The Family of Divine Innocence

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The Holy Sacrament of Marriage.Broken marriages.


C.C.C. 2202: ††ĎA man and a woman united in marriage, together with their children, form a family. This institution is prior to any recognition by public authority, which has an obligation to recognize it.It should be considered the normal reference point by which the different forms of family relationship are to be evaluatedí.

C.C.C. 2203:ĎIn creating man and woman, God instituted the human family and endowed it with its fundamental constitution.Its members are persons equal in dignity.For the common good of its members and of society, the family necessarily has manifold responsibilities, rights and dutiesí

C.C.C. 2204:" The Christian family constitutes a specific revelation and realization of ecclesial communion, and for this reason it can and should be called a domestic church " (FC 21; cf. LG 11). It is a community of faith, hope and charity; it assumes singular importance in the Church, as is evident in the New Testament (Cf. Eph 5:21-6:4; Col 3:18-21; 1 Pt 3:1-7).



24th February 1987.A married couple's thanksgiving Mass at St. Mary's, Westminster.


Patricia.Our Lord, speaking of the Sacrament of Marriage, said:


Jesus.How many couples come and give thanks through the Holy Mass? Yet so many graces are poured out in this Sacrament!If couples came at every stage of their marriage and asked for more graces and help in their difficulties, they would quickly grow in holiness.


Make full use of the Sacraments.It is My desire to help you, console you, strengthen you. Come together in humility.Man and wife, bring your children.So soon you forget Me and your promises to each other!My Blessing on this gathering +.


Our Lady.My Motherly Blessing also +. The invitation to be a family of Divine Innocence extends to the whole family, even if only one member understands at first.


Patricia.Our Lord is shown carrying a great heavy Cross, He falls at the altar steps. During Mass, high above the altar, I saw the symbols on the Eucharistic Medal alive, the

suffering Christ; the fresh roses, white and red and perfumed, with dew on them; the

Precious Blood; the Dove with the golden chain and One drop of Our Lord's Precious

Blood. The circle of the Medal had a golden light.


Our Lady came with Angels. The Angels went up into the sanctuary area and all knelt

facing the altar. The Angels looked as if they were made of gold, full of light.


St. Joseph came and both Our Lady and St. Joseph knelt at the first steps, where later the married couple received their Blessing. Our Lady was on the side where the wife later came to stand and the husband stood where St. Joseph had knelt.At the end of the Mass at the Blessing I saw Our Lord standing before the Tabernacle, His Wounds bleeding and very deep.He gave His Blessing at the same time as the Priest.


Patricia. ††Why do You have these Wounds, Lord?


Jesus.So many marriages of the world deepen these Wounds!



1st July 1998.


Patricia.Mother, what does the Novitiate mean for those whose marriages are on the rocks?


Our Lady.It means hope.


Patricia.They seem to have no hope.


Our Lady.It means the founding of marriages on the Rock of Christ from the beginning.


Patricia.Will so many marriages never come right, dear Mother?


Our Lady.Marriages will never be completely right unless they begin and end in the Novitiate of the Holy Family. This Novitiate is the hope of the Church, the hope of every family. Take courage, there are those of you who are sowing with tears. Heaven looks with compassion on suffering families and that is why this great grace has been given.


Patricia.Sometimes, Mother, I have no heart to speak about the joys of the Novitiate of the Holy Family. When people suffer so much they expect things to change and they seem to get worse.


Our Lady.The Holy Family experienced the same persecution and exile unto death of self. This is a Novitiate of Reparation and generous love for those who will reap in joy. Be faithful, my poor suffering children. My Motherly Blessing, I take your petition to my Heart and to the Heart of Jesus + .



28thOctober 1998(ii)Wakonia, Minneosota U.S.A. - Retreat House Chapel.


Our Lady.Tell my children here that I know of all their hidden sufferings and see with great consolation their hidden efforts to respond to Godís call.


My little children of Divine Innocence, The Way of Divine Innocence will of its very nature challenge the forces of evil and sin. Be of good courage and follow in the footsteps of the Child Jesus. Come under my guidance and the protection of St. Joseph. We carry out, for those who are docile to the message of Divine Innocence, the same role we carried out in caring for the Holy Child. We help you to walk with Him and learn to act as He did. We prepare you for the mission of Jesus in the world in your particular vocation.


In every area of your lives, Godís Divine Innocence must be triumphant. Do not separate your spiritual life from your practical work. All must be done in holy innocence and for the glory of the Most Blessed Trinity. We are obliged to pass on to each one of you the role of St. Joseph and your Heavenly Mother, so that your separate yet complementary roles come to perfection according to the Will of the Father.


ĎMale and female, he created themí; male and female He has recreated them. Be fully part of that recreation. St. Joseph, the New Adam (Christ) and the New Eve (Our Lady) must shine out from your motherly and fatherly roles, married or single.


Many of you are married, many single, all have motherly or fatherly roles according to Godís Holy Will. The Novitiate of the Holy Family has been given to teach you how to strive to live your roles in holy co-operation. Many women have been abandoned by men. Many men have been abandoned by women. So many broken marriages cause terrible hidden wounds in men, women and children. Do not think that if you are in broken relationships you cannot benefit from the Way of Divine Innocence. You need it all the more. All can partake in this Novitiate, but you must conform your lives to the full and fruitful life and teaching of the Holy Catholic Church.We will show you how to make your sufferings universally creative and set you on the road to freedom, the freedom of the innocent children of God.


Our Lady.Remember the hidden years the Holy Family spent in Nazareth. Godís Divine Innocence (in the Holy Child) was hidden from the eyes of those who wished to kill Him. Much of your Novitiate will be a deep hidden training. Little by little that hidden training will become evident and then it will burst forth, as the great missionary work of the Children of Divine Innocence becomes visible in all its beauty in the people. At a time in the history of mankind when so many ridicule purity and innocence, you my dear children, are our hope. My Motherly Blessing +.


St. Joseph.†††† My fatherly Blessing +.


Infant Jesus.††† My Benediction + .†† Children of Divine Innocence, follow me in Innocence!



5th June 2001(ii).


Patricia.In the world there is general discussion as to who is responsible for the ills and wrongs in society; problems with teenagers, broken marriages, moral decline etc. Ė rarely are they called sin.New theories are put forward daily but no one in particular is to blame.Referring to these theories, Our Lord said:


Jesus.It is the fault of the nebulous nobodies (ie. nobody is to blame; neither original sin or the sins of the people)!


Jesus.Get rid of the doctrine of original sin and you get rid of the need of redemption; then you really are in danger.I redeemed you because I love you!