The Family of Divine Innocence

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Vocations to Divine Innocence.



Prayer for vocations:


“Lord of the harvest, look within my family and all families and send the grace of vocations to the Way of Divine Innocence.  Raise up priests of Divine Innocence and religious men and women, married and single with hearts patterned on the Eucharistic Hearts of Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph, willing to live the Novitiate of the Holy Family for the good of the Church and the salvation of souls.  May their Christian holiness be a shining example to all around them.  Instruct all peoples, men, women and children in the Way of Divine and childlike innocence, so we become true children of Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph so no longer will a rich harvest of souls be neglected and lost.”



8th December 1986.  Feast of the Immaculate Conception.


Infant Jesus.  Families of Divine Innocence, gather together, because from you will spring many vocations. I wish families to be holy families. Make provision for the children.  Do not, like the first Apostles, turn the children and their mothers away. The whole family must be instructed - the children also. You ARE a religious community. Such a name can only bring joy. There must be instruction for the priests and the families - parents and children. The new age of innocence is won by co-operation.  Each member brings their whole family with them and graces will extend very widely. Even if only one person comes, the grace will flow abundantly for all the family. There will be a spiritual adoption of the whole family. Bring Me your sons and daughters, and, children, bring Me your parents. Bring them to the Fountain of Grace. All will be consoled in a miraculous way.


Patricia.  Our Lady is showing me many Marian Priests, Brothers, Sisters and Families of Divine Innocence all over the world, in every country. There is a wonderful feeling of joy about

these people - they are like happy children. No suffering defeats them. It is a worldwide

family of love. Our Lady speaks:


Our Lady.   I am the Immaculate Mother of the Hidden and Mystical Wounds. I come to greet you on this Feast Day where my children, the true children of Mary do not forget their Mother. Receive my Motherly Blessing and the Blessing of the Child of Divine Innocence +.



November 1991.  Durham, Prayer Meeting.


Our Lady.  It gives me great pleasure and consolation to see the young people and the small children here.  I promise you that the families and family members will receive the most wonderful graces from the Way of Divine Innocence.  If you sow the seeds of this way of life in the children they will be a most powerful influence for the renewal of the Church in every area of society.


I call to young men and women to consider the vocation of brothers and sisters of Divine Innocence in the single state as religious brothers, sisters and priests of Divine Innocence.

I call to young men and women to consider the vocation of married brothers and sisters of Divine Innocence.


I call to all family members, even where there is only one person in the family who wishes to follow this way, to consider becoming brothers and sisters of Divine Innocence in the single or married state of life.  Great treasures of grace await you and are there for you to enjoy.


Patricia.  Great lights of motherly love and affection come from Our Lady.  St. Joseph is now here with the Christ Child in his arms.  He speaks to the men present:


St. Joseph.  Remember your solemn duty and calling from God to be protectors of holiness and innocence, first in yourselves, then in the children, in women and in your vocation and place of work.


The calling of all men to be fathers and guardians of holy innocence is a God-given role. Heaven depends on you.  Let only innocent words fall from your lips; let only innocent thoughts fill your minds and hearts; and let the Christ Child be triumphant in Holy Innocence in all your actions.


Patricia.  The Christ Child has been put down by St. Joseph and has gone to the little children to whom He shows great affection.  He has made the Sign of the Cross on the forehead of each young person here.  Our Lady is by the Tabernacle as the Mother of the Mystical Wounds and weeps with love and thanksgiving. Angels surround Our Lady, who carries the Christ Child. She speaks:


Our Lady.   I want the people of the Catholic Church to astound the world with their faith!  Let these prayer groups call my children together to draw from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary abundant treasures:


Patricia.  The Christ Child now goes out to the people here to give them the Eucharistic Medal, asking them to wear it in love for His Presence in the Blessed Sacrament and to learn the Eucharistic Chaplet* and teach it to others.


Our Lord as an adult stands before the Tabernacle, His Sacred Heart aflame with Divine Love.  From this wonderful Heart pour the most amazing graces.




20th June 2001.  Feast of St. Aloysius.


Jesus.  Everyone has a vocation to the Way of My Divine Innocence!



23rd June 2002(i).  Sunday.  Nazareth House.

Patricia.  Lord, when communities ask me to pray for vocations of course I do, but I also know that you want them to study the Novitiate of the Holy Family.  Many religious sisters, brothers and priests, feel that they have in some way failed you and that is why there are no vocations.

Jesus.  I am trying to renew their communities and their vocation in My Divine Innocence within the Holy Family and give them a fishing net that will help them to bring in a bigger catch of souls.

Patricia.  Some are so tired and worn out with work, becoming elderly and few in number that they feel they can’t begin again.

Jesus.  It is not a new beginning but a new phase of the journey.  The Israelites in Egypt were of all ages, young, old, sick, male, female and of every type of vocation, when they set out to cross the desert to the promised land.  They experienced great miracles, signs and wonders.  Tell my dear religious, brothers, sisters and priests to take the hand of Divine Innocence, My hand, and allow me to lead you to Nazareth Universal to serve the Novitiate of the Holy Family.

Patricia.  Lord, they may say “we have our own novitiate”?

Jesus.   This is My creation for re-creation, the Novitiate of the Holy Family: all can serve this Novitiate.  The sisters, brothers and priests in the orders and communities have all the facilities for this Novitiate for themselves and the laity; chapels, the discipline of obedience, libraries, convents and monasteries – grounds for families and children, for the single, the young people, the elderly.  Catholics unite, Christians unite, One Novitiate, One Holy People of God.  The laity must help the orders, the orders must help the laity!  “Let no one eat if he does not do any work” (2Thess 3:10).

Patricia. Lord, some religious may feel that all the work they have done, temporal and spiritual has come to nothing and their community dies before their eyes.

Jesus.  No community dies before My eyes!  I am trying to renew the vision of their eyes as they look into the future through the eyes of My Divine Innocence!


[Message continued on 8th August 2002]

Patricia.   Our Lord showed that it was like having cataracts removed from the eyes.  One still looks at the same things but sees them with much greater brilliance.


22nd February 2006.  Instruction for young people on their vocations in life – seeking God’s Will.


Patricia.  Two young people were seeking to discern their vocation in life but both needed to deepen the study of their faith. Referring to these young people Our Lord said:


Jesus.  The right road to take is to seek God first and all the rest will be given to you’.(Mt 6:33)  Study this message.


Jesus.  Have you followed My advice in the Gospel to seek first the Kingdom of heaven?  The study of the faith is vital for your safety, no matter the vocational field you choose.  It can be compared to a compass that guides you through the fog.  The fog in this case is the heresy and false doctrines that claim many innocent victims.  Many of the victims of those who lose their way in the world are not innocent but wilful and they seek pleasure and their own will above the Will of God.  Free wilfulness is very dangerous to body and soul!  The ‘freedom of the sons and daughters of God’ is the freedom of the truth well lived.  The matter of a vocation in life, whatever that vocation may be, is a matter of following the Truth that comes from God and is taught by the Church and ‘seeking God first so all the rest may be added to you.’


Patricia.  Lord, I think these young people want you to tell them if they should marry and if so to help them choose a marriage partner or give them the grace to be single in the world or to follow a religious vocation.


Jesus.  Tell them!  The will is free.  These [young people] have been blessed with intelligence and need to discern their path according to the Will of God as found in the Scriptures and the teachings of the Church ( here they are shown what to do).  If I told people what to do rather than leave them free to love God and their neighbour and live by the truth in every vocation, resentment would be all I would receive (as million of parents know).  The study of the faith is vital in all vocations for sound discernment.


Patricia.  Lord, many young people are afraid of being alone with no one to love them or to love.


Jesus.  I LOVE THEM with a perfect love and continue to love them even when they break My laws and My law of love.  So often they choose a lesser love that cannot satisfy them if the one they love is not following the laws of God or inquiring into the origin of their own existence and the existence of God.  Great discernment is needed and great good sense in the choice of a marriage partner.  Many single people grieve all their lifelong for a partner of their imagination and waste their lives waiting instead of getting on with their lives, loving God and their neighbour.  The loving person is lovable to all.  Not all will marry and many who forced the issue live to regret it. 


In all situations redemption is at hand.  The young person who says, “I want God’s Will” but is not prepared to follow it wherever it may lead at home or abroad puts limits on My Will and My Love. The young person who says they want God’s Will but wilfully break it is not telling the truth.


Patricia.  Everyone is so weak, Lord.


Jesus.  Hence, the need for the Catholic Sacraments and the map of the right road to heaven; the Scriptures, the Gospels and the teachings of the Catholic Church.  You all have a safety net.


Parents often say, you must marry, you must avoid this person or that person, you must follow this vocation.  Many a young person reacts, not by considering the Will of God and the truth but by saying, “I will not”.  If your God tells you “do this” or “do that” as in the Scriptures, the Gospel and the teaching of the Church, you have the truth set before you but the will is free and the invitation open.


[Speaking to the young people]  [A]re you studying your faith?  Lifelong study is necessary for all.  If men and women with families and children, and elderly students can do these studies, you with your young agile minds are perfectly capable of continued study of the truth that comes from God!  You fear many things, ‘LOVE cast out fear’.  I can take care of you in all situations. 


Patricia.  One of the young people is a teacher, Our Lord instructed:


[…]  All teachers should teach the fullness of the truth in their own field and live it in their lives.  Holy teachers are needed in every field – are you such a teacher? 


All vocations have their hardships and the grass is not necessarily greener elsewhere.  Pray that God’s Will is done in you and in your vocation and that your will is lead in the right direction.  Young people need to use their reason and the test of the faith to discern their vocation, and their marriage partner.  You will not change a person who does not want to change or grow in the faith.  An outward show of a man or woman in order to catch the object of their desire will not last in the trials and tribulations of life and marriage.  Do not look for false gold, look for the genuine gold of truth, integrity, good will, and a desire to strive for holiness.


Look carefully at a prospective marriage partner, will they make a good father or mother, a holy companion and be faithful ‘in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, until death do you part’.  Have you or they studied the teachings of the Scriptures or the Church regarding marriage and the procreation of children, the family and the Catholic Christian community?  Where there is resistance and a lack of good will and a desire for the truth, will this change on the other side of the marriage ceremony?  Use your head as well as your heart!