The Family of Divine Innocence

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   What is this message about?.



Part of the instruction given through this inspiration consists of a life-long training for all men and women, married or single, what Our Lord calls  ‘The Novitiate of the Holy Family’.  We know that the family is the basic unit of society, yet how many are given any training for family life, let alone a holy family life? How many men or women receive training in their motherly or fatherly roles and yet every other vocation in life requires training. How many single men or women understand that they too have a motherly and fatherly role given to them by God.  No one would expect an untrained person to perform a medical operation or to build a suspension bridge, yet millions of people have little or no training for family life which is reflected in the break down of order in society. We are being shown in the Holy Family and within the Catholic Church a life-long training for that life more abundantly that Jesus spoke of in the Gospel. (Jn 10:10)


This message is not just for Catholics it is for the whole of humanity.  Our Lord said it was “to bring home the lost tribes of Israel, the lost peoples of every nation so that we may all be one.” (Message dated 26th May 2001)  ‘No more Jew or Gentile, no more slave or free man’ (Gal 3:28) but all one people and family through, with and in Christ, the Saviour of all mankind. Through this inspiration Our Lord requests that the Magisterium of the Holy Catholic Church proclaim the martyrdom of all children killed before birth (through abortion and exploitation of embryos). Once these children are claimed by the Universal Church, their martyr witness to the nations will be heard and given voice in the Church calling the people to be one Holy Family and people of God. We can draw upon the magnificent grace of their martyrdom because we will all know that they are saints in heaven. This message shows the important link between the Novitiate of the Holy Family and the claiming of these children from every nation by the Catholic Church as ‘Companion Martyrs of the first Holy Innocents’.


Sin crucifies innocence and we see the effects of sin in the world; war and divisions, genocide, crime, drug abuse, abortion, greed, selfishness, evil and death. Everywhere we see crucified innocence in men women and children but we know that Christ has died to set us all free. The teaching of Divine Innocence proclaims Christ’s ‘Divine Innocence triumphant in our crucified innocence’.[1] It is a truly Catholic (universal) answer that is being given to us from heaven.


Millions of people try to live out family life in their own particular families and in the family of mankind and make their journey through life with little or no training. The Novitiate of the Holy Family is a teaching and training that is being given to help us to regain our lost innocence and to become as little children who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven (Luke 18:17).  Any training, takes time, study and practice. The instruction given in this inspiration directs us to live this spirituality, the fundamental spirituality of the Church, the Trinitarian life of the Holy Family.


The messages direct us to study the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the other Church Documents wherever possible before Our Lord’s Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, in what Our Lord calls “the Eucharistic University”. We are encouraged to set apart some time each day to study in the company of Our Lord in the local Church. When this is not possible we could arrange some quiet study time at home and then place ourselves spiritually before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. 


The messages may give rise to contemplative prayer and spiritual insights. The instruction needs to become alive and active in us in our daily lives as an organic whole.  We hope that this teaching will help you to a better practice of the Catholic Christian life and to appreciate the breadth of the Message of Divine Innocence in all its beauty.  As we begin to live the spirituality of the Way of Divine Innocence, Christ’s Divine Innocence lives in us and we ‘grow in stature and wisdom before God and man’ within the Holy Family. We become Catholics confident in our faith and in the knowledge of the Truth.

With the Church’s advice we have sought the help of theologians faithful to the Church’s teaching to clarify the theology contained in the inspiration. Father Francis Frost, Professor of Theology at the Catholic Seminary, Ars, France and Father Philippe Jobert, O.S.B. monk and theologian of Solesmes Abbey France have kindly worked with the inspirational source over several years. These separate works clarify the different aspects of this Message and show how they are in accordance with the Church’s teaching, they show a development in theology. A selection of some of Father Jobert’s papers are included in this website in a separate link under: Theology: Fr. Philippe Jobert O.S.B. The theology shows that the different themes in this message interlink and are all part of the Way of Divine Innocence.


We include here the principle themes of this inspiration with brief introductions and with some relevant messages on each area.  Our Lord has pointed out that the terminology given in these different themes is very important and is part of theological development. Father Jobert in no.2 of his papers gives a brief theological description of these themes.


We ask you to consider carefully this beautiful message given to us from heaven and may the Holy Family bless your efforts and help you to walk in the Way of Divine Innocence.


[1] Patricia first heard these words in a prayer that was given to her at Communion time during Mass on 1st May 1988: 'O Divine Innocence be triumphant in our crucified innocence in body, mind and spirit.’