces it with God's perfection.  That is why it must be taught world wide by the Magisterium.


Patricia.  Is it not already being done so by the Church Lord?


Jesus.  Fragmentation and separation has come about; the original perfection has been replaced by so much that is not in the original design.  This is the cause of the ills in the Church and in the family.  Take the example of an earthly inheritance - fragmentation and division; reduces the original property.  It weakens the original strength of the family and its assets.  The same happens in the Church.  The same happens when there are many different Christian denominations.  The Blessed Trinity is Unity, Peace and Love.


My order as founded by Me is not like this but you have made it like this, clerics and people alike.  Come back to the perfect original, within the one Holy Family.  Within the Novitiate of the Holy Family you will learn to walk in the way of perfection.  It is no longer acceptable

to live one aspect of the original Christian order and perfection or to minister to only one part of the suffering body (Christ)  as in the past; that time is over.


Many of the religious and lay orders will now die and only those that are fully within the original Christian perfect order, and actively begin to teach and live it, will survive the purifying fire of the Holy Spirit.  The whole Church must know of and live this original design and perfect Christian Order; The Perfect Order I founded, so that My Divine Innocence will be Triumphant in your crucified innocence.

Patricia.  Our Lord showed that the great Communities, Orders and spiritual families of the past came about in the Church taking up certain aspects of Christ's life and ministered to certain needs in the history of the Church and the needs of the people.  Their founders glimpsed the original perfection founded by Christ in the family and in the Church. That glimpse was so wonderful and their co-operation with the grace they received from heaven so powerful that they were able with the help of the Holy Spirit to found the great orders and movements, religious and laity of the past.  Sadly many have moved away from the original design founded by Christ Himself.  Now Our Lord is showing that everything is contained in the original design and must be fully lived by all in all the originality of the original perfection and perfect design.


It is the whole Christ, the whole Holy Family, the contemplative life and the active, the poor and rich, the sick and the healthy; everything contained and ministered to in a wonderful wholeness so all know of and live the Novitiate of the Holy Family, priests, law makers, educators, doctors, mothers, fathers, children, governments.  No more Jew or Gentile,

no more slave or freedman, all are one in Christ Our Lord's original perfection.



9th February 1996.  Nazareth House, Surbiton, Surrey, England. 


Patricia.  I was about to begin my Divine Office when Our Lord explained to me more about the nature of the Order of Divine Innocence.


Jesus.  This is MY ORDER[2] I founded in the beginning; perfect then, perfect now, and perfect always.  This is the spirituality of the Church in which all spiritualities are contained.  This perfect Order of Perfection was not founded by men with the aid of the Holy Spirit, it was founded by God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This Perfect Order continues to be founded in all who wish to co-operate with the original grace, so that the original perfect Christian Order is founded in them.


This is the Order I founded according to the Will of the Father by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is MY ORDER, the ORDER of MY DIVINE INNOCENCE, triumphant over sin and death; triumphant in your crucified innocence.


The Novitiate of the Holy Family has been revealed to draw all mankind into one vocation and to follow Me with one heart, mind and purpose, from the beginning to the end.  From My beginning to My end, Perfection and Glory.  As you were shown just a little while ago, it is time for one vocation, and its Novitiate is the Novitiate of the Holy Family.  Gone is the time for you to live only one facet of the diamond of perfection.  ‘Be you therefore perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect’.  ‘Unless you become as little children you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven’ (Matt 18:3).


Follow Me in the order of MY DIVINE CHILDHOOD, innocent and docile to the Will of the Father.  Follow Me in MY MISSION to the world.  Follow Me to MY CRUCIFIXION, not one of your own making.  Clothe yourselves in MY INNOCENCE.  Enjoy MY RESURRECTION, triumphant in your crucified innocence.


Patricia.  Lord, what is the nature of this Order?


Jesus.   The nature of the Trinity.


Patricia.  Lord, what is the purpose of this Order?


Jesus.  Perfection, and to live here and now the very life of the Trinity.


Patricia.  And the character of the Order of Divine Innocence, Lord?


Jesus.  Look up the meaning of the word!


Patricia.  Dictionary meaning of character:      1.   Mark; symbol; letter


                                   2.   Essential nature, personality.


                                   3.   Testimonial of ability, habits;


Jesus.  I wish to have My mark of ownership upon you, not just in one area of your life but in every area and throughout your whole being, not as a symbol but as a reality.  I do not wish the mark of the devil to be upon your forehead, the character of My Perfect Order is the essential nature of the Trinity.  Your character needs to be formed according to the Perfect Will of the Father.  Follow Me!  I came only to do the Will of the Father.  Male and female God created you.


You have distorted the correct order and follow your own design instead of My Design and My perfect order of creation.  You are changing what is unchangeable according to the Essential Nature of the Order of Perfection.  You are changing the nature of men and women and the nature of the Priesthood.  You need to learn the perfection of the role of men and women and the priest, the perfection of motherhood and womanhood, the perfection of fatherhood and manhood.


For the most part you are unaware of the sublime nature of My Perfect Order.


I AM that I AM, I founded this Order.  All imperfect things must pass away.  The Novitiate of the one Holy Family and people of God, served in Nazareth Universal, has been revealed to you in all its original perfection to help you to follow Me more perfectly.  Go down to Nazareth,

the Motherhouse of the Church. Be prepared and trained for My mission to the world, learn from Me for I am meek and humble of heart.  I placed Myself in the care of the Holy Couple and together we lived in the new Garden of Eden; the Kingdom came on earth as it is in heaven.  We lived the life of the Blessed Trinity. Go and do likewise.


Patricia.   Our Lord commented on the obligations of the Commitment of the Holy Family:


Jesus.  The obligations given to you to train your souls and bodies in this order of perfection, through a solemn Commitment to strive to live as fitting members of the Holy Family and the life of the Blessed Trinity, are a testimonial of ability and good habits. (Patricia. Our Lord was

referring in this statement to one of the definitions from the dictionary)




[1] Our Lord used this terminology in messages dated 20th June 2002 and 21st September 2002(ii) and  Our Lady in a message dated 7th September 1999.

[2] Oxford Dictionary’s translation of ‘order’:  1a. the condition in which every part, unit etc. is in its right place; 3. A state of peaceful harmony under a constituted authority [Christ].