1.    The Family of Divine Innocence

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The part of private revelation in the Church.


I.   What the Scriptures say:


St Matthew’s Gospel 7:15-20 gives the principles for the discernment of prophecy:


‘Beware of false prophets who come to you disguised as sheep but underneath are ravenous wolves.  You will be able to tell them by their fruits.  Can people pick grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles?  In the same way, a sound tree produces good fruit but a rotten tree bad fruit.  A sound tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor a rotten tree bear good fruit.  Any tree that does not produce good fruit is cut down and thrown on the fire.  I repeat, you will be able to tell them by their fruits.’


The fruits of the Way of Divine Innocence are:


1.    Instruction how to live the Gospel message more fully by following Christ in his earthly mission from his beginning to his end, following the way of his Divine Innocence, as Catholics faithful to the Church’s teaching.

2   A deeper understanding of crucified innocence and how Christ’s Divine Innocence is triumphant in all areas of crucified innocence (symbolised by the little cross of the Crucified Innocence).

3.  The Novitiate of the Holy Family: learning the true meaning of the motherly and fatherly roles according to the divine order God established in the Holy Family and the Catholic Church and learning to carry them out according to our individual vocations in life.

4.    The Proclamation of the martyrdom of all children killed before birth as companion martyrs of the first Holy Innocents. This proclaims universally how these innocent victims of other people’s sins are conformed to Christ, how they are martyr witnesses to the truth of the right to life.  The missionary effects of this public liturgical act are enormous; pastoral, ecumenical and evangelisation.

5.    The Eucharistic University and life-long study of the faith; as part of adoration of Our Lord’s Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament where we diligently study the Catholic Faith (and other appropriate subjects) before Jesus, the Person of Truth – a new age of enlightenment for the good of mankind and the building up of the Church. 

6.    The Song of Divine Love; learning and practising to live and sing our part of the Song of Divine Love in harmony with God.

7.    The Philosophy of Divine Love which helps to refute all false philosophies:


The Philosophy of Divine Love. (Patricia)

Our Lord uses the wording ‘The Philosophy of Divine Love’ in the messages and this shows us how man’s philosophies fall short of ‘The Philosophy of Divine Love’.  Some fall short in logic, others in love, or both logic and love. These man made philosophies need the ultimate Philosophy of Divine Love, which itself is not a philosophy in the traditional meaning of the word but a bringing together of faith and reason.  Man, through reason, can only reach a limited understanding of reality and the nature of being. He needs God to reveal Himself to man, to show him his true dignity and destiny and that man needs Salvation.  God himself, in the person of Christ, the second person of the Blessed Trinity died for love of us, to redeem mankind from sin and death and to show us the way to the Father. Christ is the definitive Revelation of God, a Revelation of Love, the Word made flesh. (Jn 1:14) Our Lord shows that He is not just the Prime Mover as St. Thomas Aquinas taught, He is the Prime Lover and all movement that comes from God is a movement of Love for man’s Salvation and sanctification. The beauty and wonder of all creation including man is an expression of Gods love for us.


Philosophy of Divine Love (Fr. Philippe Jobert - see Link ‘Theology…’):


The Philosophy of Divine Love is the perfect philosophy.  When we speak of God’s philosophy, the word does not mean the research of Truth, but the identity of Love and Truth in God.  Out of His Love, God gave a gratuitous participation in His Wisdom through faith, and in His Truth through Revelation: in this way the human mind is elevated on both sides: subjective and objective.  Using its own philosophy, the human mind tries to discover more and more the divine Truth which is contained in Revelation; in this theological work the necessary condition to better perceive this content is a submission of reason to faith: this act of obedience is love, and a participation in Divine Love.


A deeper participation in Divine Love, under the motion of the Holy Spirit, leads to a deeper sharing in Divine Wisdom. Human intelligence discovers new meanings within Divine Revelation, through a perception of the Divine Love Himself by mystical experience.  In such a way, the Holy Spirit communicates the Philosophy of Divine Love itself, which is complete and perfect truth.  However, this communication is given in the obscurity of faith, and remains always limited by the limits of human intelligence, as well as by the measure of the gift of God.  Coming from an experience of God, this philosophy is superior to all philosophies which come only from an experience of things.



II.   Vatican II’s Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, Apostolocam Actuositatem Chapter I, Verse 3 states:


‘For the exercise of this apostolate, the Holy Spirit who sanctifies the people of God through ministry and the sacraments gives the faithful special gifts also                         (cf. 1Cor.12:7), “allotting them to everyone according as He wills” (1Cor 12:11) in order that individuals, administering grace to others just as they have received it, may also be “good stewards of the manifold grace of God” (1Pet 4:10), to build up the whole body in charity (cf. Eph. 4:16).  From the acceptance of these charisms, including those which are more elementary, there arise for each believer the right and duty to use them in the Church and in the world for the good of men and the building up of the Church, in the freedom of the Holy Spirit who “breathes where he wills”

(Jn 3:8).  This should be done by the laity in communion with their brothers in Christ, especially with their pastors who must make a judgement about the true nature and proper use of these gifts, not to extinguish the Spirit but to test all things and hold for what is good (cf. 1Thess. 5:12,19,21).”


[On the Feast of Christ the King dated 24th November 1996 referring to the messages being given through the inspiration of Divine Innocence Our Lord said: “they are a greater light of the Holy Spirit on existing public Revelation” ie. a development in our understanding of already revealed truth.]



III.   In his Theological Commentary on the The Message of Fatima produced by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 2000, the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger referred to the role of private revelation in relation to public Revelation. The Commentary refers to the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s teaching on private revelation, nos. 66 & 67 (full texts given here).


CCC.66:  ‘The Christian economy, therefore, since it is the new and definitive Covenant, will never pass away; and no new public revelation is to be expected before the glorious manifestation of Our Lord Jesus Christ.’ (DV4;cf.1Tim6:14; Titus 2:13) Yet even if Revelation is already complete, it has not been made completely explicit; it remains for Christian faith gradually to grasp its full significance over the course of the centuries.


[The fact that Revelation has ‘not been made completely explicit’ refers to Jesus’ words in St. Johns Gospel 16:12-14: “I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.  When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth; for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.  He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to you.”]


CCC. 67.  ‘Throughout the ages, there have been so-called ‘private’ revelations, some of which have been recognised by the authority of the Church.  They do not belong, however, to the deposit of faith.  It is not their role to improve or complete Christ’s definitive Revelation, but to help live more fully by it in a certain period of history.  Guided by the Magisterium of the Church, the sensus fidelium [sense of the faithful] knows how to discern and welcome in these revelations whatever constitutes an authentic call of Christ or his saints to the Church.

Christian faith cannot accept ‘revelations’ that claim to surpass or correct the Revelation of which Christ is the fulfilment, as in the case in certain non-Christian religions and also in certain recent sects which base themselves on such ‘revelations’.’


The Commentary states:  ‘The Flemish theologian E. Dhanis, who is an eminent scholar in this field, states succinctly that ecclesiastical approval of a private revelation has three elements: the message contains nothing contrary to faith or morals; it is lawful to make it public; and the faithful are authorised to accept it with prudence (E Dhanis, Sguardo su Fatima e bilancio di una discussione, in La Civilta Cattolica 104 [1953], II, 392-406, in particular 397). Such a message can be a genuine help in understanding the Gospel and living it better at a particular moment in time; therefore it should not be disregarded.  It is a help which is offered, but which one is not obliged to use.’


[Referring to the underlined, in a message from the inspiration of Divine Innocence dated 31st July 2000 Our Lord said:


Jesus.   If you are offered a basket of good fruit or food, you are not obliged to use it except it would be foolish to leave it unused and in this case wasteful.]


The Commentary raises some questions: “How can they [private revelations] be classified correctly in relation to Scripture?” and “To which theological category do they belong?” Cardinal Ratzinger answers them by stating:


“The oldest letter of Saint Paul which has been preserved, perhaps the oldest of the New Testament texts, the First Letter to the Thessalonians, seems to me to point the way.  The Apostle says:  “Do not quench the Spirit, do not despise prophesying, but test everything, holding fast to what is good” (5:19-21).  In every age the Church has received the charism of prophecy, which must be scrutinised but not scorned.  On this point, it should be kept in mind that prophecy in the biblical sense does not mean to predict the future but to explain the Will of God for the present, and therefore show the right path to take for the future.  A person who foretells what is going to happen responds to the curiosity of the mind, which wants to draw back the veil on the future.  The prophet speaks to the blindness of will and of reason, and declares the Will of God as an indication and demand for the present time.  In this case, prediction of the future is of secondary importance.  What is essential is the actualisation of the definitive Revelation, which concerns me at the deepest level.  The prophetic word is a warning or a consolation, or both together.  In this sense there is a link between the charism of prophecy and the category of “the signs of the times”, which Vatican II brought to light anew: “You know how to interpret the appearance of earth and sky; why then do you not know how to interpret the present time?” (Lk 12:56).  In this saying of Jesus, the “signs of the times” must be understood as the path he was taking, indeed it must be understood as Jesus Himself.  To interpret the signs of the times in the light of faith means to recognise the presence of Christ in every age.  In the private revelations approved by the Church – and therefore in also in Fatima – this is the point: they help us to understand the signs of the times and to respond to them rightly in faith.’  (CTS edition of The Message of Fatima, page 29)


[In a message dated 9th February 1996 Our Lord said:


Jesus.   The Novitiate of the Holy Family has been revealed to draw all mankind into one vocation* and to follow Me with one heart, mind and purpose, from the beginning to the end.  From My beginning to My end, Perfection and Glory.  As you were shown just a little while ago, it is time for one vocation, and its Novitiate is the Novitiate of the Holy Family.  Gone is the time for you to live only one facet of the diamond of perfection.  ‘Be you therefore perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect’.  ‘Unless you become as little children you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven’.


* In the vocation of the Novitiate of the Holy Family, all vocations are contained; priestly, married, single and religious according to their particular vocation.  The Novitiate of the Holy Family gives us a deeper insight as to how all mankind should be one Holy Family and people of God within the Catholic Church in Nazareth Universal.


In a message dated 19th June 2001, Our Lord said:  “I AM Divine Innocence!”]



IV.   Extracts taken from Karl Rahner’s thesis Visions and Prophecies, Burns and Oates Ltd., 1963 speaking of the contribution of private revelation to the faith.


…..“The possibility of private revelation through visions and associated auditory experiences is evident in principle for a Christian.  God as a free personal being can make Himself perceptable to the created spirit, not only through His works, but also by his free personal word. (p.13)………..Therefore, anyone who absolutely rejects the possibility of special revelations offends against faith; and anyone who denies that they may occur even since the apostolic age offends against a doctrine which is theologically certain. (p.16)

…..[A]lthough they are “private”- [they] address the Church or major parts of the Church through the visionary: private revelations recommending a particular devotion, exhorting to penance, giving certain instructions, warning against certain doctrines, recommending a spiritual doctrine or manner of life, and so forth.  Without any doubt in the course of the Church’s history there have continually been private revelations of this kind, and they have exercised great influence.  They present not only psychological, but also theological problems.  Now when private revelations are discussed among Catholics it is usually in terms of the psychology of such phenomena and hence of the authenticity of the revelations and the truth of their content.  We would not contest or doubt the legitimacy of this approach.  We shall ourselves examine this problem at length.  Nevertheless, we feel that it is one sided.  It has to be complemented by a theological approach. (p.18,19) 

[This is why the Movement of Divine Innocence has always followed the theological route.]

…..[A]s the charism of the discerning of spirits in the Church is bound up with ecclesiastical authority, it does not follow apriori that God will impart the divine motion making known that He commands the Church, or parts of it, to do a certain thing in the changing circumstances of history, solely through members of the hierarchy.  In principle the Holy Spirit can act upon the Church through any one of her members to announce what He requires of her, what command He lays upon her for the moment.  It seems to us that this is the essence of post-apostolic, prophetic, “private revelations”.  God inspiring a member of the Church with His imperative for the Church in a concrete historical situation.” (p. 27)



V.   Messages given about the inspiration itself and its reception.



2nd March 1997. Third Sunday in Lent.


Patricia.  Considering the theme of rejection in the Gospel and throughout Christianity.


R.  “He came to His own and His own received Him not.”  (John 1.11)


Patricia.   In relation to private revelation, we need to be careful that through a genuine gift of the Holy Spirit where Our Lord, Our Lady and the Saints are speaking to the Church, via those chosen to give the message that ‘his own receive Him not’.  He comes again and again, not in new revelation, but in the greater light of the Holy Spirit upon the already revealed Truth.  A private revelation is to help the Church and the world at a time of special need, such as the world-wide killing of millions of innocent children happening in our time. Sadly, as is the case in this message, when God ‘came onto his own, they received Him not’. (Jn 1:11)


In the message of Divine Innocence we are being warned that this mass murder in every country in the world of our children, cannot continue. The children are made in God’s image he will defend that image in them.  The wrath of God will thunder down upon the world.  Our Lord said:


Jesus.    Those who have stood in the path of the Holy Spirit have sinned against Him, even calling Him the devil, or giving the credit to an individual receiver rather than to God to whom it is due - beware!  Beware also, you who ridicule God and His message of Love and Mercy, by ridiculing the receiver and the message, by saying the recipient is mad and thus this message of God is discredited in the eyes of those in authority and in the eyes of those for whom it is given, in order to help the people and the Church.


You will one day stand before your God and no excuse will help you, if you do not in prayer and humility enquire of the gift and pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, check the message seriously against the teaching of the Church, check the facts and look at the fruits.  Beware if you have led others away with you and made fun of or attacked God’s gift of His Divine Innocence!  This Message of Divine Love is for God’s suffering children everywhere, for suffering and crucified families and aborted children so that their apostolic mission can begin in the Church.  It is a gift of the living active Novitiate of the Holy Family in a Universal Novitiate of Nazareth Universal in the Universal Church.


Beware, the recipient of the grace, the instrument chosen, that you do not grow weary or give up calling people to repent and be saved. That ‘in season and out of season’, you insist on the truth of this message of Christ’s Divine Innocence Triumphant.  For you will stand before God and be asked for an account of the stewardship of this grace.  Pray to stay faithful to the end!



14th February 2000.  Feast of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, Nazareth House.


Patricia.   Lord, the Church says that there is no new revelation since the Apostles?


Jesus.   There is a deeper understanding of the definitive revelation that I AM!



27th June 2000(i).  Nazareth House.


Jesus.   (Spoken to a priest) Witness to what you have seen and heard!  Witness to Truth and Love, theology and doctrine in the messages – development.  There is no new revelation because it is original and forever new.  Why is the Church afraid of the original design?



6th October 2000 (iii).  First Friday.


Patricia.   After we had completed the Walk of Reparation I said to Our Lord:


Patricia.   Lord, I just don't understand all this harassment and lack of co-operation.


Jesus.   You struggle on without the help of the Hierarchy's organisation and help and do your best and I am well pleased!  This Walk (of Reparation for abortion and other sins against God's Divine Innocence) is a walk without the shepherds.  Where are they?  Again I ask, where are they?  Why are they not helping you - apart from a few.  The children are the father of these Churchmen!  They say they are busy with My affairs - My affair is that all souls learn the original order of My Divine Innocence fully revealed in Revelation and the definitive Revelation that I AM!  This development must be made known - the Hierarchy stifle the Spirit!



25th March 2001(i).  Epsom Downs. Mother’s Day.


Patricia.   Some people have claimed that some of the early messages in the inspiration of Divine Innocence show inconsistencies about the aborted children in regard to the Sacrament of Baptism.  At this early stage of the inspiration the theology associated with the claiming was still being developed and until I had studied BA Theology myself, I did not fully understand it. : Our Lord said:


Jesus.   Woe to those who use these inconsistencies to reject the whole message of Mercy and Compassion!  If I rejected you and all sinners because of your mistakes, no one would be saved! 


Jesus.   If more sensitive help was given in the beginning instead of this message and grace being treated with ridicule, contempt and harassment, you would have all learned together many things peaceably!  I had to stay with the instrument, to lead her through a minefield of ignorance, hatred and disbelief, and school her in the ways of reconciliation, mercy and love.


When will you peaceably allow her to explain this message without aggression and contempt?  Her faith in Me will eventually show you that you can learn from someone in My school of love who began this journey in complete ignorance of the teachings of My Church.  Theologians will look at the words I have given her; they will study them and many souls will be helped because of her.  Not because this is her work, but because it is My work in her!  I will have the crucified innocence of My people triumphant in My Divine Innocence!


Motherhood is redeemed, fatherhood is redeemed, the innocence of childhood is redeemed! 

Through this message you need to learn to live that redemption! 


Patricia.   Our Lord is showing us that many of the clergy have an aversion to learning from those who have gone down to Nazareth before them and are studying the Novitiate of the Holy Family, because they do not believe a little child, Divine Innocence, can lead them.


Patricia.   I felt I had failed Our Lord for not getting this message to the Church.  Our Lord said:


Jesus.   Be careful of this way of thinking, that indicates to you that I have failed in you - the will of others is free and beyond your control!


Patricia.    Priests have said that there is no new revelation after the Apostles and that the Church teaches this.


Jesus.   They are using this statement to deny Revelation itself – that is not acceptable!  Your lack of logic is going to prove My perfect Logic!  I have given you a sense of humour to bear it!  The theologians will have to admit that I have a sense of humour in choosing such an impossible instrument!


Patricia.   Our Lord showed that the inspiration of Divine Innocence is a greater light of the Holy Spirit on Public Revelation and a development in our understanding of Revelation.


Patricia.   I do not want to be impossible, Lord!


Jesus.   Why not, if it proves that I can do the impossible with every impossible one!


Jesus.   Grace has to be cared for delicately.  This grace and the instrument has been dealt with roughly!  (Patricia. Our Lord showed that when a flower is coming up out of the ground, you do not tread on it or break it to pieces; “he will not break a bruised reed” (Mat 12:20))


Jesus.    It is the age old story, you kill the prophets and then build tombs to honour them (Mat 23:29), when you could have learnt with sensitivity from the action of the Holy Spirit!  The Scriptures bear out this!


Patricia.   God’s choice of instrument is often not the one man would choose, e.g. David was chosen yet his brothers seemed a better choice.  He was not perfect, i.e. the episode with Bethsheba.  God used David to bring about what He had planned.  Our Lord is showing that it is not even Christian to treat people the way the members of Divine Innocence and this message have been treated.  The truth should be sought in these situations


5th August 2002.  Nazareth House.


Jesus.   You need to appeal to the Holy Father for a just and fair hearing and investigation.  The whole body of converts and the Protestant world will then see that every Catholic has the right, not only on paper but in fact and in canon law, to appeal to the highest authority of the Church.  A just investigation is needed into a matter of such importance, where millions of souls living and dead are involved!  This is a moment in the history of the Church of such momentous development and importance, your God’s Divine Innocence triumphant in the crucified innocence of mankind!  A vast calling of the nations to the truth – setting error and heresy aright!  Appeal to His Holiness!

15th October 2004. Feast of St. Teresa of Avila.                            

Patricia.  Dear St. Teresa of Avila, you guided your order, help me and all here.  You see what a poor thing I am with so many faults.  I long to do the Father’s Will as My Lord did but I fall into so many faults before I know what has happened. 

St. Teresa.  If you long for His Majesty, He will satisfy your longing. You do not need to be afraid of where he will take you.  He will protect you with his mighty Presence.  ‘Ask and you will receive’, is the Lord of Life’s promise (Mt 21:22).

Patricia.  My Lord, we approach the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the perfect and all-powerful gift God has given us for our protection, our victory over all sin and death in you, My Jesus.  Burn up all my sins and living deaths, all that displeases you.  Help Me to do only the Father’s Will as you did, My Saviour.  I ask this same desire to grow and be fulfilled in all mankind, that there may be no opposition to the Father’s glorious and perfect Will.  I ask this in Your adorable Name, Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus.  Well, what am I to do with such a request, a request that is fully my own desire?  Do you have faith that I can do all things well?

Patricia.  Yes My Lord, when I look at myself and at the poor sin-torn world, it seems that nothing can cure us, but when I look at you and Your Victory over all our sin and misery, I see an open door to glory and fulfilment of my desire.  Hope rises in My heart and I know by faith all things are possible.  Your Reparation on the Cross was complete. What is our reparation in all these sufferings compared to Yours, My Lord?

Jesus.  Your reparation is contained and embraced by Me on the Cross and precious in My sight.

Patricia.  Lord, what of free will, will all be saved?

Jesus.  Not against their will. That is why your prayer and longing desire for the Father’s Will is important.  All are saved but not all know it, desire it or believe it!  [Patricia.  In virtue of Christ’s saving sacrifice] That is why the Church was established by Me; ‘that all may be one as the Father and I are one’ (Jn 17:21), one in mind, heart and will unto salvation of all My children.  Yet I see the foolishness of many Christian denominations, many man-made religions, agnostics and atheists and much evil.  That is why My Church is called to be One, Holy and Apostolic.  There are millions to call to the one fold and to lovingly submit to one Shepherd.

Keep asking, big requests call for big answers and I can answer on a universal scale!  Don’t look down, look up to Me and to Your God’s answer!  Be apostolic and joyfully go out on the missions to those who have not heard the Good News of the Gospel, those who linger in the pleasures of life, those who reject Me, the wilful and the wild, and in My Name call them home to the one fold. 

The message of My Divine Innocence is a mighty leap forward in the understanding of the Universal Family, centred around My Real Presence. The claiming of the world’s children (killed before birth) by the Church, My sign of contradiction. This would be a great incarnational act if the Church will only co-operate with ‘what the Spirit is saying to the Churches.’  The whole world and all its peoples will see that My Divine Innocence is Triumphant in your crucified innocence and in the crucified innocence of the helpless babes put to death before birth .  These children are made in My image +.  [Patricia. Our Lord gave us his Blessing]