The Family of Divine Innocence

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The Vital Importance of Catholic Priests.


Only a validly ordained Catholic priest has the power (bestowed by Christ through the apostolic ministry of the Catholic Church) to turn bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, and to absolve sins.  Acting in the person of Christ as mediators between God and man, priests continue Christ’s work of redemption on earth.  The Catholic priesthood therefore is an extension of Christ’s perfect Priesthood; ‘Only Christ is the true priest, the others being only his ministers’ (CCC 1545).  Priests communicate the salvation won by Christ to God’s people through the sacraments of the Catholic Church.  This is the order established by Christ in and through his body the Church, to help all people grow in holy innocence as children of God and this is confirmed in both the Old and New Testaments; cf. Num 1:48-53; 11:24-25; Josh 13:33; Ex 29:1-30; Lev 8; Ps 110:4; Ex 19:6; Is 61:6; Mal 2:7-9; Mat 16:19; 18:18; 28:16-20; Jn 20:21-23; 21; Acts 1:8; 2:4; 2Cor 5:18-20; Heb 5; 6:20; 7:24-27; 9:11-28; 10:1-4; 14; 1Tim 4:14; 2Tim 1:6-7; 1Pet 2:5,9; Rev 1:6; 5:9-10.



Messages speaking of the Catholic priesthood:


19th August 1986. St. Michael's Church, Brecon, Wales. Confession and Mass.


Jesus.  Oh why do you not appreciate your priests? See what graces they draw down from heaven for you!  You should defend them with your life and protect them with your prayers, support them and care for them…..


Patricia.  I was shown priests everywhere, some in very deserted places, all alone, with hardly any support: some in awful conditions in slums: others in very rich areas - all working with various kinds of difficulties; but, most important of all, administering the Sacraments and saying Holy Mass. The great graces given and the value of their lives was wonderful, although many lived without personal consolation……


Jesus.  ….The most powerful weapons you possess are the Holy Mass, the Sacraments, prayer and penance.



17th June 1985.


Jesus.  With this Chaplet* you must strengthen and protect the Priests I have given you.  It is your solemn duty to do so.  They pour out their lives for you.  They suffer so much.  Those of you who criticise My Priests, Bishops or the Holy Father should beware.  It is a grave sin.  Those who in the past have attacked the person or inner spirit of these men, who are a special treasure in My Heart, should come humbly and ask for forgiveness.  Wrap My Priests in this Chaplet that I have given you.  Include your own needs.  Pray for all souls through it.  Those who protect and strengthen My Priests through it will have a special place in My Heart.  I will grant many other petitions through its use.


*Eucharistic Chaplet, found in link, Divine Innocence Prayers.



9th September 1988.


Patricia.  During Mass, at the words of the Consecration, I saw again a light, like the sun rising in the early morning, as the Sacred Host was elevated. Then I saw a scene: a world in a per­petual state of a new morning. The light seemed to make the scene clearer as the words of the Consecration continued. I saw the light give life to the world and all Creation. I saw birds flying across the sky. In this scene I saw the Light of Christ giving life to the whole world. I had not really comprehended the words: "I am the Light of the world" until today. I saw Christ giving light and life to the whole world through the Priests and the Mass.


It is staggering to see the mystical power given to the priest. It is very difficult to put into words and perhaps I won't be able to explain, but the priest seemed to stand on a threshold between God and man. As priests offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, they open to us an eternal new morning - forever new and life-giving.



30th September 1988.


Patricia.  Our Lady touched her Heart in greeting, bowed her head and said:


Our Lady.   I welcome all here!  Speak about the beauty of the priesthood. Speak to my children and tell them of the great concern I, their heavenly Mother, have for the people of God and their future, with so few priests.


I speak to you from my Heart, and call to souls to consider the disastrous con­sequences of so few priests. Where are generous souls?  Think of a world without the Glorious Presence of the Living God among you in your Tabernacles! He is with you - Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. (Spoken to priests:) You are the Princes of the People!  I call to those chosen souls to respond with great love and courage. Respond in your souls to the call of my Son: "Feed My sheep - Feed My lambs". Who will help them if brave souls will not respond to the greatest of all vocations - the Sacred Priesthood?



3rd December 1993.  Bethlehem House.   Staying close to Our Lord and His Mother.


Our Lady.   I have come to tend so many hidden wounds in the priests and in the people:


So many priests suffer agonies, in a terrible Garden of Gethsemane, over work, criticism, discouragement, indifference to all their efforts, and diabolical attacks.  Many priests, sadly, do not arm themselves with prayer, silence, contemplation before the Blessed Sacrament.


My dear Priest sons, children of Divine Innocence, you will not be able to carry out your missionary responsibilities if first you do not adore, praise and thank God: come to the source of your strength, the fountain of living water!  Perpetually renew your strength from this river of Divine Life.



10th February 1997.  Feast of St. Scholastica. Nazareth House.


Jesus.  In every Mass, I recall everyone, the whole of humanity, to their first innocence by offering Myself to the Father.


R.  ‘What love you show us as You recall mankind to its first innocence and invite us to taste on earth the gifts of the world to come!’


Jesus.  What are the Bishops and Priests afraid of?  This is what is happening now in the call of My Divine Innocence. Each day in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass the Priests offer My Divine Innocence to the Father so that your crucified innocence may be triumphant in My Divine Innocence. Look at all the different prefaces, they are all calling to Glory (to thanksgiving, petition and prayer with the Angels and Saints)!



26th September 1997.  Feast of Saints Cosmos and Damian,

Patricia.  Lord, I was drawn to Father and to share Our Lady’s message in England for the Church, because He seemed to speak of Our Lady with love.

Jesus.  This Priest loves the Blessed Mother, but he does not know her Motherly Role intimately and he can only learn this from the Blessed Mother and via women who strive to carry out the Catholic Motherly Womanly Role within this Novitiate. Many put the Blessed Mother on a pedestal and there she stays for them. They do not want her to be on this earth walking with them in the role of women, the New Eve in every woman. So many souls do not want to experience the New Adam in the role of every man. It is too radical.

The Kingdom is very close to you but so many drive it away. The door of paradise is open wide, the New Garden of Eden is here and now in the beauty of the eternal present moment. Poor souls, who will become as little children, go down to Nazareth, My home on earth, and live the life of The Blessed Trinity? ‘Come and see where I live’ in this hidden life of grace available to all humanity (Patricia. Because of the Crucifixion, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord), available in Nazareth Universal. ‘Unless you turn and become like a little child, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven’.

It is in Nazareth that you will be brought up in My Innocent Childhood and it is there that, like Me, you will be prepared and trained for My mission to the World - all men and women, but especially priests. What treasures of grace await souls who have discovered the narrow door of the Nazareth Home via the narrow door of the Tabernacle, at the Eucharistic University!  In Nazareth Universal, you will be wrapped in the Father’s Love like a warm, soft blanket. You will walk truly in My footsteps (Patricia. And be brought up in the Childhood of Christ). The gifts of the Holy Spirit will become triumphant in all you do, and the fruits of the Holy Spirit ripen in your lives to feed many souls. Thank you for attending the Eucharistic University.

Patricia.  Lord, coming to the Eucharistic University is like discovering an endless sea of graces. There is enough grace and instruction to feed the whole of humanity a million times over.

Jesus.  Go, bring souls to these treasures of Divine Love! My Blessing +.