The Family of Divine Innocence

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9.      The Song of Divine Love.




This is a spiritual dialogue between Our Lord and the soul calling them to follow Him to the high mountains of perfection. Through the Song, Our Lord seeks to draw all souls individually to join a great symphony of love, praise and Adoration. God is the source of the Song. It is ancient yet forever new and each soul is a unique instrument through which God desires to sing His Song of Divine Love and to bring the light of Christ into the world.


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March 1990.


Jesus.  The Song is personal and each soul will find they have their own special part; each individual arrangement and score is unique; there is no other soul that can sing your part; the symphony is not the same without you.


This is a love song; You are My love.  Early in the morning before dawn I listen; as the sun rises I wait and hope all day long in anticipation.  In the evening, at twilight as the sun is setting, I wait with longing; will My love sing the Song I have composed for her?


Then I hear the first few verses; My love has discovered My Song of Love, she is trying out the composition.  The sound of her soul’s voice is on the breeze “Thy Will be done, Thy Will be done.  My soul glorifies the Lord; my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour – it is in death that there is life” (death to self and death to all that is not of God).


My love is coming.  I wait for her.  I will clothe her in a new robe of innocence and we will go to the high mountains, singing in unison and in union – together yet one – bathed in the sunlight of My Presence.



16th October 1989.  Visit to the Blessed Sacrament.


Patricia.  Today I was shown the high pastures and Our Lord sitting on the rock listening to the song of the little bird.  Our Lord showed me that the little bird was not facing Him and was very taken up with its own song.  I realised that true love, perfect love, could only come from God and that the Song of Love had to come from God – His melody, His sweetness, His tone and pitch, His harmony and His symphony.


The small bird was so ashamed of its lack of humility that I saw it fly straight to Our Lord, tuck itself into His neck and weep because of its pride. Our Lord was gentle, and kindly He showed me how very young I was in knowing His ways.  Our Lord said:


Jesus.  The Song is sung in silence.  This is the first verse of the Song of Love.  Humility only grows in silence.  Learn humility in silence!



26th October 1989.


Patricia.  Our Lord showed that the eight verse of the Song is the daily practising of it in all circumstances of life.


Jesus.  Little bird, what is the pitch of this Song of Love but the events and happenings of your life that I allow, to train the voice of your soul so that in all your actions, thoughts and intentions you may practise the Song of Love, and this will teach you to sing it.


Patricia.  My Lord, life seen from within this Song takes on a completely different meaning; everything looks different; sorrows look like joys and pleasures like death. I love you, My King!


Jesus.  Sing, little bird, sing!


Jesus.  Here is the perfection of the Song in your race (Patricia. Our Lady was shown) and here is the guardian of the Song (Patricia. St. Joseph was shown); here is the sweetest part of the melody (Patricia. the Child Jesus was shown).


Patricia.  We need to be like the innocent Holy Child, to practise the sweetest part of the melody; ‘Unless you become like a little child you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven’.



27th May 2000.  ‘The Song of Love is sung in silence.’


Patricia.  Today at the sharing after the Eucharistic University, someone spoke about their work in the Catechism Course on the subject of the ‘Our Father’.  During this time Our Lord showed me how the Father loves us, how much the Son of God loves us, and how much the Holy Spirit loves us.


Jesus.  Every leaf, every blade of grass, every flower, the petals of each flower, every sunrise and sunset, every bird, every feather on every bird, every cloud, every sunbeam, every drop of rain, has written on it I LOVE YOU!  Every leaf that moves in the wind sends out My Song of Divine Love.  It is sung in the air on warm summer days.  My message of Love is written on every snowflake that gently falls to the earth, love’s message sparkles out in every ice crystal across a landscape covered in hoarfrost.  On every created thing, including each one of you, is written words of Love from your God.  Each thing interacts with countless other things.  The sun sparkles on the water, the rainbow adorns the sky, the wind blows through the reeds and loving mothers and fathers rejoice when their child is born.  And so My Song of Love is sung in silence or in sounds so often not recognised as the Song of Divine Love.


Many do not realise that the most intimate love letters from their God are hidden in suffering.  When you receive these secret letters say to yourself, “‘it is the Lord’, He has come and I will rejoice in My God”.


My Passion and Death is the ultimate love song of Divine Love and every day you may open this letter in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass where I reveal to you the hidden depths of My Love to enfold you in Love’s embrace.


Love whispers to you everywhere, “Be Mine, be mine!”  You will find no lover more faithful, more attentive, more caring, generous to overflowing, gentle and tender-hearted.  All your life long I strive to fit you for the mansions of Divine Love.  Dressing you in robes of fine virtues, adorning my love with precious stones and chains of faithful love.  Yes, this song is sung in silence and humility and those who attune their ear to love’s symphony will die of joy as they are swept up into eternity on the wings of Love Divine!



11th July 2004(i).  Nazareth House.

Patricia.  Lord, why don’t we hear the Song of Divine Love with our ears instead of our souls?

Jesus.  Because men would try to kill it, capture it, or even sell it, but this way they cannot lay hold of it or silence it, for My Song will be sung!  It is sung softly; softly as featherdown, soft as a summer breeze.  It has perfume and colour, it is sung in the colours of the flowers and the trees and all that has perfume in creation.  There are millions of ways in which the Song is sung.  It is held still and fast in the great mountains and rocks until it bubbles forth in the mountain streams.  It sparkles on the rivers and it dances in the stars.  The sun shines in My Song and the birds compete in the Song each to their part.  You can even taste the Song, the harvest and the fruits of the earth that strengthen you to sing My Song and to walk in the Way of My Divine Innocence!

Those who are attuned to My Song see and hear its rhythm everywhere; those who live the Way of Divine Innocence and strive to sing this Song in all their actions, words and deeds, need not fear death.  Death is not the finale of the Song but the continuation of a life well lived in Christian piety and truth.

Patricia.  What about other peoples of the world (such as those of other faiths who do not know of the Song)?

Jesus.  They have part of the Song but not the whole of it.  The fullness of this Song resides in the Catholic Faith.   No other religious leader has ever said “I Am that I Am” (Exo 3:14) or that “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through me”! (Jn 14:6)


18th February 2005.  The action of God’s Love around us.

Patricia.  While saying the rosary around the land near Nazareth House we saw a beautiful blossom tree and I heard Our Lord say:

Jesus.  Love in blossom! (All creation is a living gift from a God who is Love)

Patricia.  Later, as we continued the Rosary Our Lord brought my attention to some birds circling in flight high in the sky and He said:

Jesus.  Love in flight!

Patricia.  Then referring to a little child skipping along with us as we said the Rosary He said:

Jesus.  Love hopping about!

Patricia.  We came to the last mystery of the Rosary, the Crucifixion and Our Lord said:

Jesus.  Love suffering for My beloved children!

Patricia.  Our Lord then showed that when we sin and are not loving according to the Gospel and the teaching of the Church, we wound love and create a world where love dies.  Our Lord said:

Jesus.  Look around you and look at true love everywhere and compose a litany of Divine Love!

Patricia.  Our Lord referred to places where the Blessed Sacrament was reserved and said:

Jesus.  Love in residence!

Patricia.  Referring to the Holy sacrifice of the Mass, Our Lord said:

Jesus.  Love in saving action, Love reconciling, Love in union.

Patricia.  To married couples Our Lord said:

Jesus.  The seed ground of procreation – Love in co-operation with the Couple.

Patricia.  Referring to the Sacrament of Baptism, Our Lord said:

Jesus.  Love’s kiss, Loves imprint – the Seal of Love.

Patricia.  Of the sacrament of Confirmation Our Lord said:

Jesus.  Love proceeding and confirming for Love’s mission in the world.

Patricia.  Of the Sacrament of Holy Orders Our Lord said:

Jesus.  Love’s authority given in services, Love being dispensed.

Patricia.  Of the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, Our Lord said:

Jesus. Love’s call and preparation for the higher journey of Divine Love raising up! [Patricia. To health or to eternal life]