The Family of Divine Innocence

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Welcoming non-Catholics into the Catholic Church.




Catechism of the Catholic Church no. 822:


‘Concern for achieving unity ‘involves the whole Church, faithful and clergy alike.’ But we must realise ‘that this holy objective – the reconciliation of all Christians in the unity of the one and only Church of Christ – transcends human powers and gifts’.  That is why we place all our hope ‘ in the prayer of Christ for the Church, in the love of the Father for us, and in the power of the Holy Spirit’.



14th July 2002.  Nazareth House.


Patricia.   I was watching a television programme called Songs of Praise from an Anglican church, they were recording choral singing of Christian hymns.  The singing was beautiful with young, middle aged and elderly people taking part.  I thought how sad it was that these people had only part of the truth and that its fullness, as found in the Catholic Church, had been kept from them down the years since the English Reformation.  The Anglican Church agrees with abortion, contraception and divorce.  Our Lord said:


Jesus.   The Anglican Church has warped the truth down the centuries into the shadow of the reality!  Now it is time to move out into the sunlight of reality and no longer to teach the children heresy!


Patricia.   How were these beautiful hymns written, Lord?


Jesus.   Because grace never stops working – it is also because I never abandon My people!


Why always stay in the shade when you could be in the sunlight?  Have you not done enough damage down the centuries (preventing people from knowing the truth)?  You have fed each generation with the errors and heresies of the past!  It is time to reject the heresy of Protestantism and come home to your roots in the Catholic Church!



4th December 1994. During Mass. Shadow and Reality.


Patricia.   Our Lord brought my attention to the shadows on the wall, of the Priest, the candles, the flowers and the Crucifix and said:


Jesus.  Do not accept a shadow for the reality.  Do not accept a shadow of the Mass, the Priesthood, the Faith, the Church or the original Christian perfect order (divine order of things).  The perfect Christian foundation must be founded in each one of you.  “Be ye therefore perfect as Your Heavenly Father is perfect” (Mat 5:48).  Look again at the shadows here on the wall.  See how the reality is distorted.  (Patricia. They seemed bigger than the real priest or item.)


Jesus.  The shadows may appear larger than life.  Many are fooled by a larger-than-life shadow. Look at the shadow of the flowers.  The shadow of the flowers look much larger in size than they really are, the reality is distorted.  These flowers have no perfume or colour.


See the shadow of the Crucifix.


Patricia.   The Crucifix is also larger and distorted.  The light is coming from one side in the Chapel. So the shadows, as like all shadows, are in the wrong place compared to the real object.


Jesus.   Be very careful with attempts at Sacramental Union!  Many will accept a distorted Shadow of the Priesthood, the Mass, the Faith, and only a mere shadow of the original Christian Order.


This grace is coming at this time in the history of the Church and the world, to alert the people as to the reality.  A great and subtle persecution is already in the Church and the forces of evil are trying to fool Bishops, Priests and laity into accepting a mere shadow of the true reality.


When you are asked why, if this is the original order established by Me, do you need the messages and the grace of Divine Innocence, you are to say because we want the reality in all its perfection, the perfect original Christian Order in all its originality: not a mere shadow or a distortion.


Even some of the Shepherds are trying to force-feed the unsuspecting sheep.  Resist a shadow of the true reality.  I warn my sheep ahead of time.  I warn the true Shepherds ahead of time.  Beware - do not accept the shadow for the Perfect Reality!


I AM the Bread of life.  I AM the True Shepherd.  I established the true Christian Perfect Order.  The Order of My Divine Innocence Triumphant over sin and death.  My Church founded on Peter the Rock.  ‘The gates of Hell will not prevail against Her’, but the diabolical legions will buffet Her.  False Brethren and false Shepherds will try to lead the flock astray; resist if necessary with your lives.  Give your whole lives for the True Faith.


Look again at the light on the candles.


Patricia.   The shadows on the wall show only the candles and even though the candle is lit there is no shadow of the light itself.  The candle and wick are shown in the shadow, but not a shadow of the light itself.


Jesus.  The true light has no shadow.  So it is with Me.  In me there is no darkness and no distortion, no alteration or change.  I am the Light of the world.  He who believes in me will live in the light.  Be on your guard.  In the Church there will be much confusion.


Patricia.   Our Lady has come.


Our Lady.   Make sure the people receive this message!  (The message of the shadow of the reality).


Jesus.  A great wind of change is blowing and gathering strength; it is the wind of the Holy Spirit. The mighty wind of the Truth blowing away all error.  All will be made new and all who have distorted the truth will be swept away until I can say to My Bride, the Church, “Come My beautiful one, come, you are all beautiful and there is no blemish in you” (Song of songs).


For the members of my body, the Church, to be spotless, the people and shepherds need the true sacraments, not a mere shadow.  They need to hear My voice, the true Word, not the voice of a hired hand, or the voice of error.  They will run away at the approach of the wolf.


The most dangerous shepherd is the wolf in sheep's clothing.  The true shepherds gather in My sheep; they do not scatter them.


Our Lady.   My child, you were troubled by doubts, do you doubt now?


Patricia.   No, Mother.


Our Lady.  Then continue and be steadfast.  Your Lord is this Foundation.  Fear not what man can do.  The Lord is with you.


My Motherly blessing +.


Jesus.  The light in the candle flame itself throws no shadow.  Because it is the light.  Light is light and of itself has no shadow because it is the light.  When the light is intense more shadows are shown.  Sin is shown up under the light of Truth, so it is with the light of the world.  In Me there is no darkness but My light and truth light up all that is not of the true light. If you accept the shadow of the reality, the shadow has no form or substance; the shadow is distorted.


The shadow of the flowers here have no perfume or colour.  If you accept a shadow of the reality of the Real Presence, the Mass or the faith, it will have no substance and will not be of the correct form.  The Song of Love (a teaching in the messages) tells you that the gifts

and fruits of the Holy Spirit are the colour and perfume of the Song of Divine Love. If you accept a shadow of any reality that comes from God, the shadow will lack perfume and colour and it will have no substance or correct form, the shadow cannot save (cf: James I v 16).



13th October 2002(i).  Sunday.  Guildford, Surrey.


Patricia.   In my journey to the Catholic faith I belonged for awhile to the Salvation Army, to the Baptists, the Methodists and then the Anglican communion, these were all Protestant Churches.  Finally, I came home to the Catholic Church, that Christ Himself founded on St. Peter and the Apostles.  I had not known the history of the Protestant Churches I was once part of but afterwards in studying the history and circumstances of their beginnings, I realised that they had no true doctrine and thus no sure foundation.  Their authority has not been divinely instituted since they have broken away from the See of Peter and are instead a guide unto themselves.  Christ prayed that we should all be one (Jn 17:11).  The Protestant Churches to this day continue to multiply.  True love and nothing else, moves us to call our brothers and sisters back to the truth and in kindness point out to them the errors they have inherited.  Our Lord referred to this subject in this message:


Patricia.   Some of us went for a drive in the country and as we approached Guildford on the motorway we could see the Anglican Cathedral on a hill with a large golden figure of St. Michael on its roof.  I asked Our Lord about the Cathedral and the ceremonies held within it, He said:


Jesus.   Form without substance!


Patricia.   I was shown that the Anglican communion service was ceremonial instead of sacramental.  The sign and reality are not together.  The Anglicans have the outer sign but not the reality.  Since they do not have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass they do not have the Real Presence of Christ in their churches; their communion service is only an empty memorial.  Our Lord said:


Jesus.   There is no one to adore because I am not there in my Real Presence!


Patricia.   Our Lord continued:


Jesus.   We will not be one while there are two, Catholic and Anglican!  Do you want the whole world to be Anglican (English) instead of Catholic (universal)?  You continue to use the Catholic Creed.  Are you going to pray “I believe in the one holy Anglican Church”?  Your liturgy does not match your doctrine, you do not believe the Creed!  Come home – has the Catholic Church ever said you cannot come home?  You are the ones who refuse unity.


Patricia.   Our Lord showed that the Anglicans say the Catholic Creed but they are Protestant and Anglican.  Our Lord continued:


Jesus.   Explain to me why all over this country you still occupy Catholic churches* – (‘Thou shalt not steal’ (Mt 19:18; Mk 10:19; Lk 18:20).  If you disassociate yourselves from the Catholic Church and her doctrine then you should build your own churches and return the stolen property!  Your practice again does not fit with the Scriptures!  You live a double lie! 


One must speak plainly with heresy, out of love.  I love you and I no longer wish you to live in falsehood.  The study of your own history should prove to you that you have wandered from the truth and many innocent people have suffered from that history of disobedience.  I want the truth to ring out once more across this ‘green and pleasant land’!  (Referring to the well known hymn ‘Jerusalem’.)


Jesus.   (Referring to the Anglican belief and practice)  All the effort is on their side – they will not give me house room, ‘I stand at the door and knock’ at every Anglican church, will you let My Real Presence enter therein?


Patricia.   * Many churches across England began as Catholic Churches and were built by Catholics who worshipped in them, Catholics are buried in the grounds of these churches and for many centuries until the middle of the fifteen hundreds.  In some of these churches Catholic saints and bishops are buried.  Clear proof of all this is to be found in many of these churches from the memorial tablets on the walls containing the names of the Catholic priests who celebrated the true Mass there until the Reformation, when the Anglicans took possession of them.  History reveals the truth in this matter.



1st March 2002.  Feast of St. David of Wales. First Friday Walk of Reparation for abortion and sins against Holy Innocence.    



Patricia.   Referring to the reparation made today Our Lord said:


Jesus.   You have done a great deed for the Church and for this cause; you are so few but help so many.  I, your Lord and God plead with you, do not give up the Days of Reparation!  Who is there to help this great cause if you do not?  Again I say, you will be universally vindicated!  Be faithful, study your faith and the Novitiate of the Holy Family and live it!  Believe Me, one day there will be a Pontifical Mass here and all your efforts and suffering acknowledged!  Keep faith! 


The Church is to undergo a great persecution – Christians unite!  Come to the fullness of the Truth!  ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life’.  Come to the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church, the Church I founded, not Luther, Henry VIII or any of the other false founders!  Look at your history, look at the Church Councils and the Church Documents!  Herein lies the truth I have protected and sustained throughout the ages and will continue to do so!


The Trinity is Unity and Love, not division and dissension and hatred!  Come to your senses!  Gather the truth wherever it is found and be One Holy Family and People of God!  Look around you; your wars, terrorism, hatred, the killing of the innocent, poverty, injustice, the denial of human rights and the dignity of men, women and children everywhere crushed, do you not need a Saviour to save you from these evils and from yourselves and evil men and women?


All your philosophies do not reveal God to you.  Definitively, I AM that definitive Revelation, the Saviour of all mankind!  ‘He who believes in Me will not perish but have eternal life’ (Cf. Jn 3:16).  Open your hearts, minds and lives to the truth!  My Blessing +.