The Family of Divine Innocence

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The Power of helplessness and suffering in Christ.



14th April 1985.  Feast of Divine Mercy.


Jesus.   There is power in weakness.  See how weak and helpless I was on the Cross.  You notice, everything is painful when you try to bear it alone.  It becomes bearable only when you offer it.  Offer everything through the Heart of My Mother.  Do this with your physical and interior suffering.  Offer me everything; your failures, weaknesses, joys, everything, your whole day. 


Patricia.   The very weak can help God through their weakness, to save souls and make perfect the redemption of the whole world. [Col 1:24; “Now I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, and in my flesh I complete what is lacking in Christ's afflictions for the sake of his body, that is, the church.”]  The victory is won when the Divine, in His great humility, stoops to the weak and sinful creature.  His very Divinity purifies the soul.  All you have to do is to accept that victory over sin is won when you unite yourself with God.  God seeks the creature always.  You have only to accept.



16th June 1985.


Jesus.   The very weak and helpless cannot cope with great physical penance and I wish you to identify with the very weak, and the very weak to find a special friend in you.  I wish families to know the loving care they can receive from God and your Heavenly Mother, through the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls.  Heaven’s concern is very great for families.  Prayer and Catechism must not be neglected.  Do not be afraid to tell children about the wickedness of the devil.  So-called modern thinking will tell you that this is old fashioned or that it will frighten children.  You know this in your own family to be quite untrue.  The sooner children know of their spiritual enemies the sooner they will run to Me to defend them, the sooner they will invoke the aid of their Mother, the Angels and Saints.  Pray often to and for the Holy Souls!


Patricia.   Lord, I did not want to burden anyone else’s spirit with my spiritual crosses.


Jesus. Do not reject this offer of spiritual help because of the burden the Priest carries.  What do you think the Fifth Station of the Cross means if not to help each other in carrying the burden of your crosses?  Patricia, I needed help in this world and on the way to Calvary!  How much more you need it!  Help each other wherever you see distress, physical or spiritual!



2nd August 1985.


Patricia.   “Sweet Jesus, through the Heart of Mary, be with those who have suffered today and will suffer all through the night; with those whose sickness makes them helpless victims.  Be with those who have been the target of abuse, insult, violence and unkindness – comfort them in their bitter discouragement.  Be with those who are lonely and see no end to their loneliness, who hunger for love and happiness.  Help them to turn from themselves and to offer all their sufferings to you for the salvation of the world.  Take their tears and pain, their wounds and sorrows, and turn them one day into glorious crowns in heaven”.



23rd October 1985.


Our Lady.   All those who offer their suffering or penance for the triumph of the Christ Child in the crucified victims of the world, will bear some special mark of this suffering in heaven, and they will be the special crucified and triumphant children of Mary.


Patricia.   The Christ Child came to each one of us and put His Arms round us and laid His Head against us.


Infant Jesus.    I thank you with tender affection for all you offer and do to bring about the understanding of the gift of Divine Innocence to the world. If wilful men stand in our way, pray, pray, be child-like and innocent. Pity My Mother who tries so hard to save your souls from turning away from Me, the source of your Salvation. The gift of such pure innocence in a world so wicked and full of sin, seems like a dream of foolishness and folly on the part of heaven. Pray, pray! Heaven loves you so much. Do not fear or worry, but pray!



13th December 1986.


Jesus.   The key is - helplessness and weakness.  Appeal to Me through your helplessness.  In this way you render Me helpless. I become powerless and My Heart will pour out forgiveness and mercy.


Patricia.   God is almighty and all-powerful but He is drawn to our helplessness because of His Love for us.  It was through Christ’s helplessness on the Cross that He poured out His Love for us, He still continues to do so.



2nd January 1987.


Our Lady.   Little souls everywhere, do not resist the sufferings that come your way, what purification can be found in them!  Heaven wishes men to take note, holiness grows in a holy environment, a prayerful environment.  Families learn that Divine Innocence is protected

and safe in holy families


Jesus.   I have gathered together in you (the people drawn to follow the Way of Divine Innocence), every kind of helplessness.  I have gathered you into My helplessness on the Cross and together we will defeat the power of Satan.  No soul, no matter how weak, must feel they cannot be of help in the salvation of the world [Patricia. Through the power of uniting our suffering to Christ’s perfect Sacrifice on the Cross].  Oh little souls, just call upon My Name and together we will make reparation.


Patricia.   From the Host, Our Lord spoke:


Jesus.  Say the Rosary for Me. [Patricia. In the company of the Blessed Sacrament]  I wish to be consoled with the Rosary (Sorrowful Mysteries).


Our Lady.   Be little in your helplessness.  Do not allow anything to disturb your heart.



27th May 1987.  Feast of the Ascension.


Jesus.   Mothers, do not give up on sinful children. The laity are to care for their priests as if they were caring for a member of their own family, because they are very special to Me. (Patricia.   As Our Lady and St. Joseph (lay people) cared for Jesus who from the moment of His Incarnation was Prophet, Priest and King.)


Jesus.   This community is in memory of My helplessness on the Cross – I will never forget the helpless, suffering victims of the world. How can I forget going to the depths of helplessness Myself for your sakes?



21st April 1988.  Our Lady Immaculate Church, Tolworth.  After Mass.


Patricia.   I gave the Child Jesus the precious pearl of all the devotions and prayers that have ever been or ever will be inspired by heaven, that delight Him most.


He gave the pearl to Our Lady who placed it in her Heart. When Our Lady drew it out of her heart, it had a beautiful lustre, to the delight of her little son Who clasped it to His own Heart. He came back to me and gave me a small bag, a little drawstring leather bag with precious pearls He had chosen, into which He asked me to place gifts for Him. I asked Him what He wanted most and first of all, and He said:


Infant Jesus.   Suffering, so I can save souls. (Patricia. The offering up of suffering).


Patricia.   I asked Him what else He would like and the Child Jesus said:


Infant Jesus.   Love, so I can turn souls back to Me.


Patricia.   Little Jesus, I place in this first pearl all the sufferings of the innocent victims of sin, in union with all your own sufferings during Your Life, Passion and Death, and the sufferings of the Holy Family while here on earth.


Infant Jesus.   Nothing will be lost. I will gather it all in and millions of souls will be saved through My perfect offering to My Father.


Patricia.   Into this second pearl I place all the Love You have poured out on the world and on mankind from the beginning of time to all eternity. With this I give You all the countless acts of heroic love and little acts of love returned to You by Your Holy Mother, Your Saints and Angels and Your people, for the salvation of the world.



1st March 1989.   Feast of St David. Divine Innocence triumphant in our crucified innocence.


Jesus.   This world shows contempt for helplessness, but I will never forget the helplessness I experienced on the Cross.  There on the Cross I saw all down the ages an endless sea of My poor children helplessly crucified by sin.  Many of them were innocent victims and I drew them at that moment into My Crucified Innocence.  As I cried out to My Father  “My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken Me?'' at that moment I drew into My anguish the anguished cry of My children all down the ages.  I gathered in that great cry and it broke the Heart of your God!


In the words, “I thirst'' I did not thirst only for water but for the love of My wayward children. When My suffering children, all through your human history, thirsted for compassion and love and received only insults and derision, I gathered you into My thirst and remembered you in the bitterness that was offered to Me.


Never will I forget those helpless hours on the cross!  And then deep within my Heart I conceived the age of Divine Innocence.  There nailed to the Cross in agony for love of you was born a time where helplessness would be gathered into My Eucharistic Heart, and become a force so powerful that evil and sin would be powerless against it.


Moment by moment in that time which is upon you, crucified innocence will be risen and triumphant in the way of Divine and childlike Innocence.  The devil is outwitted; he never thought of this possibility; he thought that by tormenting My children he could keep the doors of the Eucharistic Hearts forever closed to mankind.


The golden key spoils all his wicked plans.  That golden key is the Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds; through these Wounds and her Eucharistic Heart - she has succeeded in unlocking the doors to you, My little apostles of the age of Holy Innocence.  She crushes

his head and releases the treasures of the United Eucharistic Hearts of Jesus and Mary.


Do you realise, My children, My little helpless, faithful ones, the extent of the grace that has been revealed to You?  You are a chosen people!  Those who wish to be born of these Hearts wear this Medal (The Eucharistic Medal) openly and proudly in honour of My Real Presence in the world!



Perpetual Adoration.


Jesus.   Keep Me company in those who are suffering and those who make Me suffer!  Extend your adoration beyond the walls of a building to My loneliness in the lonely, My poverty in the poor, My pain in the sick. Love Me as I have loved you!


Where souls insult Me and scourge Me do not abandon Me. Follow Me on the way to Calvary!

Where souls crucify Me in the temple of your bodies weep beneath My Cross praying with Me: "Forgive them for they know not what they do".



10th January 1994 - Bethlehem House.


Our Lady.   My children, the value of your prayers or work, when you are tired or discouraged, surpasses all you can imagine!  The value of your sufferings, in situations of great difficulty, take on an eternal quality when united to the Sufferings of Jesus. ( “It makes me happy to be suffering for you now, and in my own body to make up all the hardships that still have to be undergone by Christ for the sake of his body, the Church'', Col 1:24.)


When women unite their sufferings to mine beneath the Cross, Jesus looks upon you, my dear daughters, with a special love.  When men, in silence and fidelity, unite their sufferings in union with St. Joseph and Our Divine Lord's Passion, while striving to carry out the Father's Will, again their sufferings have an eternal effect and contribute to the salvation of souls.


Our Lady.   Nothing is lost, my dear children of Divine Innocence.  How great will be your reward in heaven!  Children of Divine Innocence will be strong members of the Church; no persecution or suffering will defeat them or make them compromise the Truth or the teachings of the Church.


These souls will know that they - the weak - can believe the Saviour's words: “I choose the weak and make them strong in bearing witness to Me'' (1Cor 1:27). They will not allow their helplessness to discourage them - they will place all their hopes in their God.  They will be docile, little, obedient children of their heavenly Mother and secure, happy and confident under the protection of St Joseph.


The whole Church will be amazed at the growing strength of spirit of the children of Divine Innocence.  The true children will allow a solid and sure foundation of the Order of Divine Innocence* and the Novitiate of the Holy Family to be made in them.  They will be single-minded, joyful and happy.  They will be Catholics on whom the Church can depend.


My Motherly Blessing +.


* Patricia.   The Divine order of things as founded by Christ in the Holy Family and His Church, studying the Faith and teachings of the Church and putting them into practice.



8th September 1994.  Our Lady's Birthday.  Central Hall, London.


Our Lady.   My children, I thank you for coming here tonight on this Feast Day.  It is an appropriate feast because it is the birth of Jesus in all your actions, thoughts, words and deeds that I wish to draw all my children to.


Patricia.   What shall I say to the people here, Mother?


Our Lady.   Tell them I need them to give me the special treasures of their trials and sufferings, not because suffering in itself is good, but through it, if offered generously in union with Jesus on the Cross, I can turn your distress into a great, creative force for good, and defeat the very evils that oppress you at every turn.


The soul the devil is most afraid of is the soul who embraces the cross in union with Jesus. Your crucified innocence then becomes triumphant in my Divine Son's Divine Innocence.


Patricia.   Mother, can you explain this to us?


Our Lady.   My children, if the members of a broken family (broken maybe by a parent failing in duty and deserting the family, or through the sins of others) offer their anguish to comfort and console others in the same terrible situation, they will receive the grace to enable themselves to keep the teaching of the Church.  At the same time they will save many souls.


If they come into the Holy Family they will grow in grace, love and compassion and will be able to strive towards heroic virtue.  In the desert of their suffering, flowers of loving reparation for the sins of broken families will blossom In their lives.


Whatever the evil that attacks you, use the suffering to defeat that very evil worldwide. I tell you solemnly, the devil and his legions will flee in horror from such souls!  (Patricia. For example, if a young person on drugs, praying for the grace to overcome the habit and fighting against the craving for drugs, offered his suffering for someone who was similarly being tempted that day; and offered it for the conversion of the evil men and women who traffic in this diabolical crime; or offered it for the millions of families who are being devastated by the effects of drugs and drink.)


Our Lady.   Offer your helplessness and suffering for all areas of society; for the priesthood, for sins of abortion, sins against purity; offer all for the downfall of Satan.  I have come as the Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds to stand by you in your different crucifixions and to embrace you as I did my Son, at the resurrection of your innocence in His Divine Innocence.  This message will sweep the world, and the forces of evil that have tormented my poor children will be terrified at the power of the little and the helpless souls whom I am gathering into a great army of love. What other weapons do you have but your sufferings?


In return I will obtain for you, through my Son, heroic virtue and we will win the battle of your crucified innocence through the Glory of the Cross of Jesus.



20th July 1997.  Nazareth House. Benediction.


Jesus.  My children, you see how important it is for the Way of My Divine Innocence to spread everywhere.  I wish to reclaim the wasteland of sin and to give My children the innocence that is their inheritance, so together we can have joy.


I wish to transform families, young people, priests, governments, work-places (the whole of society).  I wish to renew the face of the earth and see Holy Innocence blossom everywhere.

It is because you have believed that this is possible that I have come to each one of you to ask you to co-operate in this longing desire of my Heart.  I need your suffering, offered generously, for souls.


Patricia.   Speaking of His Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lord said:-


Jesus.  It is here in My Eucharistic Presence that I can teach you the Way of Divine Innocence. It is through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that your individual sufferings become a universal offering acceptable to the Father, as I gather them up into My one Sacrifice on Calvary.  You, my children, are My collaborators in bringing about the new Garden of Eden. (Patricia. So we experience this as a living spiritual reality in our lives).


I know you grieve for your children, for wives, for husbands, for relatives, for the society you live in.  You grieve for the Church and the suffering you see in the Church.  Courage! Courage!


My children, a mighty wind of change will transform everything and so much the quicker when the children (killed before birth) are claimed by the Church.  How precious in my sight is your offering of suffering.  Do not forget to offer me your joys also.


Patricia.   I was thinking about the suffering many had to endure in their lives and Our Lord showed that as we suffer at the hands of others, or even because of the mistakes we have made, the suffering is a purification for ourselves and for others.


Jesus.  Do I take care of you in this purification, my children?  I try to console you in so many ways.  Sometimes you do not see these things because you are so taken up with sufferings. Courage ! Courage!  I love you.  I love you and your families.  My Blessing on you and on

your families +. (Patricia.  Our Lord gave us His Blessing).