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What should I do if I have been involved in abortion or embryo exploitation?

For mothers contemplating abortion.

The message of Divine Innocence proclaims God’s Love, Mercy and compassion for children killed before birth and for those who have been involved in the death of these children.

Abortion not only ends the life of an innocent child, it also deeply wounds the motherhood of the women involved. The fatherhood of the father is also dishonoured and the full duty of responsible fatherhood is often put aside.

If you are contemplating an abortion you need to know that you will never forget that you have killed you own child.  This is an unnatural thing to do regardless of all those who tell you that it is just a simple medical problem that can be quickly fixed by an abortion.  Remember they do not have to live with the knowledge that you have consented to your innocent baby being put to death, you do.  Do not be fooled by the people who may sound kind and deeply concerned for you in recommending a termination of the life of your baby.  How can it be kind to encourage you go against the natural instincts for a mother to protect and nurture her child?

Be very aware that there are doctors and abortion clinics that just want you to have an abortion because of the fee they will receive for ending the life of your child - what a way to make money!  There are web sites that sell baby body parts for money.  Do not be fooled that these people are in anyway concerned for you or your child.  Remember that it is not the child’s fault that it is now in being.  Because its conception is inconvenient is again not the little one’s fault. There are many reasons why a child is conceived but no matter the circumstances, the baby does not deserve to die simply for being in being.

There are those who will tell you that the child in the womb is not really a person.  If it is not really a person why are mothers in different circumstances so overjoyed and look forward to the birth of their baby when they have conceived?  The scientists and doctors themselves accept that from the first moment of conception all the elements of a fully developed person is registered in the child’s DNA.  The tiny person that is there at conception will come to full development if allowed to do so and one day will smile up at its mother with its unique smile.  Nurture and protect the life of your child no matter the difficulties at the present moment and you will not regret it.

An unwanted pregnancy can be a traumatic time.  A woman may find herself abandoned, frightened, angry, the victim of rape, or pressurised by others with seemingly good intentions into ending the life of her baby.  Abortion however, is not the end of her difficulties, it is often the beginning of life-long guilt and sorrow.  She may find that abortion causes more problems medically than abortion clinics care to mention. The mother often has to pay a large amount of money for the abortion and the remains of her baby are often sold on for medical experiments, thus making more money for the clinics.  Don’t be rushed into a decision, every situation is different.

If you really feel you are unable to keep your child there are many couples that cannot have children and would be overjoyed to give your baby a loving home and family.

Fathers of an unwanted pregnancy.
A father of a child can be as frightened as the mother and may feel like running away from the problem. Are you a father who is in this situation now or has done so in the past?  Did you want to keep your child but the mother refused to do so and your rights as a father were ignored.  Just like the mother you need to consider what was your part in the death of your child.

For mothers who have already aborted their child.
Do not despair of ever seeing your child again.  The first thing to do is to ask for God’s help.  He loves you and your child and has made provision for such a painful situation.  You need to look carefully at your part in the death of your baby. Where are you responsible personally?  Women in China who are forced to have abortions are not personally responsible, it is the state policy that forces them to have abortions. The majority of these women wanted to keep their babies.
You need to ask yourself, did I simply or wilfully get rid of an inconvenient problem or was I pressurised by someone else into having an abortion?  Did the father abandon me and I became afraid?  Was I at a party and got drunk or did someone else spike my drink and conception took place in such circumstances?  Have I been careless regarding sex and sexual partners outside of marriage? Remember all the time be honest with yourself and with God.  Own up to your own responsibilities and if others have taken advantage of you try to forgive give them.  Remember all the time it was not the fault of the innocent baby that was brought into being and did not deserve to die, he or she is completely innocent and loves its parents.  After being completely honest regarding your own personal involvement ask God and your baby to forgive you.

If you are a Catholic go to confession and from now on strive to live your faith and learn more about your faith.  If you are of another faith seek forgiveness through your own tradition.  If you have no religious faith and have not found God, consider what Jesus Christ tells us in the bible. “Ask and you will receive seek and you will find.”  Be humble enough to go on your knees and ask God to reveal Himself to you and to lead you to the truth. Consider if your previous lack of faith has brought you happiness. 
If you are not a Catholic and would like to receive the full benefits of the Sacraments of the Catholic Church;  Baptism, Confession, and Holy Communion etc. seriously consider becoming a Catholic.  Many have told us that especially regarding abortion, it was through the above sacraments that they have experienced deep healing and the love of God in their lives. In a message given by Jesus on the 19th of December 1990 Our Lord said: “Repent and be reconciled and mercy will flow like a mighty river of Love and Consolation!”
Catholic teaching shows us that we all have immortal souls and this of course includes the child in the womb.  Just like your own soul you and your baby will live forever. Your child is with God, he or she is a martyr to the truth and to the right to life that God gave your baby.  If you now make every effort to live according to the laws of God and strive to reach heaven yourself, you and your child will one day be joyfully reunited.

Catholic teaching tells us that after death we go to heaven, hell or purgatory.  In purgatory we are on the way to heaven and there we make up for the sins we have committed in this life if we are not truly sorry for them.  The Catholic teaching on where souls go after death is a just and loving teaching.  If someone  lived a life of evil, not caring for anyone but themselves, breaking all God’s Commandments and rejecting God’s love and law, it would not be just for that person to go to heaven and be with God for all eternity and enjoy the company of  those who had tried to live good lives.  For those who have died not fully purified of attachment to sin but with hearts not wilfully set against God, purgatory is a place where they are given the opportunity to be prepared for a life of glory and happiness with God and His angels and saints.  God does not want souls to be lost and does all He can to draw us to Himself to enjoy His company on this earth and forever in heaven.

The message of Christ’s Divine Innocence is a message of love and compassion and regained innocence. You will see this from the messages on this website Our Lord and his Blessed Mother Mary have given in this inspiration. On 29th March 2006 Our Lord Jesus gave the following message to parents and society:

Jesus.    “With each child sent to every parent Your God gives you the opportunity to experience innocence at first hand.  These little ones entrusted to you and to each nation are like prophets of the Most High calling to you in gentle innocence to help you to strive to regain your own innocence through My Divine Innocence;  “As for you little child, you shall be called a prophet of God the Most High.  You shall go ahead of the Lord to prepare His way before Him, to make known to His people their salvation through the forgiveness of all their sins” (Luke 1:76,77).
Where are your sins forgiven?  In the Sacrament of Confession and Reconciliation.  Here, you will be ‘guided in the way of peace’ (Luke 1:79).  Each innocent child is a visit of your God ‘Like the dawn from on high’ (Luke 1:78) offering ‘light to those who live in the darkness of sin’(Luke 1:79). 
Live no longer in the shadow of eternal death, come , live in My peace, love , mercy and joy!  Follow Me!  Enter into the full communion with My Church not one of your own making – the One Holy Catholic Church acquired at the price of My Blood!  Enjoy the sacrament of My Church, sacrament where I AM present!  Study the Catholic faith!  ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.’ (John 14:6)   I AM Risen!”

The wider responsibility for abortion.        
Our Lord has showed in the inspiration of Divine Innocence that many people are directly or indirectly involved in the deaths of children who are killed before birth; parents, doctors, nurses, politicians and legislators, social workers, family members, and others who have encouraged an abortion or gave financial assistance etc.  Our Lord showed that those who condone abortion and even those who are indifferent are in some way also responsible for the children’s deaths.  There are different degrees of responsibility and only God knows the true circumstances of each situation.  Sometimes what may seem to be the responsibility of one person is not altogether true because of family and social pressures, abandonment, financial worries and even sinful regimes, as is the case with China’s one child policy.  Women who become pregnant are often abandoned by the father of their child and their motherhood is not protected or provided for. This leaves the mother in a very vulnerable and frightening situation who may then succumb to abortion as a solution to her difficulties. Before God the father is equally responsible for what happens to his child and must also make amends for his sinful actions if he is the cause of the abortion. Sometimes the father wants to protect his child but is unable to do so if the mother insists on an abortion.  This is why it is so important to examine one’s conscience to discern what part we personally have played in the death of a child or children.

Repentance and reparation.
 In the Divine Innocence inspirational messages Our Lord has asked that those who have been involved in abortion or who are concerned about this issue should make a silent walk of reparation by following the Way of the Cross between two Catholic Church’s.  If you are able come to the Mass and Walk of Reparation at Surbiton every First Friday (begins at St. Raphael’s Church Kingston with 10 am Mass).  See the link ‘Reparation –the way of silence’. Our Lord has said that the shrine to all aborted children is to be located at the foundation houses of Divine Innocence, Adam’s Close, Surbiton. 
Our Lord has described this walk as the Way of Healing and Contrition and has promised that those who are truly sorry and seek reconciliation through confession will receive healing. Our Lord requested on Ash Wednesday 1993 that the following extract from the First Letter of Pope St. Clement to the Corinthians be put into the manual for the Walk of Reparation:

“Say to the children of My People, though your sins may stretch from earth to heaven and though they may be redder than scarlet and blacker than sackcloth, yet if you turn whole-heartedly to Me and say, “Father”, I will listen to you as I would to a people that was holy.” (cf. Is 1:18)
Those who have repented in their hearts for their part in the deaths of the children then need St. Peter’s words at Pentecost (the coming of the Holy Spirit) when the people asked “What shall we do?” and St. Peter said “Repent and be baptised every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. For the promise is to you and to your children and to all that are far off, every one whom the Lord Our God calls to Him” (Acts 2:38,39)
A message given on the 11th of May 1999 clearly shows God’s Love and concern for all those involved in abortion both victim and perpetrator.  Our Lord was asked “Is there not an absolutely complete answer to the killing of the innocent children in abortion?” Our Lord showed the Catholic Church proclaiming the martyr status of the children as Companions of the first Holy Innocents killed by Herod in Bethlehem as the complete answer. Our Lord said:

Jesus:  “Love knows no other way to include them fully in My Saving Plan. Justice is met!  Mercy is given abundantly and equally to all!  Sinners called to repentance!  Praise due is given!  Satisfaction is made!  The Church, My Bride adorned!  Motherhood and fatherhood restored!  The dignity of the Catholic Christian motherly and fatherly roles proclaimed!  The Song of Divine Love, Mercy and Compassion sung universally throughout the whole world through the universal Motherly role of the Mother Church!  Then all will know that I the Lord am their God. This is the complete answer to the holocaust, for the victims of abortion and other killings of these innocents. Then my children turn and sin no more!  Serve the Novitiate of the Holy Family in Nazareth Universal!* ‘Come and see where I live’ (Jn 1:39) and you will have life more abundantly. What better way to see justice done for all than via Love?” *See the Novitiate of the Holy Family on home page.

Jesus:  “This proclaims the full discipline of the Church and Divine Mercy in dispensation.  Love is the fullness of the Law.  I am the definitive fulfilment of the New Law of Love.  I am Love.  Theirs is a baptism of love. * Deny it!  I love them also and their parents and the perpetrators of the crime of the killing of these innocents.  I am the fullness of the Law, every dot and stroke!  I am Truth! I am Love Divine!” * The children have primarily received a baptism of blood, in Christ’s Blood and their own as martyrs to the truth and to the right to life God has given them.
Jesus:  “By the Church embracing these little ones and raising them before the world to their martyr status, She proclaims My Saving Love to all nations.  She proclaims the Creed and the teachings of the Church.  She facilitates their witness to Me, the Way, the Truth and the Life.  I am the Prime Lover!  This is a great movement of My Love. I Am that I Am!”